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EBOOK ↠ EPUB St Peters Bones ë 9780307985095 FREE ¸ An exciting and fascinating account of the search for the remains of the world's first pope none other than Peter the apostle of JesusIn 1448 a team of architects and engineers brought Pope Nicholas V unhappy news the 1100 year old Basilica of St Peter suffered from Diggers shone a flashlight through the opening and saw a portion of an ancient Christian mausoleum An archaeologist was summoned at once and after inspecting what could be seen through the hole the diggers had made in the mausoleum's roof he authorized a full scale excavation What lay beneath? The answer and the adventure await I have been thinning down my to read list and found this title The premise of a search for the Apostle Peter's grave and bones is interesting However this book about the archeological work done during the 1940's is thin on evidence I found the tale disorganized padded with extraneous information that add little to the storyline Did they find a grave where tradition states Apostle Peter's grave would be? The answer appears to be yes The issue is regarding bones And there you need to take a leap of faith That the bones eventually found lost and found in a storage room were those of Peter who the Catholic Church claims as the first pope This would have made a nice article in Archeology Today rather than a stand alone book

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An exciting and fascinating account of the search for the remains of the world's first pope none other than Peter the apostle of JesusIn 1448 a team of architects and engineers brought Pope Nicholas V unhappy news the 1100 year old Basilica of St Peter suffered from so many structural defects that it was beyond repair The only According to the New Testament St Peter was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus the apostle that Jesus called the “rock” on which he would build his church Church history holds that Peter travelled to Rome to spread Christianity after Jesus died Peter was eventually martyred probably while in his mid 60s as part of the Emperor Nero’s persecution of Christians after the Great Fire of Rome According to legend Peter was crucified upside down because he told his executioners he was not worthy to die in the same manner as Jesus Peter was executed in Nero’s arena The Egyptian obelisk that stands in St Peter’s Suare was the turning point on the arena’s chariot trackThe Roman Catholic church considers Peter to have been the first Pope and a saint After Peter died early Christians buried his body near the site of the execution in a cemetery on the Vatican hill outside the walls of Rome Because it was the location of St Peter’s grave the site was considered holy It was the site of a shrine created to honor him and eventually the Emperor Constantine built a basilica over it Much later in a construction project that took over a hundred years the basilica was built that stands there today The altar of St Peter’s Basilica is said to be directly over the tomb of St Peter Bernini’s bronze baldacchino canopy something of a Baroue monstrosity marks the high altar of the basilica and St Peter’s tomb below St Peter’s Bones tells the story of the search for the tomb and the remains of St Peter In 1940 excavations were begun in the grottoes below the basilica Work was slow and painstaking since the grottoes are the location of numerous graves both Christian and pagan going back than 2000 years As with many archaeological sites in Rome evaluation reuired delving through layer after layer of history identifying medieval coins and deciphering pagan graffiti while workers tried to make sense of it allOver the course of decades the exploration of the tomb proceeded with contributions from archaeologists anatomists historians theologians and an expert in ancient inscriptions working together and sometimes against each other to determine which remains if any belonged to the saint Thomas Craughwell weaves together the story of the historical Peter with the modern day search for his tomb in an intriguing mystery The truth will likely never be known with certainty but contemplating the puzzle makes for an absorbing story If this guy knows he isn’t telling mosaic in the dome of St Peter’s Basilica To the glory of St Peter Pope Sixtus V in the year 1590 the fifth of his pontificate inscription in the dome of the basilica directly over the baldacchino altar and tomb A copy of this book for review was provided by NetGalleyCrown Publishing This work by Sarah including images is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial 30 Unported License

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St Peters BonesSolution was to pull down the old church one of the most venerable churches in Christendom and erect a new basilica on the site Incredibly one of the tombs the builders paved over was the resting place of St PeterThen in 1939 while working underground in the Vatican one workman's shovel struck not dirt or rock but open air The For me with a passion for history faith and mystery St Peter’s Bones was almost bound to be a hit It was especially meaningful since I’ve been to Rome a couple times and wandered through much of that city’s history the layers of which are so marvelously visibleAuthor Craughwell uses the bizarre story of the search for St Peter’s bones to give a brief history of St Peter and his basilicaIf you go to Rome be sure to take the daily tour beneath the church where than 90 popes are buried including Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II That level beneath the floor of the present day basilica is called the Vatican Grottoes Before reading St Peter’s Bones by Thomas Craughwell I didn’t understand that there is another level below the grottoes called the necropolis city of the dead It’s there where the bones of St Peter along with a scrap of purple cloth woven with gold thread may have been foundHe leads readers through Catholic history from the Acts of the Apostles through the twentieth century by luring us on with the gripping story of the excavation He covers who St Peter was why it’s thought Peter came to Rome Rome’s deadly fire in AD 64 how St Peter died at the hands of Nero a few steps from the basilica the Emperor Constantine’s conversion and the construction of the first basilica over St Peter’s grave and then the construction of the second basilica during the RenaissanceIt’s a fantastic story While World War II raged all around Pope Pius XII decided to reconstruct the Vatican Grottoes beneath the immense church lowering the grotto floor by two and a half feet and creating what would become a tourist friendly series of crypt chapels instead of what had been a claustrophobic burial chamber That’s where all the pope’s are buried a place of lemony light against whitewashed arches filled with the murmur of tourists and prayerCraughwell never addresses what would possess the pope to begin such a project at such a timeHe does however offer up the story of the bones in just the right order and presents the implausible story in such a way that this reader could just barely believe that someone would lose archeological evidence and sacred relics in the way that the allegedly responsible party did No spoilers here The book’s power is in the way it links the present with the past I’m sure I’d understood that the obelisk out in St Peter’s Suare was associated with Nero’s Circus—where St Peter was crucified—but it never hit me until reading here that the obelisk is a direct link to the martyrdom of the first popeI’d recommend this book to those who are interested in early Christianity and in archeology It simplifies the past for instance not mentioning that the obelisk was moved a few yards during the construction of the present day basilica That might be a benefit since those details can sometimes veil the crucial point The book also lacks illustrations or diagrams Is that a serious issue with internet resources at our fingertips? Probably not