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Shadows Over Wongan Creek Wongan Creek #3 Read ô 104 ¾ When the shadows ride in Wongan CreekFenella Rose Waterman is happy running The Cranky Lizard winery until a broken relationship lifts the lid on the Pandora's Box of her past After years of repressed memories haunting her dreams she is forced to face the truth to find justiWhen the shadows ride in Wongan CreekFenella Rose Waterman is happy running The Cranky Lizard winery until a broken relationship lifts the lid on the Pandora's Box of her past After years of repressed memories haunting her dreams she is force. When Kieran and his four year old son Liam arrived at Wongan Creek his job at the winery as manager was assured The Cranky Lizard winery had been scammed by a person Fenella had trusted – the guilt she felt was deep But her mum Liv was on her side knowing Fen had been scammed as well – but the darkness of the past was about to rise up and surround Fen once againFen and Kieran had been best mates supporting each other when they were young broken and alone Now many years later both had moved on but the past was never far away Fen’s memories of a time when she was seven years old were fractured; there were events she didn’t want to remember But the nightmares were ever present What was going to happen The danger Fen sensed had her worried for Liv for Liam and Kieran – would it ever stop Shadows Over Wongan Creek is the 3rd in the Wongan Creek series by Aussie author Juanita Kees and it was great to catch up with Travis and Heather book 1 and Tameka and Harley book 2 as well as become involved in Fen and Kieran’s lives The suspense ripples through this book intense and breathtaking – some very nasty characters here – along with heartbreak and poignancy An enjoyable rural romantic suspense and I look forward to #4 Highly recommendedWith thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for my digital ARC to read in exchange for an honest review

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D to face the truth to find justice But with truth comes a danger that puts everyone she loves at riskKieran Murphy left Wongan Creek a newly wed and returned a widower He believes he and his young son will find healing in the town that heale. This is the newest book in the Wongan Creek series by Juanita Kees and I have to say it was fabulous this is definitely my favourite of the series and I've enjoyed them allBack in Wongan Creek we meet Fenella or Fen as she's better known Fen was such a great character flawed but an amazingly strong person with a huge heart despite the trauma she's endured in her past Fen is definitely my favourite female character from this series After an error in judgement about a guy she let into her life and her families business Fen is being threatened and told to keep uiet Showing her strength Fen works with the police to try to catch the bad guysKieran was Fen's best friend with a soul connection between them that has never been broken only stretched Arriving back in Wongan Creek and taking a job at Fen's vineyard their emotional connection is like a magnet drawing them together Both have issues to deal with pretty difficult ones especially since Kieran now has a 4 year old son Liam to think of Liam is a gorgeous little character recovering from his own trauma your heart will go out to this broken little boy who Kieran hopes will heal in the only place he's ever really called home surrounded by friends and a community that had his back when he was youngerLucky the bearded dragon a rescue pet of Fen's plays an important role in this story too another interesting characterThis is a story about second chances but also a story about love forgiveness and trustJuanita has written a story that highlights and deals with past traumas and memories ones remembered and ones repressed and how they can follow us through our lives affecting the things that are most important to us Fen has some serious trauma and repressed memories that she is going to have to face if she wants to be free and whole She is lucky she has an amazing support system in her adopted mother Liv a beautiful person and in Kieran who won't let her deal with things by herself Many people dealing with things like Fen is dealing with don't have that support network available to themThere is plenty of suspense criminal activity and threats happening in this story and plenty of twists something Juanita is very good at putting into her stories There is also plenty of heart from the community who are there to support each other and Harry who pops in with his little pearls of knowing and Riggs the town policeman does another great job of trying to get to the bottom of things as well as keep Fen and her family safeI found it hard to put this book down and if it hadn't been for having to sleep before work I'd have read to whole thing in one sitting I loved the characters in this story and I know Fen and Kieran will get their HEAThanks to NetGalley and Escape Publishing for a copy in return for an honest review

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Shadows Over Wongan Creek Wongan Creek #3D him once before Instead he finds the woman he loved running scared her life in turmoil and her business under threatAs the shadows of the past gather on the horizon will they lose their chance of happiness or will they find healing together. This second chance romance is also a drama and suspense thriller with a ruthless biker gang causing havoc in the small town of Wongan CreekHowever the locals show what country people are made off and with the help of a bearded dragon in one instance show the bad guys they picked the wrong group to mess with It is a heartwarming story but there is a fair bit of retrospection to sort out some unfinished business from the past before they can look towards the future