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Download Epub ¹ Friendfluence · 288 pages ↠ Discover the unexpected ways friends influence our personalities choices emotions and even physical health in this fun and compelling examination of friendship based on the latest scientific research and ever relatable anecdotesWhy is dinner with friends often laughter filled and lesRiends for intellectual stimulation emotional support and a good dose of merriment find a perfect outlet to relieve the pressures of raising children In the office setting talking to a friend for just a few minutes can temporarily boost one’s memory While we romanticize the idea of the lone genius friendship often spurs creativity in the arts and sciences And in recent studies having close friends was found to reduce a person’s risk of death from breast cancer and coronary disease while having a spouse was not Friendfluence surveys online only pals friend breakups the power of social networks envy peer pressure the dark side of amicable ties and many other varieties of friendship Told with warmth scientific rigor and a dash of humor Friendfluence not only illuminates and interprets the science but draws on clinical psychology and philosophy to help readers evaluate and navigate their own important friendshi Interesting book but I don't know if I really learned anything It has fascinating information that made me think about myself and my friend groups but the research and the facts sort of repeated themselves throughout the book It explains how and why we choose our friends what friends do tofor us and how most often our friend groups really aren't diverse as we tend to select friends that reinforce our own identities And also how the magic number of friends we have is 150 maximum All interesting stuff but nothing absolutely groundbreakingI did like a uote near the very end of the book Friendship's greatest thrill is knowing someone a uniue human being very well sharing experiences with him and having the power to make his life easier and betterAnd I actually saw this book on the Goodreads' shelf of one of my friends so thanks for that ;

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Friends are among the very skills that lead to success in life and scientific research has recently exploded with insights about the meaningful and enduring ways friendships influence us With people marrying later and often not at all and families having just one child these relationships may be gaining in importance The evidence even suggests that at times friends have a greater hand in our development and well being than do our romantic partners and relativesFriends see each other through the process of growing up shape each other’s interests and outlooks and painful though it may be expose each other’s rough edges Childhood and adolescence in particular are marked by the need to create distance between oneself and one’s parents while forging a uniue identity within a group of peers but friends continue to influence us in ways big and small straight through old agePerpetually busy parents who turn to f I found the first half of Friendfluence a bit dry because the information wasn't new to me I already knew most of it intuitively and from experience It was interesting but I wasn't learning anything that I thought was surprising as the subtitle suggests I did love that it was a well researched compilation of study findings 235 resourcesI found the second half of the book engaging specifically in the chapters about the perks of friendship and how technology affects friendship Reading the research findings from social networking studies made me wish I had stuck with studying sociology in college Where was that friendfluence when I needed it?You can't read Friendfluence without reflecting on the friendships from your life and I was happy to recall how my life has been blessed by many wonderful friends

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FriendfluenceDiscover the unexpected ways friends influence our personalities choices emotions and even physical health in this fun and compelling examination of friendship based on the latest scientific research and ever relatable anecdotesWhy is dinner with friends often laughter filled and less fraught than a meal with family? Although some say it’s because we choose our friends it’s also because we expect less of them than we do of relatives While we’re busy scrutinizing our romantic relationships and family dramas our friends are uietly but strongly influencing everything from the articles we read to our weight fluctuations from our sex lives to our overall happiness levelsEvolutionary psychologists have long theorized that friendship has roots in our early dependence on others for survival These days we still cherish friends but tend to undervalue their role in our lives However the skills one needs to make good Some fascinating facts and a few surprises here For example One survey found that 18 24 year olds are nearly four times as likely as people over 55 to have a best friend of the opposite sex In contrast in a study that explored the role of best friends in the lives of married couples an older cohort not a single person among the 654 participants declared that they had someone of the opposite sex as a close friend However this book is limited by typical constraints of the pop psych genre including big generalizations that are based on small homogeneous samples; an overly collouial writing style that carries a lot of unexamined class race and cultural biases; and the fashionable but unproven social Darwinist thesis that the urge to procreate drives our lives