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E eighth book in th I finished this book in half a day AndWHOA That is all I can say Shepard characterizes her characters so well She doesn't ever have an unbelievable character She characterized Hanna perfectly She made her believable and vulnerable not just bitchy I also think the contrast between Emily and Hanna ueen bee and good girl and Spencer and Aria Typical rosewood overachiever and the kooky mysterious one was amazing I think Wilden's character should have been flushed out why did he have an Amish gf?I want to know I hated Hanna's dad and I really hated Kate She was just plain bitchy and annoying Moving on I liked how Shepard dealt with the teenage world clothes boys friendship family and school in a funny but real way The entire investigation was amazing it made me think if my best friend disappeared tomorrow what would I do? How long before we all gossiped about her and fought over the Bf she left behind? What secrets did she keep? Makes you wonder doesn't it? When this book started I was like what are they going to do now that they know who killed Ali? But then I thought about it Billy couldn't have killed Ali its too simple Way too simple If this book had been a movie only I would have turned it off as soon as Courtney came aboutit would have been too far fetched but here it worked It worked amazingly I loved CourtneyAli's character she was secretive manipulative and beautiful At first I didn't think she was Ali I thought that Shepard was trying to make us think crazy Courtney was being crazy again But at the end when we realize the PLL's knew Courtney all along not Ali I was like whoaokay which sister is crazy? The one who stole her sister's life or the one who killed her in a rash act of jealousy and tried to burn four innocent girls? I was also kind of sad that the girl the PLL's had been friends with was dead Maybe Courtney was crazy but some of the moments the PLL's shared with her seemed real However the things she did to them the blackmail the ditching that does make her sound crazy and mean now that I think about it maybe she was crazybut hell so was Ali she killed her own sister But I think all the fault in the Ali Courtney drama fell on the Dilaurentis parents they couldn't tell their kids apart? I mean really A lot of the girls problems come from their parents come to think about it They would all have been better of as orphans haha In the author's note Shepard said she liked reading the review from her fans so Ms Shepard if you read thiscongrats You wrote a great series that wasn't all about hook ups and money That was interesting of course but at least the girls had depth

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Wanted Author Sara Shepa#1 New York Times b The conclusion of Cycle 2 is eventually reachedThe prologue is yet another retelling of Alison’s last night and the dull happenings in the barn The only addition is that we learn that both Hanna and Emily whilst “hypnotised” by Alison had visions of her trapped at the bottom of a well Which I suppose is just another sign of the innate psychic abilities that the girls possess despite being the 4 least spiritual people I have ever had the misfortune to read about This might seem odd but see the reams of stupid dreams in previous volumes for evidence that Shepard wouldn’t hold back from supernatural phenomenon however stupid Anyhow back to the adventures of a bunch of girls who can’t eat a waffle for breakfast without telling you what brand it is Our four leading ladies are now awaiting the trial of Billy Ford the second person to be accused of Alison’s murder Billy also apparently killed Jenna right at the end of the last book for reasons which were less than clear and it now emerges that he is for good measure being accused of killing the missing Ian previously blamed for Alison’s murder Which would at least explain where Ian has been even if it makes no sense whatsoever on any other level Spencer is absolutely convinced of Billy’s guilt for the same reason she was absolutely convinced of her mother’s guilt or her sister’s or Ian’s or Jenna’s or Jason’s or Officer Wilden’s or indeed her own – that reason being her massive gullibility and limited mental capacity This same problem has caused her to self pityingly lament the break up of her parents’ marriage since it will inevitably lead to dysfunction and neglect as of course do all divorces Although since spoilt Spencer wouldn’t know neglect if it walked up and stole her designer handbag out of her manicured hand I’m not sure what she’s basing her personal concerns on Aria is mainly concerned with going to a valentine dance and her disgust at how tacky Jenna’s shrine is although she does very briefly touch on the “niggling inconsistencies” in the latest murderblackmail story such as it not making any sense whatsoever before instantly moving on Hanna is so made up to be going out with sexist pervert Mike top ualities according to her his meanness and the fact that he is not a prude that she has no time to think about anything else Then some spectacularly childish bullying occurs and she and Mike are suddenly not cool any which is massively traumatic for them Although not uite as interesting as the murders which we could be hearing about Emily is doing nothing which is at least preferable to the stupid Amish thing from the last book And the local press have obtained large amounts of what is clearly restricted evidence and are busily prejudicing any potential jury members by broadcasting it all ad nauseumSuddenly Alison’s mother calls a press conference in which to dispense clues and incriminate people in order to provide a plot for this book Here she reveals possibly the stupidest plot twist yet rivalling even the untouched child mental institute inside a hotel storyline Alison apparently had a secret twin sister An identical twin called Courtney whom nobody has mentioned or seen until now when she is being revealed simultaneously to the neighbourhood her long lost relatives and the world press On reading this I managed to restrain myself from groaning and banging my head on the table but only just It’s very lucky I’m reading this as an e book because any physical copy would have been thrown across the room or torn asunder at this point How to continue after this cataclysmic horror of a storyline? What is left to be said? Surely once a text has lost any semblance of sense reason or narrative integrity it has rendered itself outside of literary rules and above criticism? However none of the other characters seem to have taken this turn of events as badly as I have and proceed to many chapters worth of vaguely wondering if Courtney is really Alison and slight attempts to fit together the many abstract plot fragments into a cohesive whole; attempts which are tragically doomed to failure When this becomes too much of a strain they drink herbal tea and get their dogs groomed instead Courtney starts at school and seamlessly replaces her long dead twin sister which nobody thinks is a bit weird Hanna continues to kick the people closest to her when they’re down in her endless uest to bully her way to popularity Emily suddenly remembers that whole lesbian thing now that Alison #2 is around We are reminded repeatedly to suspect Melissa Aria becomes jealous of Courtney’s flirting with Noel her latest boyfriend Hanna invites her worst enemies to an exclusive fashion show to prove how cool she is which is exactly the kind of stupid shit she’s always doing Meanwhile Billy Ford suddenly has alibis for the time of both murders slightly running what the Rosewood police previously thought of as an “airtight case” Impressively things take an even ridiculous turn when Courtney tells Emily that she is Alison after all but there was really a twin called Courtney and their parents managed to mix the two of them up on the weekend of the murder and send Alison back to Courtney’s mental institute by mistake when Courtney was murdered in Alison’s place How exactly the DiLaurentises were able to commit their pre teen daughter to a long term mental institution and then mix her up with the sister she barely knew and therefore couldn’t possibly have adeuately impersonated is not explained Also I am forced to presume that Courtney visited exactly the same cosmeticians and hair stylists as her sister even whilst incarcerated in order that there’s any possibility of this making any type of sense for even a second Despite the fact that Courtney actually tells Emily that Real Courtney not her the other one was a monomaniac who used to impersonate Alison and steal facts from her diary in order to impersonate her Emily is immediately convinced by the whole story no uestions asked Next Courtney convinces Spencer that she is Alison Spencer briefly uestions the idea that the body in the garden was actually Courtney since it was wearing Alison’s ring a matter not brought up in the last book when we were supposed to believe that the body was Leah the random Amish girl who everybody has forgotten about but 3 paragraphs later is welcoming Alison home Then Hanna is told and instantly accepts the whole thing although admittedly she is distracted due to having once again made a tit of herself at some tedious upper crust social function Finally Aria meets Courtney leaning on the creepy well from the prologue and grinning like a Halloween pumpkin in the light of the moon and is fed the whole “I’m Alison” bit Either because of the horror film setting or the fact that she randomly finds some photos of the girls on the night of the murder buried next to the well she is ever so slightly less than 100% convinced After the four separate scenes of each individual girl being told the same story we move on to a period of even less action if that is possible As usual the text is at least 50% reused material from previous books Little new actually occurs Melissa is insistently placed in supposedly incriminating situations being sighted at least once per chapter publicly arguing with one of the other suspects loitering at a dark corner or deviously running in the night time clearly the crazed murderer’s hobby of choice In light of this incessant pointing toward her supposed guilt I can only assume that she is completely innocent Spencer becomes convinced that the mysterious face at the window in the latest murder photo clue to suddenly turn up is definitely her sister the old one not either of the new living dead twin sisters However since Spencer suffers from a rare form of prosopagnosia where all faces in life and in her memory appear to her to be the face of whoever creates the best plot twist I’m not over convinced by her panic Meanwhile Hanna repeatedly fails to notice that Courtney doesn’t know a lot of things which she should know if she’s really Alison and Project Runway gets 2 mentions for no particular reason unless Shepard is getting paid to advertise it Also there is a spate of a new mannerism whereby people slap their sides whilst talking I’m not sure what emotion it’s supposed to convey but it’s obviously an important one since it’s so suddenly widespread Soon Spencer’s stupid ideas about Melissa have spread to all the other girls except Aria and even though all of their other unfounded allegations throughout the series turned out to ridiculous and were immediately disproved they jump straight onto the “Melissa killed AlisonCourtneywhoever” bandwagon mainly on the basis of surmises and incidents that prove nothing are barely connected to the murder and make little sense Directly after this they find another incriminating photo open and ready for them on Melissa’s computer Technically it’s actually an old incriminating photo from a previous volume back in the days of A#1 but a new and convoluted story about its origins and meaning is swiftly tacked on top of the old details with which it fails to line up in any way They also find an appointment card from Courtney’s mental institute and decide that Melissa has most likely checked herself in to get treatment for her Stupid Fictional Insanity and will hopefully be gone for 20 years that being how mental institutions work Then everyone loses interest in the murdercommitmentdisappearance stuff and starts getting ready for a party insteadOnce they are at the party scene that occurs 23 of the way through every book everyone continues with their usual behaviour Hanna bullies people and dances like a cheap stripper Emily moons after Courtney Spencer glories is having a dull boyfriend and being popular and reflects how perfect her life is without mention of her sister who may be a murderer in the midst of a mental breakdown Melissa not CourtAli although actually the description would fit any of the 2 to 3 girls It’s that type of family Then suddenly Courtney steals Aria’s perfect boyfriend not the same as Spencer’s perfect boyfriend This one has dark hair That’s the only difference so far as I am aware and Aria responds by immediately dumping him and becoming Alison’s best friend again Five minutes later literally the 5 girls are off on a trip to Courtney’s isolated holiday home in the mountains which can only end wellThey arrive at the remote house to find it still has 5 rocking chairs sat out on the porch from when they last visited time having been frozen in Rosewood and its environs for the last 4 years Once there all the girls but Courtney don bikinis and strut around without embarrassment just like no teenage girl has ever done Courtney outlines her plan to erase the memory of their last sleepover when sheAlison disappeared by completely recreating it which doesn’t seem like the most logical plan It’s also not a particularly appealing plot line since I’ve already had to plough through innumerable retellings of the original extremely dull sleepover However since none of the girls have minds of their own they readily agree rushing upstairs to be hypnotised and on the way noting without concern the big open ditch in the gardenThe hypnotic efforts of a non professional deluded airhead naturally immediately lead Spencer to have a vivid hallucinated flashback experience of the original murder night sleepover meaning we have to hear about it yet again This time Spencer spontaneously recalls that the person at the window was one of the twins and that “Alison” had in fact been wearing her special ID ring that night but it said ‘C’ and not ‘A’ which meansall sorts of stupid and silly stuff In fairness nothing Spencer has ‘remembered’ previously has turned out to be true so it’s hard to give this whole thing too much weight To wrap things up past vision dream CourtAli suddenly turns into Alighost and shouts yelling ominous and unclear rubbish none of which matters at all in a desperate attempt to distract from how stupid and convoluted the plot has become It doesn’t work Spencer wakes to find that in astoundingly predictable style Courtney has disappeared This is actually about the 4th time this book she has vanished but this time she stays missing than the 5 minutes necessary for a chapter cliff hanger In her place the girls find a note explaining that Courtney is actually Alison but the Alison they used to know was actually Courtney who was killed by real Alison in the guide of Courtney before she was shipped off to a mental institute in Courtney’s place Or something Not sure who’s been haunting everyone since that doesn’t make sense whichever way you go with it However before anyone has any time to object CourtAli sets the building on fire in a desperate attempt to draw matters to a close At exactly the same time the girls discover Melissa hidden in a cupboard underneath Ian’s rotting body in a shockingly poor attempt to simultaneously explain both all of Melissa’s red herring behaviour and where exactly Ian has been all this time It does neither Finally matters reach a frenzied pitch of farcical ludicrousness when everybody escapes via a tiny secret passage CourtAli happens to have in her bedroom which must have slipped her mind Despite this planning she also somehow manages to die in the fire even though she set it herself and had access to all the exits in the house I’m not sure how so don’t askEveryone sits outside while the fire burns out still in their bikinis for all I know not calling the fire brigade escaping or talking to each other Eventually some hours later they suddenly begin to attempt to explain away all the plot holes to each other in the most pathetically artificial conversation I have ever read They fail They also realise that they have somehow managed to lose the note explaining everything Which was pretty stupidWe move on to 5 months later Despite the time gap no one has figured out among other things why Alison took the incriminating photos placing her at the murder scene why she didn’t dispose of them how she managed to get access to Billy Ford’s laptop to plant fake evidence or what the hell the purpose of any of her actions was The girls have all been much too busy swanning about enjoying being celebrities to worry about any of that Also a lot of issues I don’t care about are wrapped up Hanna’s mother suddenly decides she loves her again and returns from Hong Kong to throw out Hanna’s evil father stepmother to be and step sister to be leaving Hanna as ueen Bee just as she wants Hanna has an epiphany realising that it doesn’t matter all that much if she is the most popular girl at school or just in the top ten since either way she is still gorgeous rich and a horrid spoilt little attention whore or a she puts it “fabulous”Which is a nice little moral message for all the readers She also makes up with her pervert boyfriend Mike on the proviso that she give him several stripteases which is just lovely Aria’s problems with her mother and her mother’s stalker boyfriend which have vaguely dragged on for 4 books are resolved in a sentence and dismissed She also forgives her perfect boyfriend for the whole cheating thing and gets a new baby sister which she is pleased about even though the newborn is criticised for her poor dress sense as some of her knitwear isn’t entirely on trend Spencer and her sister are now friends and they and their mother unhesitatingly forgive their father for that little incident with the 15 year affair leading to an entire secret family who lived next door some members of which blackmailed harassed kidnapped drugged and tried to murder both his official children as well as killing the boy both of them were sexually involved with After all these things happen Finally Emily isn’t doing anything at all since she has no personality or life The only remaining issue apart from the thousands of unanswered uestions which are being ignored is what happened to Alison since they never found her body in the fire Is she still alive? Or is Courtney still alive? Or are both of them still alive? Or is their extra evil triplet still alive and set to return to Rosewood and wreak vengeance for some imaginary slight? Frankly I couldn’t care less This series should have been one book at best and yet there are still 4 to come even though Shepard herself promised that this was the last God only knows what extra layers of nonsense she’ll have to add to stretch this junk that farMost Offensively Named Fashion ItemA “Foley Corinna hobo”10 second research on Google tells me that “Foley Corinna” is some type of bland high fashion clothing brand Apparently it’s not the only brand to see nothing inappropriate in naming a 500 bag after homeless people This is why I hate fashionMost Worrying Physical Description Emily forced her flat flipper like swimmer’s feet into a pair of red Mary Janes I had no idea that excessive swimming could cause genetic mutation in an amphibious direction Possibly Emily should cut down on the auatics? Although it’s unlikely this will happen since the only two things approximating character traits with which she is currently endowed are “sometime lesbian” and “swimmer” So if she gives up swimming then the next time she forgets about her lesbianism she will instantly become a completely blank space with strawberry blonde hairMost Ridiculous Cod Psychology “the best way to get over a terrible memory is to reenact it” Most Over Generous Description of the Plot “They’d missed so many clues Ali had set a brilliant trapand they’d walked right into it” I think brilliant is ever so slightly overstating the caseMost Ignorant Misunderstanding of European Music “Aria’s iPod probably full of weird Scandinavian yodeling bands” Yes because that’s all they listen to IcelandLeast Understanding of Forensics Shown By a Professional “I was there moments after the house exploded” he said “It’s very possible Alison’s body incinerated instantly” Instantly? That’s uite a fireThis book makes the least sense yet of the series which is remarkable when you consider the competition The casual ease with which it touches on stolen identity murder accusations and mental illness is breath taking in its awfulness The central plot is so absurd as to be unreadable unless as a failed joke – an evil twin hidden in a mental institution at the whim of her parents even though her character is completely indistinguishable from her non incarcerated sibling? Said evil twin suddenly being released at a ridiculously inappropriate time and thrown without guidance or guardianship into her dead sibling’s life and a badly written and oddly inconsistent media spotlight? Police incompetence and journalistic immorality of staggering proportions which is never noticed by the community of privileged legal experts and marketing geniuses? An entire town who uestions none of this because they’re too busy going to the mall and attending dances? Please god the next cycle concludes with the revelation that the whole thing has been merely the fever dream of an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing

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Download Wanted Author Sara Shepard Ebook ✓ 261 pages ¶ #1 New York Times bestselling seriesThe eighth book in theEstselling seriesTh Got a secretCan you keep it?Swear this one you'll saveBetter lock it in your pocketTaking this one to the graveIf I show you then I know youWon't tell what I saidCause two can keep a secretIf one of the m is dead so this is it?? this is finally over?the whole PLL series made my world turn upside down after i finished reading each book in the series i always come up with my own theories on who is A and who murdered Alison but sadly none of my theories is correct not even one of them is correct this last book gave me the creeps and it is seriously twisted i feel like i am watching single white female who would have thought ALI KILLED ALI i mean seriously?? i never saw that one coming it's actually nice that the clues given in the series is connected until the end of the book after reading this book i finally understood what the sibling problems Ali is pertaining to i have it all wrong the first thing that pop in my mind is incest after reading this book all the clues and reading between the lines messages is finally deciphered and revealed and honestly saying it kinda gave me goosebumps when everything is explained shiversi'm happy everything turned out well for the four girls and BTW Courtney is a freaking evil genius 4 books to be published by sara Sheperd in continuation of the PLL series i honestly don't know how can the author will continue the story when everything is so happyso perfectso flawless for the four girls I'm guessing that maybe this time there is a new set of girls to be terrorized to those who are so itching to know who murdered alison and who is A you can read the ishpoilers below view spoiler Alison dilaurentis actually has a twin sister her twin sister Courtney has a mental illness and the dilaurentises decided to confine her in a psychiatric ward cause she is getting worseshe keeps on having violent behavior and keep on saying that she is alison but unfortunately Ali's mom mistakenly thought that Alison is courtney since she is wearing her pinky ring with the initial c even though Alison hardly insist that she is not COurtney her mom doesn't believe her so yeah Alison was the one sent to a psychiatric ward and Courtney took over Alison's lifeAlison was so mad at her sister that at the night of the slumber party she shoved courtney to the pithence killing courtney she is supposed to bury her in the pit and get her life back but Ian and Melissa suddenly shown up drunk on their backyard so A is MONA revealed in book 42nd A is Alison revealed in book 8they both got access to the 4 girls' secret cause of Courtney's diary hide spoiler