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Prem Purana eBook  272 pages ´ Stories of love and extraordinary devotion No one is untouched by love not even devas and asuras kings and nymphs And when they face life’s unexpected tribulations their love also undergoes trials Read how Ganesha took myriad forms to please Riddhi Siddhi and Buddhi how Ravana shared an unbreakable bond with his truStories of love and extraordinary devotion No one is untouched by love not even devas and asuras kings and nymphs And when they face life’s unexpected tribulations their love also undergoes trial In an age when mythology is written rewritten according to the perception of a writer's viewpoint it's a miracle that we still remember Krishna or Rama as they were perceived during the times of Mahabharata and Ramayana It's becoming eually difficult to distinguish between the original and the perceptions Mythology is no true to its form and changing rapidly according to the need of the hour And it's not wrong to do so Clinging to age old values is not possible if one has to inculcate values amongst the younger generation I think Amish Tripathi in his perception of Shiva has done a great job in bringing out the love of mythology amongst the younger generation And with that the floodgates have opened and many writers are now leaving their mark in this genreOne of the leading personalities in this field is Usha Narayanan With her Secret of the God's Son and Pradyuman she had captured the hearts of many mythological lovers weaving the story of Lord Kama's rebirth with all its fascinating details Prem Purana the latest publication of Ms Narayanan is a collection of three short stories that kept me engrossed for a long time I took time to read this book Pages after pages I lost myself in the story of Ganesha Ravana and NalGanesha's story starts with him meeting Riddhi and then Siddhi and Buddhi are introduced Frankly speaking I had no clue about the three wives of Ganesha and always thought he had two wives The characterization of the three is very interesting from being the beauty to a brain to a brawn Somehow I found that the doctrine of Durga Lakshmi and Saraswati is retold through these three sisters Or maybe that is what needs to be told to the younger generation every time in every form Ganesha needed all these ualities to fulfill the reason behind his future reincarnations Beautiful thought The way he went about wooing each of the sisters and how it ended with each of the sisters finding their true love is the crux of this beautiful saga While Polygamy is no longer in vogue we somehow have to raise our consciousness to understand that these stories are not about three women but three ualities in a woman My research told me that it is us humans who have bifurcated the three ualities into three women but in reality it was one for they all were one soul And this is true in all the stories of our Gods and Goddesses Again this is my theoryRavana's love story sent a few chills down my spine I had a mixed feeling about this one Ravana you just can't like in this story yet he has a love story Should I feel sorry for Mandodari or applaud her strength in finding something good in a man who is hated till today? There was not one redeeming uality in this man according to Ms Narayanan's interpretation Yet many historians and mythological writers believe that Ravana was a demon who dared to challenge the Gods but according to Ms Narayanan's penning Ravana was a brute who had no redeeming uality Except for the last line where he recognized the great soul Rama was While Ganesha's story was the innocence of love Ravana's was the fiery passion where a dark soul could love yet destroy the very person he claimed to have loved As against these two stories Nal and Damyanti's story was about the pain in love The pathos How after getting the love of one's dear desire one is not able to stay with their loved ones due to the wrong decisions that are taken on a spur of the moment Each story deals with a particular rasa of love and each one has some message to impart One of the strengths of a mythological tale is to leave some message for the present generation and I think Ms Narayanan had achieved them beautifully Totally recommended for those who love mythology and would love to know where our Indian philosophies of life and love stem from

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S Read how Ganesha took myriad forms to please Riddhi Siddhi and Buddhi how Ravana shared an unbreakable bond with his true love Mandodari and how Nala and Damayanti’s relationship was tested til Three characters from three realms diverse in nature yet what makes them a part of this book titled ‘Prem Purana’ is that their heart beats with love that is neither frivolous not soaked in lust In fact it is pure love that drives their thoughts and actions Split into three sections ‘Prem Purana’ deals with Ganesha’s love life Mandodari’s love and Damyanti’s riddle While Ganesha’s attempts at wooing Brahma’s daughters brought a smile to the face Ravana’s attitude towards Mandodari and his extra marital affairs in the latter part of the story had me virtually gritting my teeth Nal Damyanti’s story though short when compared to the other two was like a dessert served at the end of a sumptuous meal sweet and satisfying What took me by surprise?1 Ganesha’s love life I’ve always looked upon Ganesha the cute little God the ‘vignahartha’ as a bachelor So the story of his attempts to woo not one but three damsels came as a surprise But then Indian Mythology is open to vast interpretation So if you look at this story from another angle you may not feel surprised Isn’t Ganesha after all Buddhi Riddhi and Siddhi all packaged into one? Yes he is So I guess he is wedded to these three virtues that make him the most popular of all Gods sacred to the Hindus2 The Secret of Mandodari’s daughter I’ve never come across this one But then I guess I’ve never given Mandodari much of a thought It’s always been Ram Sita Lakshman Ravan Kumbhakaran and MeghnathEndowed with the gift for making even the mundane witty and interesting Usha Narayan weaves a magic of sorts with the characters especially in the first two sections of the book One feels the events unfolding before one’s eyes making one feel a part of the times and the venue the stories are set in There are places where one can’t help but try suppress a good laugh and there are others where one feels bitter wishing to knock some sense in the characterThe language the style and the stories make the book a truly enjoyable read Is there something to take away from the book?Yes little nuggets of wisdom essential for a happy and peaceful existence

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Prem PuranaL almost nothing remained Tormented by passion wracked by betrayal torn by the agony of separation love in its many splendored forms is the origin of these incredibly endearing stories of Prem Pura This book is a delightful read of love stories The tales are of love amongst Gods Godesses among Rakshasas among Rajas apsarasThe stories narrate the longing the passion in a subtle manner without sounding lustfulAnd these stories describe how love can strengthen the relationships make the couples stronger There are three stories One is about Ganpati his three wives Ganpati takes on different forms to win over each of his wives how This makes for very interesting reading Gods may have it all we thinkAnd yet it is not so Hence Ganpati has to work hard for winning over each of his brides that too in various waysNext is the tale of Ravana MandodariRavana had many wives yet Mandodari was special to him as Ravana was to her Despite his passionate love for Mandodari why does Ravana abduct Sita ? And though Mandodari urges him to return Sita to Rama he refuses goes ahead with warHad Ravana outgrown his love for Mandodari ? And the war destroys Ravana's family yet he refuses to see the writing on the wallWhy ? What are the reasons or is it because Ravana is too arrogant ?The last story is about Nala DamayantiTheir love story faces too many obstacles And when they feel that they have settled into a world of pure bliss misfortune strikes again the two are separatedAre they united again ? Who is at faultNala or Damayanti or maybe both ? And what about their children ? Do they end up losing everything ?The tales are told in such a manner that one is mesmerised by the descriptions be it the beauty of the female characters the handsomeness of the male characters the blooming scenes in the garden magnificence of the places et al All these things make them come alive