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eBook ↠ ePub Snip Snap What's That ê Ú snipsnapSNIPSNAPSNIPSNAPWhat's that?And what will the children do once they find out?Ildren do once they find out This is a fabulous book to read aloud I work in an after school care program with kindergarteners and they really enjoyed listening to this story I was able to change my voice tone to follow the story life The suspense really engaged the children and the were able to catch on with the repeated you bet they were line The story was about an alligator who creeped up to a group of children to scare them but at the story they were able to get courage and actually scare the alligator instead The illustrations were very colorful and visually appealing I loved how the text was different through out the story depending on what was going on Sometimes it was all capitalized and sometimes is was big and scattered through the page It added to the illustrations and suspense

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SnipsnapSNIPSNAPSNIPSNAPWhat This is one of my favorite books to read aloud There is drama suspense and a tremendous conclusion The kids will get involved with you when you ask And were the children scard? the kids will yell You bet they were I read this in an interview and it did the trick so it should work for your group too A mite scary for under 3 or scaredy cats

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Snip Snap What's That 's that?And what will the ch The children are afraid of the alligator creeping around their house but became brave and scared the alligator away