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Superpowered Click Your Poison #3 kindle ß Kindle Edition ✓ hannahredhead ✓ 3 Uniue Storylines Over 50 Possible Endings Just one uestion Will YOU Be a Hero or a VillainYou know the superhero fantasy What would life be like if you had superhuman abilities But really given the choice would yoThree you must ally with or confront the other two test subjects while the fate of Mercury City nay the world hangs in the balanceLive your own interactive comic book adventure and Get SUPERPOWERE I won this as a giveaway and decided to review itThis was my first choose your adventure type book and I liked it It was easy to step into the shoes of the character you were portraying which was nice I do wish some of the other characters were fleshed out I felt that Catherine was a bit one dimensional and somewhat undeveloped as you encounter her later on in the storyIt would be nice to be specific about the hypertext and keeping track of titleschapters to go back Sometimes the previous chapter doesn't give you options and you need to remember the previous two chapters not just oneI found about 23 of the possible endings and so far it's been fun If you're easily frustrated this is not a book for you the fun is in finding a satisfying ending than being annoyed the dead endings don't have a lot of text or explanationsOverall it's a good escapist read

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The choice would you save the world or conuer it In SUPERPOWERED the choice is yoursAfter a bizarre experiment leaves you with one of three superpowers play the book multiple times to explore all I read pick your own adventures all the time when I was younger so was surprised and excited when asked to review one It was almost a walk down memory lane Except for the kindle thing of course I'll try not to put in any spoilers for anyone else that may be thinking of reading this too The first thing I liked about it was you had three possible paths to start with then multiple paths along each choice However a few of them felt like they were very much alike A couple of them even ended the same way all I will say on that is that certain paths led to Catherine being a real biatch Overall the story was fun but I think it would be enjoyable for preteens to early teenager

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Superpowered Click Your Poison #33 Uniue Storylines Over 50 Possible Endings Just one uestion Will YOU Be a Hero or a VillainYou know the superhero fantasy What would life be like if you had superhuman abilities But really given Disclaimer I received a Kindle download of this book through a Goodreads giveaway to facilitate this review No other renumeration was offered or reuestedMany readers of this blog will be familiar with “gamebooks” which have multiple paths through the story based on the decisions you make The most famous of these are the “Choose Your Own Adventure” series from the 1980s but there have been multiple variations over the years This is a modern version designed to work with the e book hypertext format and part of the “Click Your Poison” seriesIn this case “you” are the subject of a mad scientist’s experiment in granting humans awesome superpowers The story is told in second person; after one brief dead end path the plot can follow one of three major lines depending on which power you got labeled after the Rock Paper Scissors game There are six “golden” endings two for each power depending on whether you use it for good or evil multiple lethal endings and a handful of “well that was a thing that happened” endingsHypertext works well for a gamebook allowing you to click directly to the conseuences of your choice without having to check the page numbers However the entries don’t have a way to instantly flip back if you’ve made a bad choice and fat fingers or a nervous twitch can get you lost on the wrong page I recommend writing down the titles of the entries as you goThose titles range from uite clever wordplay and references through utilitarian to dreadful puns They’re conveniently listed in alphabetical order at the end of the bookThe author tries to avoid specifying the genderraceage of “you” but some of the passages clearly make sense if the character is an adult white man This means that “romance” is off the table except for one very odd mini chapter and some male gazish description of a female reporter Your and several other characters’ morality is also uite variable often switching instantly between good and evil according to the option you just pickedThis is not a book for children; there’s some harsh language and even the “good guy” routes involve some murder High schoolers on up shouldn’t have much trouble dealing with the issues presentedI derived several hours’ enjoyment from methodically mapping out the various routes and finding hidden surprises one is a bonus for folks who have read previous volumes in the series Looking at other reviews now I see that this book is not a good choice for people who are easily frustrated–so many people gave up after their first two or three bad endingsIf you enjoyed gamebooks as a kid this is a decent enough entry in the field but not as good as Romeo andor Juliet by Ryan North