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Free Holy Cow An Indian Adventure kindle ½ eBook 9780767915748 ↠ In her twenties journalist Sarah Macdonald backpacked around India and came away with a lasting impression of heat pollution and poverty So when an airport beggar read her palm and told her she would return to India—and for love—she screamed “NevIn her twenties journalist Sarah Macdonald backpacked around India and came away with a lasting impression of heat pollution and poverty So when an airport beggar read her palm and told her she would return to India and for love she screamed “Never” and gave the country and him the fingerBut eleven years later the prophecy comes true When the love of Sarah’s life is posted to India she uits her dream job to move to the most polluted city o I have to admit that I decided to read this book because it has a great cover I should have peeked a bit inside though because the cliched chapter titles would have kept me away Insane in the Membrane Birds of a Feather Become Extinct Together etcBasically this is the memoir of a selfish Australian woman's year in India She sees India as a filthy place full of disgusting people with intolerable cultural habits And she spends her free time while her husband is working in other cities or countries on news stories traveling around India in search of religion She seems to have a disdain for religion at the same time she seeks out religious celebrities and empty religious experiencesPerhaps I have negative feelings about the author's view of India because when I was in India all I felt was compassion and sadness for the poor around me What type of person sees poverty and is disgusted by it? I guess it's this type of selfishness that also keeps her from giving a face and a personality to her husband in her writingsEdit I much prefer the attitude of the writer in this article concerning India

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N earth New Delhi For Sarah this seems like the ultimate sacrifice for love and it almost kills her literally Just settled she falls dangerously ill with double pneumonia an experience that compels her to face some serious uestions about her own fragile mortality and inner spiritual void “I must find peace in the only place possible in India” she concludes “Within” Thus begins her journey of discovery through India in search of the meani If you have a lingering romanticized desire to travel to India this book will cure the crap out of that Krishna Does this woman tell it like it is the pollution trash urine feces and dismembered body parts clogging up the Indian landscape and water ways Impossible traffic and hoards of desperate people pressing in on you from all sides limping zombie lepers chasing you through dark alleys begging for coins Indian men aggressively groping western women in public because they think all white women are sluts thanks Hollywood I almost had several panic attacks while reading this bookThe author Sarah MacDonald didn't just travel to India for a month or two she lived there for a year or two and traveled around exploring as much of India as she could ashrams Buddhist monasteries the Kumbh Mela in Benares hanging out with a Parsi family celebrating Passover with some Israeli émigrés attending a Hindu wedding and a dozen other adventures in various Indian locales Sarah has a background in journalism and it shows Sometimes her writing is stilted and leaves the reader wishing she would just drink a bunch of Feni and bare her soul for Ganesha's sake Many of Sarah's rants are hilarious and she has some good feminist sensibilities but where was her editor? Her editor should have rung all the tears and grit from this writer's soul onto the page and really pushed this book over the top One thing that seriously drove me nuts is that there is no map of India in this book WTF Shiva MAJOR oversight considering that this book is classified as Travel Essays Travelogues Seriously Random House give me a call I liked this book a lot than I'm letting on I might even read it again someday

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Holy Cow An Indian AdventureNg of life and deathHoly Cow is Macdonald’s often hilarious chronicle of her adventures in a land of chaos and contradiction of encounters with Hinduism Islam and Jainism Sufis Sikhs Parsis and Christians and a kaleidoscope of yogis swamis and Bollywood stars From spiritual retreats and crumbling nirvanas to war zones and New Delhi nightclubs it is a journey that only a woman on a mission to save her soul her love life and her sanity can survi OK first up I haven't read this book and neither do I intend to The simple reason being that everything a westerner or an easterner for that matter had to say about the dichotomy of modern India has been magnificently captured and related by and any book by William Dalrymple That's it Done You won't need anything else But the reason why I am writing this review is just one The issues Indians on this discussion board have with the book's cover What is so strangeweirdunacceptable about seeing our Gods from another perspective? I mean he's wearing sunglasses for crying out loud It's not like they showed him smoking weed Which he smokes by the wayall the timeas per our own mythology or brandishing an AK 47 or any other weapon OhI see he has his ever present tridentnever mindI am an Indian and I am a Hindu and I am completely fed up of people trying to act like they are God's personal SWAT team Hindu religion just like every other religion has had its fair share of unacceptable practices which have gradually been outlawed so please stop acting like everything has been picture perfect since the dawn of time We need to start taking things a little less seriously After all religion is fiction isn't it? Yup Deep down inside somewhere in a a dark corner of your heart you know there is no one out therebut that is another discussion and stop treating anything religious as taboo and not to be meddled withPersonally speaking I would have loved to see him smoking weed Would have made him look a lot cooler