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The Dark Side of the Light Chasers kindle Ê Paperback ✓ hannahredhead Ï We know the shadow by many names alter ego lower self the dark twin repressed self id Carl Jung once said that the shadow is the person you would rather not be But even if you choose to hide your dark side it will still cast Ct of yourself can you achieve harmony and let your own light shine she explains The purpose of doing shadow work is to become whole To end our suffering To stop hiding ourselves from ourselves Once we do this we can stop hiding ourselves from the rest of the world As threatening as shadow work may seem it is often very effective in creating transformation Ford's step by step guidebook is modeled on a this is not the type of book i read i sort of told myself that before i got into it but it was lent to me and i have no reason not to follow the advice or recommendation of anyone that i keep in my life yes it's a self help self realization self actualization book the first of its kind that i read and i actually enjoyed it not so much the language or the flourish not so much the very familiar collouialisms that many of these inspirational texts tend to cloak itself in but rather when stripped down the message that debbie ford is reminding you of something that i've grown a little numb to something i think we all have the ability to recognize yourself as a sum of parts and experiences both incredible and flawed the fact that we are powerful and built with a massive self defense protocol that forces us to blind ourselves to the things we find most terrifying about ourselves and that those traits are the ones we can pull from to make us stronger people and to hone in on for daily improvement also something i didn't see coming from the book she reminds us to embrace the things that we love about ourselves and to almost boast about them love that you're great at things love yourself love things that no one has noticed about you and bring it to their attention there are only a fraction of us who are focusing on the self as deliberately as we can be i am absolutely missing it i'm not even sure what the hell i'm doing but i now understand the potential corrections and adjustments i can make in my life based on some of the points and exercises in this book and i will now attempt to let go a lot of the guilt that i've built up for genuinely enjoying parts of myself and stop considering myself conceited arrogant or overly egotistical obviously there's always a balance that you have to reach but when i reach the truth of it i'm sure it will find me in a concentrated hum

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Highly successful course she developed about embracing the shadow Ultimately she helps readers illuminate the gifts and strengths that lie within the shadows Although this works sound vague clouded in dark metaphors Ford manages to make it clear and specific She has the writing gifts of a successful seminar leader inspirational trustworthy and able to convey murky material with grace and ease Gail Huds One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness consciousJung's uote above pretty much sums up much of what Ford's trying to do with The Dark Side of the Light Chasers She exhorts readers to tackle Shadow Work a series of practices for unconcealing owning and embracing your shadow or dark side Here's whyWe live under the impression that in order for something to be divine it has to be perfect We are mistaken In fact the exact opposite is true To be divine is to be whole and to be whole is to be everything the positive and the negative the good and the bad the holy man and the devilIn other words there be gold in them thar dark hills and according to FordJung we need to pursue it courageously By coaxing the light out of our darkness we make peace with our shadows become whole and have a chance to live the happy and healthy lives we've always imaginedI find Jungian thought infinitely fascinating and Ford's done a great job of making Jung's teaching accessible to the masses I liked the book while being frustrated by its tendency toward elitism and at least in my opinion an overly optimistic belief in our ability to manifest all sorts of abundance in our livesFirst the good pop Jungian depth psychology I love the stuff and want to read a lot The Shadow Work exercises at the end of each chapter are helpful Heck Ford might've even convinced me to journal regularly I also found the teachings on the holographic model of the universe every piece of the universe no matter how we slice it contains the intelligence of the whole and on projection to be enlighteningBut all was not peaches and cream with The Dark Side of the Light Chasers Many of the stories were repetitive and seemingly unnecessary I got the sense that Ford was adding fluff to lengthen the relatively short book Then there's the elitism and privilege Ideas like there are no accidents and you live in a universe where everything happens for a reason provide little comfort to people wracked with pain and suffering And I don't recommend springing this gem on someone experiencing poverty if we don't have everything we desire it's because we're withholding it from ourselves Definitely not pastoral counseling or spiritual direction 101 While there's truth in the value of positive thinking and visualization Ford takes the teaching too far I suspect her message would have been different had she offered her retreat to homeless familiesI really did enjoy the read however I appreciate the encouragement to engage in Shadow Work as spiritual practice and look forward to reading as many of Jung's writings as I can get my hands on Recommended for people interested in taking a walk on the dark side

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The Dark Side of the Light ChasersWe know the shadow by many names alter ego lower self the dark twin repressed self id Carl Jung once said that the shadow is the person you would rather not be But even if you choose to hide your dark side it will still cast a shadow according to author Debbie Ford Rather than reject the seemingly undesirable parts of ourselves Ford offers advice on how to confront our shadows Only by owning every aspe This book changed my life Try it