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read kindle Ï A Darkling Plain Hardcover ☆ The final book of the thrilling Predator Cities seriesLondon is a radioactive ruin But Tom and Wren discover that the old predator city hides an awesome secret that could bring an end to the war But as they risk their lives in its dark underbelly time is running out Alone and far away Hester facThe will to destroy the entire human raceThe final book in the Predator Cities series Philip Reeve's A Darkling Plain is the winner of the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize WOW WELL THAT WAS A TRAGIC ENDING

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The final book of the thrilling Predator Cities seriesLondon is a radioactive ruin But Tom and Wren discover that the old predator city hides an awesome secret that could br WARNING This diatribe contains potential spoilers and rude language It is also long Proceed with cautionDear Philip Reeve I really enjoy the books in your Hungry City Chronicles They are fine stories with creative and compelling plots often amusing dialog and interesting characters You are however starting to piss me off I'm on page 61 of the fourth book and I come to the following passageLady Naga made a horrible gurgling noise like the last of the bathwater heading down the plughole Theo took a step forward and waved the axe but he was too gentle to use it and he knew Cynthia knew it Remembering the girl's vanity he said 'You look different'Now what my reader may not know is that Cynthia who has already been established as one of the 'bad guys' is in the process of strangling Lady Naga whom Theo is escorting and theoretically protecting Call me nuts call me violent call me a psycho with anger management issues but if I see someone who has already attempted to kill me strangling someone I like or am expected to protect and I happen to have the good fortune to find myself holding an axe I am pretty certain I will hit them with the fucking axe I might not be so far gone that I will definitely use the blade the flat side or blunt end or even using the handle are all options but I repeat I will hit them with the fucking axe The only possible dialogue I can imagine engaging in would be something along the lines of Stop strangling or I will hit you with the fucking axeAhemThis is an incomplete review I will add to it when I'm finished with the book My current uestions areWhy is the good kind and handsome hero always so goddam useless in a crisis?Why are the women who are the strong ones or the ones willing to get the job done either ugly slightly nuts or attractive completely nuts?There seems to be no middle ground here There was one character who was strong capable kind AND neither gorgeous nor particularly uglybut she's 'dead' and is being used in disturbing waysUPDATEIt is complete now; two ends of time are neatly tied finish that lyricno cheatingI have to admit I liked the endingepilogue of this book and series but getting there was occasionally an irritation At times it was like an old radio serial the heroes seem to be in a safe place where they just might get a breather BUT WAIT Unbeknownst to our heroes ninjas Dr Klaw Lex Luthor AND The Insidious Dr Fu Manchu are all hiding in a trunk; meanwhile a stray bulletcrossbow boltICBMwoodpecker has pierced the balloon and the airship is now sinking toward the Ancient Scary Field of Rusty Razor Blades and Other Sharp Dangerous Unpleasant ThingsI exaggerate only a littleMy previously stated complaints still stand though at one point Theo DID actually hit someone with the flat side of an axe so yay It seemed like somewhere along the line Mr Reeve decided that happy endings are just SO recherché and he'll be damned if he gives us one I do not reuire a happy ending unless back rubs are involved boomchickaWAWwaw but when it feels like the author is trying too hard to avoid a cliché ending the ensuing machinations to guarantee unhappiness feel contrived And the semi subtle moralizing good people don't hurtkill under ANY circumstances and I'm going to put my characters through hell to prove it just plain got tired Then I end up writing long cranky reviews which sound as if I liked these books a lot less than I did I guess my real disappointment with the Hungry City Chronicles is that they are good books that could have been greatDone now No really

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A Darkling PlainIng an end to the war But as they risk their lives in its dark underbelly time is running out Alone and far away Hester faces a fanatical enemy who possesses the weapons and I gave the first three books 4 stars exciting but with thin characters and half way through A Darkling Plain was of a mind to give this 5 stars to acknowledge the worldbuilding and story aspects that spanned all the books even though it struggled with the same problems See what I did there Philip? 'Even though it struggled' instead of 'even though it was struggling' The final third of the book cemented a begrudging 3 stars it was just terrible Before I even talk about the story and characters I have to mention the writing or perhaps that should be the editing or its lack of editing Throughout the series the writing was solid enough if nothing spectacular and rarely distracting For a while I even thought the uality had gone up in A Darkling Plain but like the story it seemed to collapse in the final third Packed with action yet filled with passive tense these lines should be URGENT and TAUT but instead were weak and lazyThe Stalker's robes began to burn Lightning was crawling across her calm bronze faceThe tone and tense was also inconsistent making this possibly the worst writtenedited of the four It's mostly a distant third person in past tense but every now and then we the reader were directly addressed asking us to recall past stories I rolled with it at the time but thinking back it was just unnecessarily jarring Worst though is that almost an entire chapter was in the present tense I wracked my brain for a clever reason because surely this was too big of an error but if there is a reason I can't think of one It even went into present tense for a couple pages close to the end You'd think the finale of a best selling series would be better editedThe biggest sucker punch and there'll be spoilers here is Tom The central character at least for the first two books; and yet he is the same in this book as he was on the first pages of Mortal Engines all those twenty or thirty years ago He has zero development And then Philip Reeve makes him do something uite unforgivable and uncharacteristic leave his daughter without so much as a hug The reasoning itself was fairly contrived but the act itself needn't and shouldn't have been so cold Here we are enjoying their conversations and five minutes later that sinking feeling that we've actually just had the final goodbye between Tom and Wren with Tom leaving her a note to go in pursuit of Hester giving her a kiss on the forehead as she sleeps I'm sorry but the Tom of this series does not do this to his daughter not without a good hour of hugs and talk of how proud he is of her and he will fight tooth and nail to get back but if he doesn't he will always love her It would've been hard easy to write on Tom but THAT was Tom not the man who sneaked away to never speak to his daughter againIt was all downhill from there I began not forgiving all the times the characters had been naive or foolish or for some reason allowed Pennyroyal the direct reason for Tom's ill health to continue living or at least being a part of their travels I'm not sure if Philip meant Pennyroyal to be a curmudgeonly bit of light entertainment endeared to the reader but he was not He could've gone books ago and we wouldn't have missed him And THAT ending a grown man couldn't overpower an emancipated twelve year old with a penknife? Screw thatAnd therein is the biggest problem of the whole series; amazing worldbuilding but characters that fall mercy to the plot Things they said and did and thought that you imagined would have a deeper revelation later on Tom's insistence that he loves Hester ugly ugly Hester for instance is never convincing even with his inner monologues when he wishes she was prettier No 'She's ugly but' it was just 'She's ugly' Does she have no redeeming features Tom that you can call upon in your inner monologue? No we'll just give her a kiss now This makes us empathise with Hester and she is certainly one of the most nuanced of the human characters unable to rise out of the shadow of her father Valentine But even she is very single mindedIt says something that in the final few pages you realise the most interesting and complicated character throughout was Shrike the Stalker robotI may not have enjoyed this series as much as I'd hoped but it has been invaluable as a writer It has really emphasised the importance of character consistency and nuance no matter how good the world building the characters must lead the way