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The Echo Chamber characters ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ Featured on The Verge A Silicon Valley scandal sets off a chain of dystopian events in this topical and twist laden thriller about virtual heists social media and second chancesMike is a Silicon Valley wunderkind who stood idly by while his company launched an addRossing paths with Charlotte Boone once Hollywood’s up and coming royalty does a kink appear in the pattern With a daring heist in both the virtual and real worlds Charlotte may hold the key to burning it all to the ground the company the lying pundits and the echo chamber itse. English review Reseña en español The Echo Chamber by Rhett J Evans Published by Permuted Press 2019 263 pages Genres Dystopian Fiction Technological Thriller Techno thrillerCat Mike and Devon work in the future projects department of Sharesuare The company's immersive social network project Sharebox enjoys unprecedented success In the midst of an internal discussion between content regulation and unrestricted monetization an ethical problem of epic proportions ensues with another parallel project the “Nutrino Mixer” the first intelligent smoothie machine The entire population is polarized and the world order is disrupted A loop traveler —Orion— and a Hollywood star —Charlotte Boone— may be the only humans with the intention means and data necessary to save the world from total catastrophe The Echo Chamber is an excellent story of technological suspense or Techno thriller set in a chaotic and terrible world one that’s perhaps too close and similar to our own reality The narrative style rhythm and language used in this novel are simply perfect The weight of the plot falls successively on three different characters Cat Mike and Charlotte; all masterfully constructed and written with impressive easeWithout ever distancing himself from the main story and without pretending to be partial or sobering the author touches a multitude of very important issues of the present day whose implications threaten us as a dormant digital cancer among them social networks and net neutrality; limits and social responsibility; censorship and regulation; sexism racism ageism xenophobia; freedom and privacy; reality and virtuality; physical economy and digital services; gratuity and speculation; intolerance and plurality; costs and sponsorship; democratization power and polarization; perfectionism; values principles and humanityIn my personal opinion we are facing a huge book; one of the best I've read this year and in a long time; an instant favorite I don't say it lightly I highly recommend this book to lovers of dystopian stories technological suspense critical proposals turned into novels and in general to lovers of good stories Fun fact if you don't like spoilers please stop reading right now the artificial intelligence that serves as a structure for the plot goes out exactly halfway through the book insert your favorite surprise emoticon here The Echo Chamber por Rhett J Evans Publicada por Permuted Press 2019 263 páginas Géneros Ficción Distópica Suspenso tecnológico Techno thrillerCat Mike y Devon trabajan en el departamento de proyectos de futuro de Sharesuare El proyecto de red social inmersiva de la compañía “Sharebox” goza de un éxito sin precedentes En medio de una discusión interna entre la regulación de los contenidos y la monetización irrestricta sobreviene un problema ético de proporciones épicas con otro proyecto paralelo la “Nutrino Mixer” la primera máuina de esuimos inteligente La población entera se polariza y el orden mundial se trastorna Un viajero en bucle —Orión— y una estrella de Hollywood —Charlotte Boone— pueden ser los únicos humanos con la intención los medios y los datos necesarios para salvar al mundo de la catástrofe total The Echo Chamber es una excelente historia de suspenso tecnológico ambientada en un mundo caótico y terrible uizá demasiado cercano y similar a nuestra propia realidad El estilo narrativo el ritmo y el lenguaje utilizados en esta novela son simplemente perfectos El peso de la trama recae sucesivamente sobre tres personajes distintos Cat Mike y Charlotte; todos ellos magistralmente construidos y escritos con una soltura impresionanteSin distanciarse jamás de la historia principal y sin pretender ser parcial ni aleccionador el autor toca una multitud de temas importantísimos de la actualidad cuyas implicaciones nos amenazan como un cáncer digital en espera entre ellos redes sociales y neutralidad en la red; límites y responsabilidad social; censura y regulación; sexismo racismo edadismo xenofobia; libertad y privacidad; realidad y virtualidad; economía física y servicios digitales; gratuidad y especulación; intolerancia y pluralidad; costes y patrocinio; democratización poder y polarización; perfeccionismo; valores principios y humanidadEn mi opinión personal estamos frente a un libro enorme; uno de los mejores ue he leído este año y en mucho tiempo; un favorito instantáneo no lo digo a la ligera Recomiendo ampliamente este libro a los amantes de las historias distópicas el suspenso tecnológico las propuestas críticas convertidas en novela y en general a los amantes de las buenas historias Dato curioso si no te gustan los “spoilers” por favor para de leer justo ahora la inteligencia artificial ue sirve como estructura para la trama se apaga ¡justo a medio libro inserte auí su emoticono de sorpresa favorito

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Dia platform that made the world take a turn for the worse He did nothing when an outrageous tech scandal pushed a polarized country to the brink of collapse Then after becoming trapped in a loop of his own memories he is doomed to watch society fall apart over and over Only by c. Technology is like every other market good it serves those who have the money to build it and crushes those underneathWow I really liked how the story wrapped up It was truly satisfying There were some uestions that came to my mind at around halfway through the book when mysteries kept piling on I thought the author forgot about them thought it was going to be one of those cases where the author aims too high by fiddling with creative scenarios that are hard to execute without plotholes I'm glad that wasn't the case My uestions were answered which made the story all the rewardingThe Echo Chamber is a science fiction story about a virtual reality social network Sharebox that consumes everyone's time and attention and further leads into complex external conseuences that the characters in the book try to comprehend and possibly resolve It talks about how easy and dangerous it is for us to get absorbed into these fake online worlds and never find the will to get out How easy it is for large corporations to feed us unimportant and compulsive informationvideos to keep us under their fingers There are many other thought provoking themes that were well explored such as artificial technology virtual reality time travelling and even a technology that digitalizes your brain into the internet that immortilises you Overall I really liked how well executed this book was It was my first science fiction read after a very long time and my first ever arc I'm glad to say I wasn't disappointed

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The Echo ChamberFeatured on The Verge A Silicon Valley scandal sets off a chain of dystopian events in this topical and twist laden thriller about virtual heists social media and second chancesMike is a Silicon Valley wunderkind who stood idly by while his company launched an addicting social me. SURPRISING That's the word that comes to mind when I think about this book It starts out as just a thriller like The Circle giving you some insider peaks into a big social media company and then you realize it's going WAY deeper than what you expected from a tech book Like what happens in a post awful president world where things don't get better What happens if you're a coward and don't stand up for what's right And then what happens if you have a chance to do it againIt's also well paced lots of action and sci fi elements that I think 'Ready Player One' or 'Dark Matter' fans will enjoy And the book can be read simply as a seriously gripping sci fitechno thriller or it can be read as something deeper Read as what can happen when someone decides to have courage And what happens when you try to break the echo chamber