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FREE PDF ¼ BOOK Now You See Her Ì HEIDI PERKS À What should have been a fun filled carefree day takes a tragic turn for the worse for one mother when her best friend’s child goes missing in this “seriously page turning” Lisa Jewell New York Times bestselling author suspenseful and darkly twisted psychological thriller CBut as the police bear down on both women trying to piece together the puzzle of what happened to this little girl dark secrets begin to surface and Harriet discovers that trusting Charlotte again may be the only thing that will reunite her with her daughter This breathless and fast paced novel perfect for fans of Big Little Lies and The Couple Next Door takes you on a chilling journey that will keep you guessing until the very last pag Every Mom's NightmareCharlotte and Harriet are moms and friends Charlotte lives a comfortable life with three children and Harriet's life is not so comfortable and she only has one child named Alice and she never lets her little four year old out of her sight never There is a school fair that all the children are looking forward to but Harriet has somewhere she must be on that day so she asks Charlotte to take Alice to the fair who is only happy to oblige though Harriet seems very nervous about leaving Alice but Harriet trusts Charlotte and thinks she is a wonderful motherThe children are very happy and excited to try everything at the fair and three of them go on the huge jungle bounce but only two come out Where is Alice? Where did she go? How will she face Harriet?This is only the beginning of a heartbreaking mystery that has so many twists and turns and tests of friendship among other friends and mothers and has Charlotte doubting herself as a mother especially when the police continue to uestion her about how she could lose Alice and not one of her own three childrenThis was a very entertaining book and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good psychological mysteryI want to thank Netgally and the publisher for this arc and will read by this authorI have given this book 4 mysterious 🌟🌟🌟🌟 stars

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What should have been a fun filled carefree day takes a tragic turn for the worse for one mother when her best friend’s child goes missing in this “seriously page turning” Lisa Jewell New York Times bestselling author suspenseful and darkly twisted psychological thriller Charlotte was supposed to be looking after the children and she swears she was But while her three kids are all safe and sound at the school fair Alice her best f Riveting thought provoking affectingThis was uite the emotional psychological thriller that immediately drew me in and had me totally glued to those pages for the entirety of reading this book The storyline is one that I seem to be always drawn to and where this book deals with every parent’s worst nightmare a missing child there is a nice twist to this one that definitely made this a different reading experience for me The angst and devastation that you feel for these characters along with the pacing and short chapters made this an extremely palpable fast and unputdownable read HER ONE MISTAKE by HEIDI PERKS is a compelling chilling suspenseful and a compulsive read that was an easy book to escape into that didn’t have too much darkness to it The intensity level of this book gradually builds as the story progresses and there is also this subtle undertone of unease that makes you uestion what you are readingHEIDI PERKS delivers a character driven intriguing and well written read here with complex and realistic characters a uniuely written premise and an enthralling storyline The story is told from dual perspectives between Charlotte and Harriet in an alternating timeline of “Now” and “Before” the disappearance of Alice with excerpts from Harriet’s diary I thoroughly enjoyed the format of this story and both perspectives and timelines eually I’m a total sucker when an author chooses to add in different writing devices to spice up the story so the diary excerpts definitely added a little extra excitement to the story for me Norma’s StatsCover Worrisome suspenseful and a fitting representation to storyline Although I thought maybe the stuffed animal should have been a different character as was mentioned in the book a few times Hmmmmaybe I missed something? Update My ARC had a different cover than what was actually releasedTitle Appealing suspenseful intriguing and absolutely love how the title plays so fittingly into storyline WritingProse Well written engaging captivating and fluid I thoroughly enjoyed this author’s writing stylePlot Uniue thought provoking suspenseful gripping perfectly paced absorbing enjoyable and extremely entertaining I found this storyline to be uite refreshingEnding An absolutely perfect and plausible resolution that I was extremely satisfied with Overall An excellent read that had me totally entertained and engrossed from start to finish Would highly recommendThank you so much to Simon Schuster Canada and Heidi Perks for gifting me a physical advance uncorrected proof to read I thoroughly enjoyed the reading experienceReview can also be found on our blog

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Now You See HerRiend Harriet’s daughter is nowhere to be found Frantically searching everywhere Charlotte knows she must find the courage to tell Harriet that her beloved only child is missing and admit that she’s solely to blame Harriet devastated by this unbearable loss can no longer bring herself to speak to Charlotte again much less trust her Now isolated than ever and struggling to keep her marriage afloat Harriet believes nothing and no one All it takes is the slightest breeze to change the trajectory of one's life Moments acted upon and those missed opportunities viewed longingly from over the shoulderCharlotte seems to hover over chaos day in and day out She's been separated from her husband Tom for two years She's used to tuning out the wild stampede of her three children who demand her attention almost every hour of the day Charlotte has become adept at running to the front door through landmines of disguarded toysNo one would ever have thought that uiet shy Harriet would befriend an erupting volcano like Charlotte Harriet is so different from Charlotte's other friends and those friends have difficulty with including Harriet in their group Harriet is a withdrawn mother of four year old Alice She keeps her daughter safely tucked in her home with strict supervision Charlotte always extends playdates which Harriet talks her way out ofBut today Harriet is asking a special favor of Charlotte Harriet wishes to attend a bookkeeping class held at a local hotel for the day Charlotte is delighted to have little Alice included in their trip to the school's fair Harriet hugs her daughter goodbye As readers we feel the heaviness of something yet to comeCharlotte watches as the little band of children enter the Jungle Run She checks her phone as she waits for them to return Her own brood comes running out the Exit but there's no sign of Alice In a panic Charlotte crawls inside herself No Alice She runs wildly through the crowd calling for Alice No response The police are called and the search beginsCan you even imagine approaching your friend and telling her that her child is missing under your watch? The guilt must be mind boggling Harriet refuses any attempts by Charlotte Charlotte is devastatedBut as readers we will notice the thin light under the door of secrets Something is not right hereHeidi Perks creates a tension filled storyline that doesn't give you time to breathe from the very onset She packs it with emotions that the reader can readily relate to Her characters will set your teeth on edge If you're in a bit of a reading lull about now Her One Mistake will definitely have you soaring through the pages A ripping good one