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And The Mountains EchoedUllah will do anything for her even trading his only pair of shoes for a feather for her treasured collection Each night they sleep together in their cot their heads touching their limbs tangled One day the siblings journey across the desert to Kabul with their father Pari and Abdullah have no sense of the fate that awaits them there for the event which unfolds will tear their lives apart; sometimes a finger mus Here's something you should know about Khaled Hosseini All his stories have or less the same ingredientsIt always starts with Afghanistan in its pre war days The protagonists are children guileless and innocent Then the invasion happens People separate the bonds between them torn apart either by fate or by design Many gut wrenching chapters later there's some kind of reunion but with a catch there's something amiss something unfulfilled like a testimony to the unfairness of lifeTo be honest I'm not a fan of formulaic things Yet when it's Hosseini telling a story I listen I give in I let his words curl around me like a blanket I fall in love And when it's all over I clutch the book to my chest and weep like a childBecause formula or no formula Khaled Hosseini just knows how to tell a story He knows what to say and how to say it It's like an art he's mastered and no matter how many times he does it the impact of it doesn't seem to fade And the Mountains Echoed is an ode to siblinghood and all the joys and heartbreaks that come with it the anguish of separation the guilt of envy the comfort of companionship the burden of responsibility Unlike his previous books Hosseini adopts a short story approach for this one There are multiple narratives in multiple time frames spread across several different countries all connected by a common link to AfghanistanThe writing is beautiful as always Sample this All my life I have lived like an auarium fish in the safety of a glass tank behind a barrier as impenetrable as it has been transparent I have been free to observe the glimmering world on the other side to picture myself in it if I like But I have always been contained hemmed in by the hard unyielding confines of the existence that Baba has constructed for me at first knowingly when I was young and now guilelessly now that he is fading day by day I think I have grown accustomed to the glass and am terrified that when it breaks when I am alone I will spill out into the wide open unknown and flop around helpless lost gasping for breath And the Mountains Echoed was one of my most anticipated books this year and it did not disappoint That being said it pales in comparison to his previous works The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns Maybe it was the multiple POV thing With so many characters and so many stories it's inevitable that some would hit harder than the rest Personally I found the first half emotionally striking Abdullah Nabi and Parwana's stories all made me tear up I missed Afghanistan in the later segmentsAnd in case it wasn't obvious enough I just wanted to say that I love Khaled Hosseini If it weren't for him I would have foolishly associated Afghanistan with just the Taliban It's shocking how little I know about this country even though it's so close to mineThank you for the culture cum history lessons Mr Hosseini And even if your next book adheres to the formula I'll still read it and in all likelihood cherish it

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read And The Mountains Echoed doc î Hardcover Ä hannahredhead ✓ So then You want a story and I will tell you oneAfghanistan 1952 Abdullah and his sister Pari live with their father and stepmother in the small village of Shadbagh Their father Saboor is constantly in search of work and they struggle togetherT be cut to save the hand Crossing generations and continents moving from Kabul to Paris to San Francisco to the Greek island of Tinos with profound wisdom depth insight and compassion Khaled Hosseini writes about the bonds that define us and shape our lives the ways in which we help our loved ones in need how the choices we make resonate through history and how we are often surprised by the people closest to us Blown like leaves in the wind ‘A story is like a moving train no matter where you hop onboard you are bound to reach your destination sooner or later’Within the first few pages of this book the reader knows she’s in the hands of a master storyteller In a village in rural Afghanistan mid 1940s a father tells a folk tale to his two young children On the next day they will travel to Kabul and start a chain of events that will take the reader on a journey across the world and through the decadesThe novel is made up of a series of linked and interlinked stories about members of this one family their descendants and people whose lives they touch Hosseini takes us back and forwards in time but each episode tells a whole story of one of the characters This made the book feel in some ways like a collection of short stories rather than a novel but Hosseini brings us round in a perfect circle and the last few chapters bring all these disparate episodes into one immensely moving wholeThe beauty of the writing is only matched by the humanity of the characters Hosseini takes us inside their minds and their hearts and we see them laid bare essentially good people but with their flaws and weaknesses exposed to us and to themselves Although much of the book takes place in Europe and America Afghanistan remains at the heart of it because it remains in the hearts of the characters even though they may have become part of the war and poverty driven diasporaA beautiful and very moving book that brought me to tears on several occasions this isn’t fundamentally about politics or war; it is about the unforgettable people who populate its pages – about humanity And though there is sadness and sorrow here there is also love and joy and a deep sense of hope Highly recommendedNB This book was provided for review by Vine UKwwwfictionfanblogwordpresscom

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So then You want a story and I will tell you oneAfghanistan 1952 Abdullah and his sister Pari live with their father and stepmother in the small village of Shadbagh Their father Saboor is constantly in search of work and they struggle together through poverty and brutal winters To Abdullah Pari as beautiful and sweet natured as the fairy for which she was named is everything More like a parent than a brother Abd Why do people rate books before reading them This skews the ratings and I wish people wouldn't do soThis was my most anticipated book of all time I couldn't wait to read and and naturally was a bit let down My least favorite of his threeI found the voice in some of the chapters a bit awkward The characters were interesting and well developed for the most part I didn't like how the author chose to weave everything together There were some very well done parts some moments that were very beautiful I'm glad I read this but won't anticipate the next book nearly as much although I will definitely read the next one hoping to experience something powerful