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The Mating SeasonAt Deverill Hall an idyllic Tudor manor in the picture perfect village of King's Deverill impostors are in the air The prime example is man about town Bertie Wooster doing a good turn to Gussie Fink Nottle by impersonating him while he “ I was losing the old pep and unless the clouds changed their act and started dishing out at an early date a considerably substantial slab of silver lining than they were coming across with at the moment I should soon be definitely down among the wines and spirits”Right ho what never fails to ginger up the old vim? Wodehouse of course This is tip top Plum fun with nary a hoppity hoppity hop to impede the pleasure Image Programme for Edward Duke’s solo show ″Jeeves Takes Charge″ which I was fortunate to see in my late teens SourceWhat it’s Got“ This is springtime Bertie the mating season when as you probably know a livelier iris gleams upon the burnished dove and a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love”This has all the expected Wodehousian joys of Jeeves Bertie than the usual number of awful aunts five Aunt Agatha disguises mistaken identity tangled wooing a country house a country parson a jobsworth copper Haddock’s Headache Hokies a talent show a plot summary of a Rosie M Banks romance Haddock Esmond Catsmeat Pirbright God’s daisy chains Madeline Bassett newts Gussie Fink Nottle who gets as tight as one so finds himself in the clink via a fountain in Trafalgar Suare and a plague of frogs In particular I'd forgotten how much the plot has echoes of The Importance of Being Earnest see my review HERE tinged with Cyrano de Bergerac It also meets Miss Prism’s definition of fiction “The good end happily and the bad unhappily” Bertie does a tally of sundered and reunited hearts at the end though of course there’s no one really badJokesBertie tells a really weak joke deaf people mishearing WembleyWednesday Thursdaythirsty What makes it funny is his trying to explain it on two separate occasions killing it deader than a dead horse on St Beatings DayEven better is the Malapropian exchange between Bertie and Jeeves“ ‘What’s that tiling of Shakespeare’s about someone having an eye like Mother’s?’ ‘An eye like Mars to threaten and command is possibly the uotation for which you are groping sir’”There’s a subtler and sadder sort of running joke in this 1949 novel repeated lampooning of the triviality of Christopher Robin poems versus the exciting comic poem about Ben Battle Faithless Nelly Gray AA Milne was a prominent and vocal critic of Wodehouse’s innocuous but ill advised broadcasts when he was interned by the Germans in France as a result of which he moved to the US and never returned to the UKFour WallsBertie acknowledging his reputation as a “resilient sort of bimbo” narrates He’s conscious of “my public” and the fact that “there are always new members coming along” so tailors his telling “for family consumption” Nevertheless it’s not the most suitable story for maiden aunts who may be turned into the giddy variety uotes vs PlotWodehouse writes wonderfully and skilfully entangled plots and this is no exception But it’s the creative descriptions I especially love The style continues with Blackadder and his sidekick Baldrick Image “'Jeeves' I said 'I'm in a bit of a difficulty'” Sourceuotes about Appearance• “The only occupant of the posh saloon bar was a godlike man in a bowler hat with grave finely chiselled features and a head that stuck out at the back indicating great brain power To cut a long story short Jeeves He was having a meditative beer at the table by the wall” • “She is the sloppiest mushiest sentimentalest young Gawd help us who ever thought the stars were God’s daisy chain and that every time a fairy hiccoughs a wee baby is born Her favourite reading is Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh”• “A broad shouldered bozo of about thirty with one of those faces known as Byronic He looked like a combination of a poet and an all in wrestler”• “A tall drooping man looking as if he had been stuffed in a hurry by an incompetent taxidermist”• “Nature setting out to assemble him had said to herself ‘I will not skimp’”uotes about Mood Expression Behaviour• A sort of whistling sigh like the last whoosh of a dying soda water syphon• “The tense set expression on my face rather like that of a starving wolf giving a Russian peasant the once over”• “Catsmeat expelled a deep breath It sounded like the final effort of a Dying Rooster”• “He withdrew walking on the tips of his toes and conveying in his manner the suggestion that if he had had a hat and that hat had contained roses he would have started strewing them from it”• “Jeeves had described him as disgruntled and it was plain at a glance that the passage of time had done nothing to gruntle him”• A variant of the uoted line from The Code of the Woosters a decade earlier “He spoke with a certain what is it in his voice and I could see that if not actually disgruntled he was far from being gruntled”• “I made for it like a man on a walking tour diving into a village pub two minutes before closing time”uotes about Aunts• “As far as the eye could reach I found myself gazing on a surging sea of aunts There were tall aunts short aunts stout aunts thin aunts and an aunt who was carrying on a conversation in a low voice to which nobody seemed to be paying the slightest attention”• “It is bad to be trapped in a den of slavering aunts lashing their tails and glaring at you out of their red eyes”• “In this life it is not aunts that matter but the courage that one brings to them” • Other uotes• “Not the suspicion of an inkling if you see what I mean that round the corner lurked the bitter awakening stuffed eelskin in hand waiting to sock me on the occiput”• “It was loud in spots and less loud in other spots and it had that uality which I have noticed in all violin solos of seeming to last much longer than it actually did”

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Sie's simpering fiancée Madeline may turn her wide eyes on Bertie instead It's a brilliant plan until Gussie himself turns up imitating Bertram Wooster After that only the massive brain of Jeeves himself in disguise can set things rig The best pick me up for a soul suffering the doldrums of an ugly flu Read it almost at a stretch while sniffling away to gloryJeeves as is his habit comes to the rescue of many an asundered soul This book involves hoards of aunts their nephews nieces Bertie Jeeves and guest appearance by Thos Bertie's transmitting of a cousinThe sundered hearts are Corky Edmond Catsmeat Gertrude Gussy Madeline ueenie Dobbsthe masuerades are Gussy Bertie who impersonate each other due to a peculiar set of circumstances involving Traffalgar suare and its fountains newts policemen judges heartbreaks and Catsmeat impersonating a butler MeadowsThere are 6 aunts each a terroron her own and withering nephews plucky girls and hilarious plotsmy advice never read a Wodehouse in public People will get a wrong impression about your sanity

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The Mating Season kindle Û å hannahredhead ô At Deverill Hall an idyllic Tudor manor in the picture perfect village of King's Deverill impostors are in the air The prime example is man about town Bertie Wooster doing a good turn to Gussie Fink Nottle by impersonating him while he enjoys fourteen days away from society after Enjoys fourteen days away from society after being caught taking an unscheduled dip in the fountains of Trafalgar Suare Bertie is of course one of nature's gentlemen but the stakes are high if all is revealed there's a danger that Gus “In your walks about London you will sometimes see bent haggard figures that look as if they had recently been caught in some powerful machinery They are those fellows who got mixed up with Catsmeat when he was meaning well”The beginning of the book is somewhat complicated but compared to the events that followed it looks like a simple children tale The mating season is upon unsuspecting Bertie or upon his friends to be exact One of Bertie's numerous friends Catsmeat Pirbright was suffering from complications in his love life Trying to cheer him up Bertie sent him to keep company to another fiend of his the guy who freuently guest stars in the series Gussie Fink Nottle This harmless act resulted in Bertie going to Deverill Hall masuerading as Gussie long and complicated story This in turn resulted in Catsmeat Pirbright coming to the same place masuerading as Bertie's servant This led to several other people trying to pass as somebody else including Jeeves Here is where things started to get complicated To add to this everybody and their brother suffered from having their harts broken Gussie Catsmeat Catsmeat's sister Corky the owner of Deverill Hall Esmond Haddock a parlor maid and a local policeman Loyal Bertie trying to solve some of them made the problems infinitely worse Luckily there was ever helpful Jeeves The book is full of amusing moments all of the books of the series are However when it comes to outright funny ones I found it severely lacking I judged this also by the fact that the uote in the beginning was the only one I found notable enough to include in my review I agree with other people who said that the story is witty amusing good What I did not like about it in my opinion it was not funny enough not as much as I would expect from the dynamic duo Jeeves and Wooster 3 stars