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Download The Thirteen Gun Salute Epub ✓ 323 pages ´ Patrick o'brian × The Thirteen Gun Salute opens with Jack Aubrey reinstated to his command and sailing on a secret mission with a hand picked crew most of them shipmates from the adventures and lucrative voyages of earlier yearsPatrick O'BThe Thirteen Gun Salute opens with Jack Aubrey reinstated to his command and sailing on a secret mission with a hand picked crew most of them shipmates from the adventures and lucrative voyages of earlier yearsPatrick O'Brian's resou for him Truth was what he could make others believe Patrick O'Brian Thirteen Gun Salute What I meant was that if he could induce others to believe what he said then for him the statement acuired some degree of truth a reflection of their belief that it was true; and this reflected truth might grow stronger with time and repetition until it became conviction indistinguishable from ordinary factual truth or very nearly so” The Thriteen Gun Salute 188Certain O'Brian novels just make me want to soak in them I slow down while reading just to float on the prose There is a poetry to his descriptions of sailing the natural world and music Thirteen books in I wonder if this was purposeful O'Brian continues to paint and sketch and detail on his two protagonists I now consider Captain Aubrey and Dr Maturin to be perhaps two of the greatest characters ever O'Brian uses these two men as archetypes of masculinity I've covered this before But each book allows him to shade nuance deeper

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Rcefulness is a sure warrant that things will not turn out as his readers or his characters expect Twists and turns sub plots echoes from the past these are the only certainties in this astonishing roman fleuve Distant waters exotic 35 starsIn this volume a number of significant changes occur in the lives of our two heroes some of them behind the scenes as with Stephen’s discovery that Diana is pregnant with his child that he assumes will be a daughter as well as the fact that poor Padeen now addicted to laudanum has been convicted of theft and battery and was thus transported to the penal colony in Australia Others make up a direct part of the plot the most important of which is likely the fact that Aubrey is restored to the Navy List primarily so that he and Maturin can undertake a mission to transport an envoy to the sultanate of Pulo Prabang in the South China Sea In order to avoid some political complications the Surprise under the command of Tom Pullings is sent on to Aubrey’s previous mission to safeguard British interests in South America while Jack and Stephen are put on board Aubrey’s new command the HMS Diane which had been captured by Aubrey from the French in the previous volume The Envoy to the Sultan of Pulo Prabang Edward Fox proves to be an initially affable character though both Aubrey and Maturin sense something not uite right about him Upon arriving at the tropical paradise of Pulo Prabang Stephen becomes enmeshed in the local political and intelligence arenas as the British detachment attempts to outmaneuver their French counterparts who hope to use the alliance to disrupt British trading in the area Another surprise appears when it is discovered that the British traitors Ledward and Wray who had been responsible for Aubrey’s downfall are part of the French delegation Shenanigans ensue and complications arise as Maturin discovers an influential lever in the Sultan’s court under the sway of the French and the truth behind his initial fears regarding Fox’s stability and dependability become and apparentAt long last however Stephen is given something of a reprieve at least as far as his inclinations as a naturalist go when he is afforded the opportunity to spend an extended period studying the flora and fauna of the island’s holy valley of Kumai a protected enclave in the crater of a volcano Added to this is the opportunity to perform several human dissections with a famous Dutch colleague who also appears to combine the trades of natural philosopher with intelligence agent that proves to resolve several problems in one fell swoopThe homeward journey is a tense one for Stephen and Jack Hoping to be able to make a rendezvous with the Surprise they are consistently forced to deal with a now insupportably pompous Fox who expects all of his orders to be unuestioningly obeyed Add to this a typhoon that leaves them stranded on an island in uncharted seas and we once again end with one of O’Brian’s trademark cliffhangers

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The Thirteen Gun SaluteScenes flora and fauna to satisfy Aubrey's old friend Stephen Maturin's innocent curiosity as well as scope for his cloak and dagger work enrich its flow The ending of the book leaves the reader than usually impatient for its success Now that Aubrey is restored to the King's Navy once he's off on another mission this time to Malaysia His particular friend DrStephen Maturin is along to spy on the French's forces in Malaysia view spoilerThe diplomatic mission goes well not least because Maturin disgraces and then kills the leading French diplomats This plot line is one of those masterful strokes that O'Brian is so excellent at For the first half of the book Maturin and Fox often practice their long distance shooting as part of a friendly competition Later Maturin befriends an anatomist and has amusingly detached conversations with him Maturin stays in a brothel and watches the French All of these minor little background moments come together in one stunning scene when Maturin turns up on the anatomist's doorstop with an unnamed body with a precise bullet hole and they dispassionately dissect it It's stunning and cold On the way home the ship is wrecked on uncharted reefs and the crew is stranded on a small island hide spoiler