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Wolfhunter RiverFor the murder Except that’s not the person Marlene feared at all And Gwen isn’t leaving until she finds out who that wasBut it may already be too late A trap has been set And it’s poised to snap shut on everyone Gwen loves Her stalkers are closing in And in a town as dark as Wolfhunter it’s so easy for them to hide Pre releaseOMG A third book Mixed emotions here A part of me is excited to see what turn the series takes now but there is a bigger part of me that just wants Gwen to be left alone To lead an uneventful calm happy life She has had enough Poor soul And the children They can’t possibly survive any psychological traumaEDIT 16052019 Review SPOILERS It was a bit underwhelming to be honest After the exceptionally well crafted plots of the first two books was expected from Wolfhunter River but the plot was too weak to generate the same levels of eerie surprises and bone chilling excitement as the first two However I would still rate it 3 stars as I got to be a part again of the journey of a few of my most favourite characters Though I would have personally preferred the series to end with the events of Killman Creek with the hope they lived happily ever after I really can't be any invested in the future books in the series as I am now mostly out of concern for the characters I have grown to love all these years Shout out to Rachel Caine for developing the character arcs so well that Gwen Sam and the children are as real as anyone around and I wish only the best for them This book does have its moments Though I saw it coming I still could not stop myself from breaking into tears when Sam finally confessed to his direct involvement in the umpteen threats and harassments the likes of Lost Angles and Sicko Patrol directed at Gwen and the children and how he repented for that and now was a changed man with nothing but love for them It reuires immense courage to be honest and speak out one's heart especially when the truth can reopen deep wounds I also loved seeing Connor mature into this strong kid after all that he had to go throughHope the series goes back to its chilling best in the next instalment

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Ing isn’t an option Not when her only mission is to create a normal life for her kidsBut now a threatened woman has reached out Marlene Crockett from the remote town of Wolfhunter is panicked for herself and her daughter When Gwen arrives in the small isolated rural community Marlene is already dead her own daughter blamed Another wonderful thriller in the Stillhouse Lake series in this novel Gwen is still living in the shadow of her late serial killer husband and having a hard time keeping the haters from her family Then she receives a call from a women upstate claiming that something dodgy is going on in her town but doesn't let on what Soon after the woman's daughter calls Gwen back saying she has just found her mother's body and the police are coming to get her So just what is going on in Wolfhunter RiverWith an incarcerated fifteen year old girl three missing young women and a kidnapped child life is certainly interesting in Wolfhunter River a backward town where everyone knows or is related to everyone else and outsiders aren't tolerated let alone trusted Gwen finds her work cut out for her and during all this the threats to her family are escalatingWell I just couldn't put this book down reading it in a day We again feel Gwen's pain as she tries to protect her family against the odds finding it especially tough in Wolfhunter River where the locals close ranks against her The angst of her teenage daughter the growing strength of character of her young son and the confusion her lover Sam still feels are all well portrayed But gee how much can one woman go through in a lifetime Gwen deserves a break and maybe just maybe she finds it in the endI recommend this book to all lovers of crime thrillersMy thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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Wolfhunter River Epub ´ 330 pages ↠ Rachel caine ↠ A Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestsellerShe can’t ignore a cry for help But in this remote hunting town it’s open seasonGwen Proctor escaped her serial killer husband and saved her family What she can’t seem to outrun is his notoriety Or the sick internet A Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestsellerShe can’t ignore a cry for help But in this remote hunting town it’s open seasonGwen Proctor escaped her serial killer husband and saved her family What she can’t seem to outrun is his notoriety Or the sick internet vigilantes still seeking to avenge his crimes For Gwen hid As we leave Stillhouse Lake I feel a tiny guilty bit of relief Like I'm running away from my problems dumping them and escaping into the unknown the way I had before But it's false that feeling Escaping was always temporary Problems always caught up to me But I remind myself I'm not doing this for myself Not this timeHonestly if you're not reading Rachel Caine's Stillhouse Lake series then what are you doing with your life I'll admit I was skeptical when I saw the first book in the series praised so thoroughly that I assumed it had been hyped to high heavens so I didn't start the series until after the first two novels had been published I finally gave into the pressure after seeing so many glowing reviews from trusted friends and boy am I glad that I did There's a uiet power to these books and although the reader is dropped in after the serial killer has been unveiled I think the fact that the tension doesn't lie in the whodunnit is precisely what makes these books unable to be ignored The multiple POVs the constant sense of those hunting down Gwen Proctor's family closing in and the complex weaving of multiple storylines are all reasons that I keep coming back to this seriesCan this book be read as a standalone I mean I think you could read it and follow along well enough as the author does a fabulous job of recapping events from the prior two novels but you'd be doing yourself a disservice at best The fact that there is so much backstory provided for these characters in the previous stories is only part of the reason; Caine has done such a fabulous job of reuiring an investment in her characters that my jaw was literally on the floor during some of the plot twists and reveals in Wolfhunter River The vein of intimacy I now feel with these characters makes some of the conflicts only that much painful; the emotion runs deep here folks much deep than in its preuels I really don't want to get into plot specifics Honestly why do I keep saying this in reviews Is it trademarked yet but I have to admit that this one had hustle and bustle going on that the reader needs to keep straight I loved this because it provided me with an enjoyable challenge and to see how certain things tied together by the end and how some things didn't was extremely satisfying Gwen's personal conclusion was wonderful as well; I feel the author could choose to leave this as the final book but could just as easily see her continuing on with a new set of ideas Highly recommended And please do yourself the favor of starting from the beginning If you're a fan of audiobooks these are EXCELLENT to listen to as well Thanks to the publisher for providing a review copy