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Dirty Filthy Rich LoveT but this time I’m the one with the power And maybe – just maybe – if the air were cleared and all our secrets bared there could still be a chance for us And this dirty filthy thing between us might end up being love after all. Here I sit two days after reading Dirty Filthy Rich Love by Laurelin Paige SMITTEN as I am still flying high from this whirlwind of a romance that was my HIGH Alluring Arousing Addicting Dirty Filthy Rich Love is one INTOXICATING DRUG A splash of suspense sky high smolder a sprinkle of sweetness and swoon a little angst and some thrills and chills make up this PERFECT ROMANCE Dirty Filthy Rich Love This HEADY HIT was MY perfect romance Laurelin Paige wrote the perfect mix of dominant alpha paired with fierce heroine in Dirty Filthy Rich Love a love story that SEDUCES and SCORCHES like a powerful and passionate kiss This is a tale that twists around you where you're fully IMMERSED and highly INTOXICATED This is a story that steals your mind body and soul There is no other way to read this SINFULLY GOOD romance except to do a deep dive sinking in until you can only feel the words You have to go ALL THE WAY IN Oh Donovan 'Kiss Me Now' Kincaidwhere do I begin There are heroes in romances and then there is Donovan Kincaid the ULTIMATE HERO who is PURE HEART POUNDING PERFECTION Donovan is the best mix of dark knight meets super hero sinner and saint an insanely hot and intense ALL ALPHA and the sweet sigh inducing PROTECTOR I couldn't love his hero hard enoughBeautiful Sabrina Lind is as smart as she is sexy This heroine in strength in spades and she won't let others walk over her You hold the cards right now Sabrina he said his nose almost touching mine But don't begin to think I've forgotten who's in charge Sabrina now wields the most power I loved how she relished and ruled her new role You wanted to know what you areOkayWhat you are is mine SWEET SIGH Donovan POSSESSED every part of me His dominating words were a shot of heat straight to my thighsso alpha and so HOT The chemistry between Donovan and Sabrina is combustible so electric that it's a pull neither can fightso ENTHRALLING This hero and heroine are MAGICAL together There are still a thousand ways I intend to make you come and another hundred thousand I haven't thought of yet I could not devour Donovan's dirty and dominant words fast enoughSO INCREDIBLY HOT His taste was the best drug his lips so firm and familiar it was like going to church This story reveals everything in this series' enticing end It's time to lay all cards on the table and uncover secrets and sin so the truth can set this hero and heroine free Dirty Filthy Rich Love spreads itself wide open and bares it all in one captivating cat and mouse game that must finally end I couldn't see inside him but I could feel He was making me feel everything he felt and it was raw and jagged and dirty and hard Dirty Filthy Rich Love They all collide in one tantalizing tale that may be a fairytale after all Dirty Filthy Rich Love is as SOULFUL as it is SCORCHING so full of heart and the hottest of heat I was thoroughly SEDUCED by this scintillating story that is simply FLAWLESS Dirty Filthy Rich Love and its Dirty Duet series is now one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE ROMANCES I LOVED this brilliant book and series so hard Laurelin Paige has done it again and written a book that rendered me BREATHLESS and nearly brought me to my knees This wonderful writer is a master at letting readers take a deep dive in characters' heads telling their secrets but keeping a sliver of mystery that lingers like a pending storm With scenes that make you blaze and blush Laurelin Paige brings you from reader to wanton woman in a frenzied flash This author writes the most alpha of alphas so deliciously dominant and dirty I never thought I'd meet a Laurelin Paige hero as alpha as Hudson but Donovan delivers it all the sexy the swoon and the seductionDeliciously dirty heart stopping sexy and soul swooning Dirty Filthy Rich Love DOMINATES ALL THE WAY I could not devour this sinfully sexy romance fast enough My mind is still stuck in this tale wrapped up in this mastery of words that wielded themselves straight to my heart like a sword I am UTTERLY ADDICTED to this scintillating story and series that OWNED MEso incredibly good Unwavering Unputdownable Unforgettable Dirty Filthy Rich Love still OWNS every ounce of me I always wanted to be in your worldYou are my world A TOP 2017 MUST MEET ROMANCE➡️ 💋💋💋💋💋💋 scorching scintillating and soulful kisses Web Group Twitter

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READ & DOWNLOAD ç Dirty Filthy Rich Love · This is a previously published edition ASIN B01N4VIFV2I’ve discovered Donovan Kincaid’s secretIt’s dirty and filthy and rich – as dirty and filthy and rich as he is – and it haunts me as much as he ever didEven after knowing what I know now I still want to talk to him to touch him But theThis is a previously published edition ASIN B01N4VIFV2I’ve discovered Donovan Kincaid’s secretIt’s dirty and filthy and rich – as dirty and filthy and rich as he is – and it haunts me as much as he ever didEven after knowin. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Oh my dirty filthy goodness Donovan Kincaid is mine And also I am claiming Dylan Locke as well With that out of the way let’s begin my reviewLaurelin Paigeyou continue to slay with me with your words and characters There aren’t enough words to express how much I love reading your books but just in case you haven’t heard it enough I LOVE YOU and these fictional characters that you have brought to life He did reach the very center of me I realized Not just with sex not just with his cock but with everything he did He was the only man I knew the only man I'd ever met who could reach so far into me that he could see my darkest secrets and understand my most intimate self” Dirty Filthy Rich Love was one sinful decadent treat It was dirty filthy and dangerously intoxicating If I could get drunk off Paige’s visceral erotic and raw prose then I would be highly inebriated right now That’s how much this book possessed me The much highly anticipated conclusion of Donovan and Sabrina’s story was pure bliss His lips were hot his kiss desperate Or maybe it was my kiss that was desperate”Dirty Filthy Rich Love picks up where it last left off Donovan is in Japan and his return is uncertain and Sabrina has just learned of Donovan’s secret and his obsessive kind of love It should scare Sabrina away but it doesn’t It spoke volumes of Donovan’s love for her I've thought of so many ways I want to fuck you He whispered in my ear So many ways I want to make you come Every way I can imagine That’s how many ways I’m going to make you come Every way I can imagine”As much as Donovan should stay away he can’t His love for Sabrina is his oxygen His life His everything She is it for him She completes him like no one can And so when Donovan returns he makes his presence known Sabrina can’t stay away from Donovan He’s her drug He consumes her like no other person could His love and raw presence runs deep in her veins He’s her heart Her everything She is well aware that Donovan’s love is different It's obsession and in such he shows his love in a non traditional way While their love may not be normal she doesn’t care because their love was meant to be dirty filthy raw and real It was them This scouring This primal fucking This savage violation This exorcism It declared me as his and his alone It left absolutely no room for anyone else to possess me There was also pleasure He always made sure that I felt the beauty in our filthiness and this time was no different” The push and pull connection brewing between Sabrina and Donovan was intense and that is putting it mildly Honestly there are no words to describe their connection They just fit together Two fated souls colliding With Sabrina’s need for dirty filthy sex and Donovan’s fulfillment of her fantasies they both found a connection A bond A real love As their obsession for each other runs deep what happens when Sabrina discovers another secret Donovan has kept from her will she push him away when he promised her complete honesty He kissed me again tender and brief but it was powerful in its simplicity like the single suare a pawn moved when it finished its journey across the board and was crowned ueen” Laurelin Paige has delivered one of my favorite duets of 2017 This book was everything that I wanted craved and needed The writing was sexy as hell Her words were like silk It was seductive alluring and intoxicating The execution of the story line was on point as it had me obsessed as to how everything would turn out for Sabrina and Donovan I loved how the characters of this book were introduced They were raw honest and vulnerable Laurelin allowed readers to see their flaws and beauty Nothing was hidden to the reader You either loved them or hated them And let me just say I did not hate anyone because I embraced Donovan Kincaid and Sabrina Lind’s complicated love Yes their love story is not the norm but what love story is It just happened that Donovan and Sabrina share a certain kind of sexual kink that works for them An understanding and passion that they both can only explain A love that is dirty filthy and most importantly realSo if you are looking forward to an addicting and intoxicating read then I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to read the DIRTY DUET Trust me you will want to meet Donovan Kincaid Laurelin Paige

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G what I know now I still want to talk to him to touch him But there’s an ocean between us and I’m not sure it can be crossed with something as easy as a phone call or a plane rideYet I’m willing to tryHe doesn’t know this ye. IS IT SEPTEMBER YET Pre order upBook 2 of 2Release September 11 2017Pre order | AMZ US | AMZ UK |Books in Dirty Duet should be read in orderBook 05 Dirty Filthy Rich BoysBook 1 Dirty Filthy Rich MenBook 2 Dirty Filthy Rich Love