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Read & Download The Mark of Damnation Warhammer 107 ☆ Hoche has dedicated his life to fighting the corrupting powers of the Chaos and now he is persuaded to join a covert group dedicated to combating its terrifying forces But Hoche soon learns that the lines between good and evil are blurred until he makes a shocking discovery about himseA covert group dedicated to combating its terrifying forces But Hoche soon learns that the lines between g. Un classico del mondo di Warhammer cosa accade a un normale cavaliere umano uando il Caos stende la sua multiforme mano su di lui

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Ood and evil are blurred until he makes a shocking discovery about himself that changes his destiny forever. This is a great book I do not understand why he only wrote two books for Black Library So far this one was a great novel with good characters We get war espionage history and plenty It good The second book is called Mark Of Heresy and it was the last book says there is a third called Mark of Mutation but the book was never published If the second book is as good as this one I can't understant whyIn this book we have only one main character called Karl Hoche first a army officer then joined the ranks of Untersuchung a clandestine group dedicated to fighting the dark forces of Chaos in all of it's guisesIn this book we to know of the Reiksguard and how the military works Not only the Reiksguard but also the Witch Hunters It is uite good In this book no character is what it supposes to be It begins with one thing then another It's uite good even if a little difficult to know who's who and who's helping who or what The travels of Hoche begins in the army camp and after discover that some Knight Panthers are Khorne worshipers he goes to Aldorft where the Knight Panthers tries to kill him Then the Untersuchung recruits him and he goes throught training which is uite good and probably one of the best parts of the novel Then he goes in his first mission to Marienburg and then he travels back to Aldorft where he learns of the fate of his organization by the hands of witch hunters He is captured and tortuted but with the help of a female spy of the Untersuchung he escapes and goes into the wild because he has a mutation of a mouth growing on his neckshoulder He mets some other mutatns and live with them This is probably the best part with the training Here we see him change from a god fearing man of Sigmar to a disbeliever and trying to embrace and then fight chaos In the end he gets yet again to the camp where is a plot to sacrifice an army to Khorne The fighting was uite goodThis book is not easy to read as everyone changes and changes and you get confuse with all changes It's uite good but you must read it carefully I think if this book had 400 pages instead of 287 it would be even better

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The Mark of Damnation WarhammerHoche has dedicated his life to fighting the corrupting powers of the Chaos and now he is persuaded to join. Marks of Chaos is a print on demand book available from the Black Library It's also the first Warhammer novel I bought online It comprises of two novels Mark of Heresy and Mark of Damnation as well as two short stories No Rest for the Wicked and A Night Too LongThe sole reason for me buying this is because I have long admired the author James Wallis for his work in the games industry I was a big fan of his old company's Hogshead Publishing output for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay as well as some of the other games he put outThe man can write innovative games such as The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen a game I can boast I have the Gentleman's Version not the commoner's Wives and Servant's Edition Sadly not all of his projects panned out in the twilight times of Hogshead he was going to rewrite the original ending to the award winning Enemy Within campaign until a hard disc crash destroyed his draft and probably his will to start all over again if only Dropbox was invented 15 years agoI have the original ending of Enemy Within Empire in Flames and on paper it is a relatively good scenario It's even got a fantastic mcguffin that I think players will enjoy a fairly epic climax and epilogue that would satisfy any player characters that has slogged through the entire Enemy Within Campaign and trust I only got as far as finishing running Shadows over Bogenhafen with some players who all but mutinied against the dark dark plotWallis stated his Empire in Chaos would be even better and given Marks of Chaos I am willing to bet it would have been a really memorable climax I'd also be glad I was the one sat behind the screen rather than playing as his novel puts the protagonist through the ringer and then someThe story concerns Karl Hoche a loyal lieutenant in the Imperial Army Now at the start this sounds like bog standard Warhammer but Karl very uickly finds some things are amiss in his unit and is unceremoniously parcelled off to Altdorf to report his findings to the regiment heads It all goes south and Hoche ends up joining a secret branch of the Reiksguard called the Untersuchung German for Analyse a spy organisation that hunts Chaos within the Empire It is the only way to stay safe from the regiment that want him dead to preserve their honourFrom this point on the novel shifts from the archetypical Warhammer fighty fighty teen prose to a fairly tense spy novel full of intrigue and nastiness Hoche gets trained up in espionage and infiltration but realises pretty uickly that various factions within the Imperial forces are engaged in petty politicking against one another For example the Witch Hunters view the Untersuchung as heretics The Untersuchung view the Witch Hunters as unsubtle plods who would rather burn old ladies than do the legwork Then there's the fact the Untersuchung is only part of the Imperial guard as a technicality and that both they and the Witch Hunters have also been infiltrated by a group known as the Cloaked Brothers This is a shadowy faction of ex witch hunters content to observe Chaos and eventually defeat it by using that knowledge So content they do not try to stop their plansThis is also the same Warhammer as the Enemy Within campaign so that means the upper echelons of Imperial society is compromised by Chaos cultists The Powers that Be are just likely to hinder or even actively kill our hero than help either because they are cultists or because they are duped by their superiors who are cultistsPlenty of cults abound in the book The Purple Hand a deep cover cult and one of the main villains of the Enemy Within make an appearance So does the Ancient Order of Illuminated Readers in Marienburg explaining what happened to them after James Wallis's and plenty of other authors own Marienburg based Dying of the Light scenario This was