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FREE MOBI ½ DOC Generous Thinking 9781421429465 ê HANNAHREDHEAD Ê Higher education occupies a difficult place in twenty first century American culture Universities the institutions that bear so much responsibility for the future health of our nation are at odds with the very publics they are intended to seTitively building new ideas rather than tearing old ones down She urges us to rethink how we teach the humanities and to refocus our attention on the very human ends the desire for community and connection that the humanities can best serve One key aspect of that transformation involves fostering an atmosphere of what Fitzpatrick dubs generous thinking a mode of engagement that emphasizes listening over speaking community over individualism and collaboration over competitionFitzpatrick proposes ways that anyone who cares about the future of higher education can work to build better relationships Kathleen Fitzpatrick has long been a proponent of altering the fundamental values of higher education and university infrastructure What she's proposing is a values based structure as opposed to the competitive political jockeying for everything funding students prestige in a univsersity setting It's risky to propose throwing out the status uo for faculty because faculty in all public universities have a say in the university through shared governance If we can change that outlook from the faculty on up instead of top down we'll have a system that can articulate the needs for curricular shifts and move the needle on the anti education thread that seems to be running through our country Ed tech is not going to save the university system Vocational training is not going to save the university system nor the US need for engaged citizens Her writing is accessible at all levels Though it refers to the existing university infrastructure it's plausible that an interested reader will understand that the current system isn't working It's not meant as a roadmap Kathleen never pretends to provide a universal salve Instead this is an invitation to think differently and take that to your committees to ask other faculty to join in that exploration of values in order to solve some of the university's issues

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Higher education occupies a difficult place in twenty first century American culture Universities the institutions that bear so much responsibility for the future health of our nation are at odds with the very publics they are intended to serve As Kathleen Fitzpatrick asserts it is imperative that we re center the mission of the university to rebuild that lost trust Critical thinking the heart of what academics do can today often negate refuse and reject new ideasIn an age characterized by rampant anti intellectualism Fitzpatrick charges the academy with thinking constructively rather than compe A very powerful thoughtful and moving call to rethink higher education Generous Thinking is a must read for anyone interested in academia's future Or its presentKathleen Fitzpatrick begins by suggesting academics working at public universities attend carefully and seriously to the rest of the country She then develops this point with painstaking exuisite nuance touching on pedagogy curricula national politics university structures and a lot of theory concerning humanity and society At every point the author's attention to detail and to people shines throughFitzpatrick composed Generous Thinking in part by subjecting the draft to web based feedback In the published text she engages with many commentators providing a richer and unusual experience You can find the web text including comments hereAt the same time the book is very accessible The author writes with a minimum of jargon and reduced the normal scholarly bibliography to a manageable sizeI would like to see For example I'd like to see further development of technology Does Fitzpatrick think open educational resources OER and open access in scholarly publication would serve her strategy of renewed generosity What is the role of faculty and staff at private colleges and universities which educate perhaps 35 40% of students Do STEM faculty have a different roles than humanists Naturally one sign of a successful book is leaving the reader demanding please

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Generous ThinkingBetween our colleges and universities and the public thereby transforming the way our society functions She encourages interested stakeholders to listen to and engage openly with one another's concerns by reading and exploring ideas together; by creating collective projects focused around common interests; and by ensuring that our institutions of higher education are structured to support and promote work toward the public good Meditating on how and why we teach the humanities Generous Thinking is an audacious book that privileges the ability to empathize and build rather than simply tear apart I have much admiration for the spirit behind this book particularly its desire to do away with the competitiveness that surrounds all aspects of academia and renew our commitment to thinking of all education as a public service For the most part I also found all of Fitzpatrick's ideas compelling and smart However I didn't feel like the book succeeded in achieving what she suggested she wanted a book that would be easily read and understood by those outside academia I could be wrong about this Fitzpatrick rightfully points out that many of these people have been educated and trained by us and are sophisticated and critical readers and thinkers than we might imagine them to be But it wasn't the tone or jargon in Fitzpatrick's book that made me think it might be a touch too inaccessible to most outside academia It was the presumed knowledge that I couldn't uite imagine would be familiar to even academics outside of the humanities and social sciences All of this said I'd recommend this to anyone in academia It's an incredibly important subject One that far of us should be grappling with