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Free download ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Nayomi Munaweera Island of a Thousand Mirrors follows the fate of two families one Tamil one Sinhala as they straddle opposite sides of the long. Sometimes I get this breathless feeling that the war is a living creature something huge with a pointed tongue and wicked claws When the tanks rumble past in the far fields I feel it breathe; when the air strikes start and the blood flows I feel it lick its lipsIsland of a Thousand Mirrors is an intense and vivid portrait of a piece of Sri Lankan history that I was relatively unfamiliar with before reading this A remarkable debut by Nayomi Munaweera this novel is beautifully written juxtaposing the stunning landscape of this island country with its ravaging horrors of a civil war The imagery is remarkable As a reader I could easily envision the bright colors the sounds and the mouth watering market smells of the island I was then jolted into the shocking scenes of brutality and often graphic violence of the war The story is narrated by two daughters Yasodhara the Sinhalese and Saraswathi the Tamil We uickly learn that the two ethnic groups clash ultimately leading to war But before this happens we learn a lot about Yasodhara Rajasinghe and her parents and grandparents We glimpse forbidden love and perhaps suirm at the custom and sorrow of arranged marriages We meet Shiva the Tamil boy that lives upstairs from the Rajasinghes; his family lives in fear as the conflict between groups escalates outside the safety of the four walls of their home Yasodhara’s family will opt to leave their homeland and escape to America where they must try to fit in The author’s portrayal of their efforts to understand and assimilate into the American culture is well done – often moving and sometimes uite humorous On their first visit to the supermarket Yasodhara proclaims At the supermarket what riches greet our eyes What mounds of dew dripping perfectly formed vegetables Mountains of tangerines sparkling red onions bloodless meat We had not imagined such munificence was possible that there were so many ways one could clean a countertop so many specialized ways of wiping an ass Ha How true is that But Yasodhara and her sister Lanka or La are not satisfied with life in America and will eventually return to their home to help those left stranded and orphaned by the war Much later in the book we hear the voice of Saraswathi I wish her section was not started so late in the book She has grown up in a war zone and knows no other life but that of soldiers barbed wire and young men that never return to their families She has a dream to become a teacher and sustains herself with this hope for her future A crushing cascade of events due to the brutalities of this war will cause her life to intersect with that of the Rajasinghe family Two families unknown to one another will forever be linked This truly was a powerful story about the senselessness of war It was often heartbreaking sometimes graphic in its depictions of struggle and bloodshed At the same time it is an honest portrayal of both sides of a conflict such as this We come to see the misunderstandings the reactions to unthinkable deeds and the hurt that propagates the act of destroying our fellow human beings It’s not all hopeless though – life does go on and simple wonders can provide happiness and salvation I highly recommend this book to lovers of historical fiction and lush writing My only complaint other than the late introduction of Saraswathi is that I had a little difficulty keeping track of Yasodhara’s family There were several relatives that came and went in the earlier part of the story and not being familiar with the names I had to remind myself who was who Fortunately a family tree is provided at the beginning of my hard copy so I was able to freuently flip there to refresh my memory 45 stars

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characters º Island of a Thousand Mirrors Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook â Island of a Thousand Mirrors follows the fate of two families one Tamil one Sinhala as they straddle opposite sides of the long and brutal Sri Lankan civil war Narrated by the eldest daughter of each family the story explores how each wo Migration love exile and belonging At its root it s a story of a fragmented nation struggling to find its way to a new beginning. A powerful story told in a lyrical mannerHave read a couple of Sri Lankan authors before and being from South India With Sri Lanka close by could not escape knowing about the civil war that has been ripping apart the country This is the first time I am reading the cultural and political history written in a simple and lucid manner I don't know who is in the right who is in the wrong Often it is both parties both ways But I do know that any civil war affects utmost the common person who is least interested in strife Leaving aside the political aspect this story let me peek into the cultural and religious facets of ordinary Sri Lankan life I enjoyed the peek but abhorred the violence and bloodshed This book narrates the lives of Singhalese as well as Tamilian families who were sacrificed in the wake of the civil war The strong female characters are bonus materials

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Island of a Thousand MirrorsAnd brutal Sri Lankan civil war Narrated by the eldest daughter of each family the story explores how each woman negotiates war. I knew pretty much nothing about the civil war in Sri Lanka before I read this novel About half way through I stopped reading to learn so I could better understand this story I learned that this war lasted over 25 years from 1983 – 2009 and that 80000 – 100000 people were killed What those articles didn’t tell is the story of how this war impacted the people's lives This book however beautifully tells the heart wrenching story of what the Sri Lankan people endured during this civil warIt’s about the people from both sides of that struggle and how it took their sons and daughters brothers and sisters and scarred their lives forever It really is mind boggling that this small volume holds so much Yes it is mainly about the war but it is about the culture about marriages arranged marriages and love marriages about the caste system and prejudices over skin color and about the immigrant experience about familial love and childhood friendshipsThere are two narratives Yasodhara a Sinhalese tells the story of her family in Sri Lanka before and at the start of the hostilities They have the means to leave for America as the war is beginning They immigrate to California but eventually Yasodhara and her sister La return to their home island Saraswwathi tells the story of her Tamil family in the midst of the horrors of the war Horrible things happen and the family experiences loss and brutalitySo brutal are the acts against her that she can easily become a Tiger and kill her enemies without hesitationThe violence and sadness the loss of life depicted here reminded me of how I felt while reading The Almond Tree Parts of the book were difficult to read graphic in detail but the writing is just so goodTowards the end of the book I held my breath wondering if I had guessed what would happen I did and it was than heartbreaking even though I knew what was comingNo side is portrayed as right or wrong; each group of people eually suffers atrocities Even in the grief in the end there is love and a hopeful look to the futureI don't know what to say except wowHighly recommended Thanks to NetGalley St Martins Press