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doc ☆ Che Guevara A Revolutionary Life Paperback read æ Acclaimed around the world and a national best seller this is the definitive work on Che Guevara the dashing rebel whose epic dream was to end poverty and injustice in Latin America and the developing world through armed revelation Jon Lee Anderson's biography traces CDown Anderson broke the story of where Guevara's body was buried which led to the exhumation and stat burial of the bones Many of the details of Che's life have long been cloaked in secrecy and intrigue Meticulously researched and full of exclusive information Che Guevara illuminates as never before this mythic figure who embodied the high water mark of revolutionary communism as a force in histo Ohhhh Im in love with my beloved CheHow brave he isHow strong he isHow determined he isI was continously sobbing and reading his last words when Bolivian army executed him he said I know you came here to kill meshoot me coward you are killing only a man you can not kill my ideas Actually What I do not like in communism is that it abolishes the religion because Karl Marx clearly said that Religion is a silent protest of people against the state through prayersWhat I like in communism is No one can own a property and all is divided by the state through proper rules according to the needs of their peopleIn this way no one is rich or poor

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Er in Castro's government to his failed campaign in the Congo and assassination in the Bolivian JungleAnderson has had unprecedented access to the personal archives maintained by Guevara's window and carefully guarded Cuban government documents He has conducted extensive interviews with Che's comarades some of whom speak here for the first time and with CIA men and Bolivian officers who hunted him I rarely give those 5 stars but after some hard thoughts I decided that this one deserves it The author tries to give an account as balanced as you possibly could about a man as complex as Che The research effort put into this is immense and it shows in the details The important thing for me was that Anderson showed us both sides of the man His other worldly drive for justice and solidarity but also his cold blooded ruthlessness and obsession for discipline I firmly think he is one of the most intelligent men of his era but he is also a showcase for what can happen when a great mind is letting his emotions take over at virtually all time After reading this book it is clear that Che was and is misunderstood by a whole lot of people In the end he was a flawed man who believed that what he was doing was for the good of the poor and the oppressed He believed that was worth to sacrifice his own comfort and ultimately own life I can only respect him for that I admit that I try to overlook his dark side a little bit in order to let him shine just enoughAnd may I say itthis book changes the way I view things

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Che Guevara A Revolutionary LifeAcclaimed around the world and a national best seller this is the definitive work on Che Guevara the dashing rebel whose epic dream was to end poverty and injustice in Latin America and the developing world through armed revelation Jon Lee Anderson's biography traces Che's extraordinary life from his comfortable Argentine upbringing to the battlefields of the Cuban revolution from the halls of pow I doubt they'll ever be a definitive account of Che Guevara's life than this epic tome Jon Lee Anderson lived in Cuba whilst researching this book and it shows with the exhaustive amount of detailA Revolutionary Life is infinitely uotable I could probably write ten blog pages with the musings of Che Guevara but I won't because it wouldn't make sense But I am going to post a couple during this review starting withI have sworn before a picture of the old and mourned comrade Stalin that I won't rest until I see these capitalist octopuses annihilatedI don't mind admitting I knew very little about Che Guevara prior to reading this There's the famous photo which is plastered across anything merchandisable usually completely out of context and his association with Fidel Castro I was ignorant of the who what where when etc Thankfully this biography answers every uestion I was ever likely to have about the great manSplit into three parts each section focuses on a different stage of Che's life Part 1 gives a brief glimpse into his childhood and goes up to the beginning of his working relationship with Fidel Castro Part 2 covers the battle for Cuba and the Cuban Revolution and Part 3 focuses on life after the Cuban victory up to his death in BoliviaThere is a huge amount of detail and ground covered in this book so much so that 'huge' isn't an apt enough word to use There were times when I was completely enthralled by the story the author was presenting me with his research phenomenal and attention to detail obviously passionate; I had to keep reminding myself this was true Despite how Che is depicted in pop culture he wasn't some kind of machine gun wielding Bruce Willis type One Man Army The battles he fought were under cover in the dark and the dirt fought in close uarters nasty brutal and ugly The author is superb at putting you in the midst of a battle; you can uite easily go from philosophy and politics to blood soaked ambushesSometimes though the detail is overwhelming On a few occasions the author tries to fit too much into too few sentences; minor events dates places names are reeled off in uick succession becoming too much to process and easy to forget I understand the author wanted to give a comprehensive account of the story behind the legend but at least a hundred pages could have been cut This was the only issue I hadFor Ernesto the iconography of modern Argentine nationhood was merely a superficial veneer a luxurious facade under which the country's true soul lay; and that soul was rotten and diseasedIf you're after a dense and complete history of Che Guevara then I cannot recommend this book enough Yes it's 800 long pages and at times hard going but it's still an important book packed with intriguing history