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Summary Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie 107 ✓ This is New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Crusie's novel about long shots risk management true love and great shoes Minerva Dobbs knows how to work the oddsCalvin Morrisey always plays to win But when they face off neither one is preparedBecause when real life meets true love all bets are R to see each other again But fate has other plans and it's not long before Min and Cal meet again Soon they're dealing with a jealous ex boyfriend Krispy Kreme doughnuts a determined psychologist chaos theory a freakishly intelligent cat Chicken Marsala and risky propositions than either of them ever dreamed of Including the biggest gamble of all true love. 5 Beautifully Insane StarsThis book wasbizarre but so damn charming It was full of light humour and absolutely free of drama It is a book you read when you need something to pick you up I'm so glad I read itThe main characters were mostly insanereally We have Min who after being dumbed by the world's biggest idiot goes into her all men are pigs phase and we have Calvin the comitment phobe who gets entangled in a stupid bet against his will They are our main couple She is a little chubby and never takes risks he is a gambler They decide they have nothing in common and won't be seeing each other again But fate has other ideas “What i'm trying to tell you Min said is that im going to grow up to be one of those chubby old ladies It's in my genes Like self raising flour i'm going to poufThat's going to work out well for me Cal said Because i'm going to grow up to be one of those horny old men who chases chubby old ladies around the couch” The mean characters were completely insane David the douche makes the bet with Calvin that he can't get Min in bed in a month just after he breaks up with her despite the fact that he wants her back Cynthie Cal's crazy ex wants him back She is a relationship gourou and she is certain that love can be clinically analyzed and she is meant to be with Cal Don't get me started with Cal's mom Aka The Iceberg This book strikes for funny and light and the characters reflect itThe friends were just as crazy In this category we have Roger who glances at Bonnie for the first time and decides he'll marry herbut he'll wait a month before he proposes and Bonnie who believes in fairytales and princesRoger is hers They are both completely adorable like teddy bears and perfect for each other And then Tony and Liza who are the man whore and the free spirit I'll just say that every time Cal kissed Min Liza decked him with her purse Need I add anything “This is a woman you've known less than twelve hours It took you a year to pick out a couch but you're seriously—“Yes” Roger said “She's the one” The result A beautiful mess of a book It was charming and cute and so easily read that you didn't want it to endRe read June 2015

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R is a fairy tale especially with a man who asked her to dinner to win a bet even if he is gorgeous and successful Calvin Morrisey Cal knows commitment is impossible especially with a woman as cranky as Min Dobbs even if she does wear great shoes and keep him on his toes When they say good bye at the end of their evening they cut their losses and agree neve. Yay funny and sarcastic Jilly's kind of thingMinerva is the heroine of our story and she is the kind of girl who makes her other friends look hotter by comparison She's also a bit chubby and hasn't eaten a carb in years In other words miserable I've always said that you can never be happy unless you eat carbs I went on a carb free diet for a few months and although I lost weight I also went on a killing spree You probably saw me on the news I killed the crap out of tons of pigs You know because of all the bacon I ate But believe me I was unpleasant to be around Yeah I know that's hard to believe because of all of the joy I bring to your life but it's true In other words without carbs life is a vast hellscape that never ends until you eat one again Yeah it's pretty easy to get out of hell Just eat a SnickersYeah but he looks happier after that donutSo poor Minerva is in hell and then her boyfriend breaks up with her because she wouldn't have sex with him To add insult to injury she hears him making a bet with a hot guy that he can't get her to have sex with him either Minerva does what any raging carb starved girl would do she decides to torture the hottie who is trying to pick her up to win a bet I approve of thisCal is the hero who took the bet He isn't interested in Minerva and she isn't interested in him It becomes a strange anti relationship and you end up just waiting for the whole thing to implodeOn the other hand some people will do anything to win a betTheir romance is really cute and funny and they both have friends who become a great part of the story I cared as much about what was going on with their friends as I did about them I kind of wanted them to get their own books but I was happy enough that Crusie gave us their fates in an epiloguejennifer Crusie's style of writing is uniue I think she will be either a love or hate author because of it She uses a lot of dry humor and there always seems to be a big cast in her books I am having fun with it so I think I'll move on to a few

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Bet Me by Jennifer CrusThis is New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Crusie's novel about long shots risk management true love and great shoes Minerva Dobbs knows how to work the oddsCalvin Morrisey always plays to win But when they face off neither one is preparedBecause when real life meets true love all bets are off Minerva Dobbs knows that happily ever afte. After reading this I don’t think I’ll eat Chicken Marsala ever again The heroine of this book ate Chicken Marsala in two different restaurants twice for takeout at a wedding at a dinner with her friends and cooked it 4 times with different levels of success I don’t know if there’s anything boring than a person who never tries anything new if I’d been the hero I’d have stopped dating her just because of this I enjoyed the first part of the book – the humor was not over the top and the plot was wacky but not creepy Then as the book progressed I found two of my big pet peeves adults that don’t confront their parents when they’re out of line and the demonizing of men You see I had a mother like Min’s so I totally understand what it is to live with constant criticism regarding my figure But when I was in my 20s I had a very firm chat with my Mom about it and told her I wouldn’t tolerate that behavior Did my Mother stop completely Of course not but at least now it’s manageable and not humiliating like it used to be And that’s why I cannot respect Min who at 33 years old should not let her mother choose her hairdo her clothes or the food she eats I HATED how Cal was demonized because he dated a lot He was so nice and thoughtful that women fell in love with him in droves and when he realized they were serious than him he would break up with them The bastard Doesn’t he know that once a woman falls in love with him he owes her a ring no matter his feelings He made them fall in love It’s his fault Because you know women are little girls that cannot take responsibility for their own feelings and must get every man they want Throwing up nowThen the ending was so saccharine I don’t think I’ll eat anything sweet for a monthThe narration was good but I don’t think that Cal’s voice was distinctive enough But what makes this narration really irritating is the author’s writing style Almost every line of dialogue ends in ‘he said’ or ‘she said’ so after a while I wanted to shoot myself I had to speed up this book a lot just to see if I could stop hearing ‘so and so said’ after every sentenceBecause I liked the humor I was thinking that I should give this author another shot but then I thought that for the first time ever an author has put me off food If nothing else that’s my clue that I should never read anything by this author again She's liable to make me swear off bread or chocolate and THAT I couldn't stand