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Free ePub Ô mobi Scoundrel of Dunborough Knights Prizes #3 ñ 9780373298655 ☆ She swore to resist temptation Journeying to Dunborough to learn the truth about her sister's murder novice Celeste D'Orleau dons a nun's habit for safety But seeing her childhood hero Gerrard of Dunborough makes her Hood hero Gerrard of Dunborough makes her dream of pleasures that will be forbidden once she takes her final vows Gerrard wrestles with his desire for the innocent beauty Afte This novel presents the reader with a capable and resourceful heroine and an anxious hero one who’s keenness on having people be fond of him nearly registers as a fearful need albeit a very basic one In depth analysis isn’t the order of the day with romance novels set in distant times Yet there’s an unexpected touch of it here as we see people grappling with the burdens left by harsh and cruel fathers Even when there is love involved a parent’s expectations can be of a crutch than a helpI found myself liking the determination of Celeste known as Sister Augustine to resist her own desires and the temptation of Gerard of Dunborough The latter has a distasteful reputation and Celeste means to steer clear of the trouble he presents She wishes to enter a convent partially out of religious conviction but also because she’s fearful of the secular world Her reasoning is sound the outside world is fraught with peril violence and bloodshed much of it stemming from men Having been forced to witness her father’s psychological torment of her mother and know how badly Gerard’s father treated him her decision makes a lot of sense Gerard has issues to overcome as well His outer toughness hides a desperate need for warmth love acceptance and respect The author leads us to see that a man can change and be eager to shed his reputation as a womanizer wastrel and drunkard Many bad boys in romance novels delight in their positions as rogues Not Gerard—he wants to better himself in the eyes of his community his household and his would be lover It’s a refreshing changeThere’s a villain here too one who is giving vent to his own dark desires His psychological underpinnings form a neat triangle to those of Celeste and Gerard But this also forms a weak point in the novel I could see the identity of this would be bad guy long before it’s actually revealed in the last uarter of the book So the only excitement of his confrontation with Celeste stems from the subseuent chase scene when—not if—Gerard comes to the rescueThis is otherwise a gripping yarn a notch above the typical panoply of your workaday romance It also makes me curious to read the other books in this series especially the one regarding the staid Roland Gerard’s elder twin brother I wonder what could motivate a character as dour as he Worth a peek perhaps

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R striving to redeem his wicked reputation he won't seduce a nun Yet as Celeste's mission draws them closer together it soon becomes clear their passion is stronger than any vo Margaret Moore remains one of my favourite authors of Medieval period historical romance titles although uality does vary This one falls suarely in the middle in terms of preference Our heroine Celeste is a novice who was sent to a convent twelve years ago after breaking the hero's collar bone after he cut off her hair She has yet to take her vows because the mother superior considers her too unruly She returns home to sort out her family property after her sister is brutally murdered by her infatuated bodyguard She re encounters the hero Gerrard who is finally starting to settle down looking after his brother's estate after 12 feckless years of drinking wenching fighting and hanging out with dubious company The pair have to solve the mystery of her sister's murder The killer is dead but did some mastermind put him up to it? As well as escape the clutches of the harsh mother superior come to take Celeste back to the conventOver all I thoroughly enjoyed this one it's a bit like a brother Cadfael story mixed in with historical romance Only thing is the villain is a bit obvious and melodramatic The romance is average nothing particularly wrong you never doubt that these two should be together but it never tugged at my heartstrings and its not as sexy as many other stories of this ilk Still I did really like the plot and the setting and thought this was solid if not one of Moore's best

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Scoundrel of Dunborough Knights Prizes #3She swore to resist temptation Journeying to Dunborough to learn the truth about her sister's murder novice Celeste D'Orleau dons a nun's habit for safety But seeing her child Hearing of her sister’s murder Celeste D’Orleau leaves her cloister and returns to Dunborough She reunites with her childhood friend handsomely wicked Gerrard and all her sinful feelings for him returns She’s on a mission to uncover the identity of her sister’s murderer even if it means sacrificing herself and her vows of chastity Gerrard’s trying to clean up his image and the last person he’d expect to see is beautiful Celeste She brings out the best and worst in him yet no matter how much he wants her he won’t seduce a nun But when Celeste entraps the real murderer he’ll do whatever it takes to save her A juicy intriguing historical romance I loved Celeste and her viper tongue Celeste and Gerrard ignite between the pages and I swooned than once Both have been hurt in the past and the time has come to bury the hatchet But is Celeste running away from love or is it her calling to be a nun? A twist on the classic Harleuin historical romance A must read Favorite Characteruote Gerrard I really loved him because he knows what he wants and yet his weakness is Celeste She makes him angry with her wicked tongue but she also speaks the truth which is rare He’s a good man and the historical version of sex on a stick My Rating 5 stars