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Download The Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna Doc ê 464 pages ✓ Hannahredhead · In this stunning debut novel a young woman tells the story behind two elderly sisters’ estrangement unraveling family secrets stretching back a century and across the Atlantic to early 20th cenSed or hauntedIn her rugged Italian village Stella is considered an oddity beautiful and smart insolent and cold Stella uses her peculiar toughness to protect her slower plainer baby sister Tina from life’s harshest realities But she also provokes the ire of her father Antonio a man who demands subservience from women and whose greatest gift to his family is his absenceWhen the Fortunas emigrate to America on the cusp of World War II Stella and Tina must come of age side by side in a hostile Oh this book I’m not even sure where to startI had some doubt when I picked it up to start reading epic family drama not being in my immediate comfort zone – then an hour later I’d devoured multiple chapters only emerging when my alarm went off for work That’s how it gets youThe scene setting is intensely immersive from the small Italian village to the wider sprawl of America Juliet Grames descriptive prose puts you right at the heart of the story it opens up around you with breathtakingly beautiful effectThis gorgeous book lives and breathes within the hearts and sometimes dark souls of its characters the ever expanding Fortuna family right at the centre of that sits the much haunted vividly real spiky and ahead of her time Stella FortunaThrough the months years and decades Stella faces every kind of adversity and you are with her every single step of the way She is formed and grown through many inciting events the heavy weight of a woman’s lot in life in those times is fascinatingly compelling as you see the impossibly independent Stella bend sometimes break but never totally give upAll around her other beautifully drawn and utterly authentic characters circle her Mother Assunta and sister Tina being the centre of her world a world ruled by the selfish patriarch Tony Fortuna There are many as the generations expand and as a reader you suck every single one of them into your consciousness where they will remain this is an insanely powerful novel on every levelThe plotting is a work of complete genius the phases of Stella’s life focused around each of her almost deaths often ironically so there’s not many people whose lives have been saved by a typo In what seems like no time at all you are at the end all the deeply held secrets revealed leaving you at a loss as to what to do next It’s one of those stories that as an emotional reader you’ll never let goThe Seven Or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna is a sprawling epic an intuitive nuanced expression of the female condition of life battles won and lost it is without doubt one of the best books I’ve read maybe even everI hit every range of feeling possible at various points of reading this so therefore I have absolutely no choice but to highly recommend it Beautiful complex heart breaking and real Go get it

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In this stunning debut novel a young woman tells the story behind two elderly sisters’ estrangement unraveling family secrets stretching back a century and across the Atlantic to early 20th century ItalyFor Stella Fortuna death has always been a part of life Stella’s childhood is full of strange life threatening incidents moments where ordinary situations like cooking eggplant or feeding the pigs inexplicably take lethal turns Even Stella’s own mother is convinced that her daughter is cur Both Stella Fortuna and her sister Tina are alive today and this fictionalized account is written by a family member It’s really Stella’s story and it spans one hundred years As you might imagine a lot happens It begins in a remote mountain village in Calabria Italy and ends in Connecticut So this is an immigrant story about a family and what a family it is It’s a tale about surviving numerous brushes with death as well as poverty both in Italy and the USA It’s also about the bond between two very different sisters and the struggle to break free of cultural expectations I would be remiss if I did not add as a trigger warning that there is abuse both psychological and physical Nonetheless it is a well told and fascinating story of an ordinary family with the extraordinary ability to survive each other

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The Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella FortunaNew world with strict expectations for each of them Soon Stella learns that her survival is worthless without the one thing her family will deny her at any cost her independenceIn present day Connecticut one family member tells this heartrending story determined to understand the persisting rift between the now elderly Stella and Tina A richly told debut The Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna is a tale of family transgressions as ancient and twisted as the olive branch that could heal them It's brilliantly told in the language sense And also for the eyes cognition of the narrator BUT it's too long and it also invests the author's present day sensibilities and values into the whole most specifically during the last uarter of the book So much so that the end was occluded almost pathetically sad And it didn't need to be Until the last 100 pages I would have given it a full 4 At the 23rds point I would have given it 45 in total or maybe even a 5 star It's true to the culture So few books are within miles kilometers of the life reality in Southern Italian villages Especially the isolated and endlessly stone and dirt as within Calabria Sicily being so often invaded it's even worse Distrust has been millennia earned and men physical power force reigns The author earns 5 stars on Assunta and at least a 4 on Tina But sorry on Stella after about age 55 or 60 nope And it isn't the epiphany of her realization about her sister's jealously either that nixed her core That was fully than conceivable her identifying the mal'ochio source Those kinds of siblings until death non talkingare epic usual and common than lemons and olives in PositanoBut it was in the offspring's tellings and particularly the method of linking connection with the author through her mother's Bernadette's s to me it just ruined the last uarter of the book With all that length where was Bernadette and her examples role play to her daughter? Also be aware that the abuse is heavy several kinds Pinching in particular is status uo but it is most usually upon the cheek arm Not where or how Stella was pinched but in my own young life I was pinched nearly continually Not kissed because kissing attracted jealousy and mal'ochio It's a shame she could not have told the ending portions of that connecting essence to family for Stella in the ways that she told the rest of the book She did the men well Honestly I think as soon as these family 3 or 4 generations sagas get to the 3rd or grandchildren that they fail miserably And this book was not the only one with that exact fault disconnected dynamic Stereotypes did reign in portions to a huge extent but I forgive those Length and the wide diverting from the essence mood tone fire acuired to those discerning eyes of the first 34th of the book I don't