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PDF Ù BOOK Justice League Dark Volume 1 In the Dark ¸ A new type of super team must come together when supernatural forces threaten the DC Universe Justice League DarkThe witch known as The Enchantress has gone mad unleashing a wave of chaos that not even the combined powers of Superman Batman Wonder Woman and Cyborg can stop ShaA new type of super team must come together when supernatural forces threaten the DC Universe Justice League DarkThe witch known as The Enchantress has gone mad unleashing a wave of chaos that not even the combined powers of S And I've got no defense for itThe heat is too intense for itWhat good would common sense for it do'Cause it's witchcraft wicked witchcraftAnd although I know it's strictly tabooWitchcraft – written by Coleman and LeighYeah this is Superman’s lament and by extension others in the Justice League as wellGot magic? We got a problem The Enchantress is voodooing some nasty stuff and Supes is way over his headBusted by a swarm of witches teeth? The ignominyWell where’s Batman?Batman all tied up but I think he digs it from his time doing the horizontal Batusi with Cat WomanSo it’s magical peril and who better to battle a magic threat than a suad of DC’s supernatural heroesThis is a strange bunch who collectively wouldn’t be able to replace a lightbulb as a unit but somehow need to work together for the common goodhumanityyada yada yada and “Babe could ya hit a home run for me tomorrow”Constantine because he’s an ass and Deadman because he has some freaky powers and gets the lion’s share of page time conseuently stand out from the othersZatana is sadly watered down and underdressed from her pre New 52 persona and Madam Xanadu is a sieve and predicts the future And there’s some Australian dude who has out of body powersBottom Line Because this is one of those prospective groups you have to get to know as individuals first books there’s a lot of bouncing around between characters which not only slows the pacing but uickly establishes a reader pecking order for which characters are interesting and which aren’t see above I’ll continue reading only because my pal Anne said soIt’s Shade the hero I forgot to mention his amazing technicolor coatvest and his make believe girlfriendI guess the pay per view hotel porn was on the fritzSing along with me “Imaginary lovers never turn you down”

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People break out in a cold sweat?Critically acclaimed writer Peter Milligan brings together an unorthodox team for the most unnatural threats With stunning art by up and coming star Mikel JanínCollecting Justice League Dark 1 In this first volume of Justice League Dark Madame Xanadu uses her powers against the Enchantress in order to assemble a diverse team of heroes from the mystical corners of the DCU John Constantine Zatanna Deadman Shade and Time Warp all team up to defeat Madame X's machinations and set up an uneasy alliancePeter Milligan's script has a good number of eerie moments from a maelstrom of teeth flying through the air slashing Superman Wonder Woman and Cyborg to various icky monsters and ghoulish manifestations of the witch inside the Enchantress Without the art of Mikel Janin however none of these things would have had the power they present on the printed page Janin's art is realistic but not without his own personal touch I really do love his art and the coloring is also very fit for the bookThe mystical side of the DCU contains my favorite heroes of all and I'll be glad to see them pop up here as this book progresses35 stars out of five

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Justice League Dark Volume 1 In the DarkUperman Batman Wonder Woman and Cyborg can stop Shade the Changing Man Madame Xanadu Deadman Zatanna Mindwarp and John Constantine may be our only hope but how can we put our trust in beings whose very presence makes ordinary Man I really expected this to be betterWhat’s it about?A group of horrorsupernatural stuff themed superheroes team up or do they? This book is gonna be slightly hard to review because it mostly just gets readers ready for the rest of a series I thinkProsThe art is fucking amazing Oh my gosh there’s a lot of cool imagery and excellent use of colors throughoutThe horror stuff is pretty well done Lots of weird stuff and creepinessConsThe story is not very good It’s not terrible it’s just so unoriginal A villain is gonna do a bunch of fucked up world ending shit so a group of unlikely heroes have to come together I’m pretty sure that’s one of the main things comic readers have read multiple times but will accept if the book offers anything to make it interesting which this doesn’t really do This book is boring I would at least expect action scenes in this book but that ain’t hereRemember how I mentioned this book being unoriginal? Well because of that it’s very predictableThe dialogue comes across as a bit cheesy and annoying especially since this isn’t even meant to be a bit cheesy it’s meant to be a typical seriousish superhero comicI didn’t like the endingWhy I’m conflicted on the charactersI didn’t put the characters in pros or cons because I honestly can’t tell if I like them Let’s go over themEnchantress Guess I’m gonna start with the villain Could be interesting if well written I think In this she just sorta does evil stuff because she’s the villain no real personality or motiveShade Just boring and a bit confusing That was a full dislikeZatanna On one hand she is sorta bad ass and has some pretty cool powers making her an interesting character but on the other hand is sorta bitchy making me not like her I would say she’s mostly interesting though was better in the old Justice League cartoons I watched as a kidNot sure if I’d be scared or aroused in that situation I think the answer is yesConstantine is interesting even if he’s a bit of a snarky asshole but that’s kinda how he always is hell look at my reviews I’m often a snarky asshole myself so can’t really complain His snark and dialogue seemed to be toned down being a non Vertigo DC comic so I didn’t like thatDeadman is pretty cool Not much else to say about him except I would read comics about him Oh and June is sorta meh Kind of a bland love interest for himMadame Xanadu isn’t particularly great She basically just seems like Doctor Strange with boobs and a little window for them guess she took fashion advice from Power GirlSo yeah don’t really know which category they would go in Some aren’t interesting others have uite a bit of potential and some I honestly don’t know if I like them or not Hard to sayOverallI expected to enjoy this as a fan of superheroes and supernatural horror but it’s kinda weak I don’t think I would uite say it’s horrible but I am glad to be done reading itThe art is good and it has some solid creepy horror but the story is something we’ve all seen many times except this time with very little action and some cheesy dialogueI think I would have preferred something original or at least exciting25