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Text ñ Fever Author Lauren DeStefano Õ Lauren DeStefano Young men die at twenty five time is precious Worse still they can’t seem to elude Rhine’s father in law Vaughn who is determined to bring Rhine back to the mansionby any means necessaryIn the seuel to Lauren DeStefano’s harrowing Wither Rhine must decide if freedom is worth the price now that she has to lose than ever Things will get worse before they get better A little agony before the fever will breakFever the second installment to The Chemical Garden Trilogy picks up immediately where Wither left off As Rhine and Gabriel escape Linden’s mansion in search of their freedom and Rhine’s twin brother they find themselves captured by Madame Soleski and forced to become a perverse display for profit The story unfolds into a brutal yet subtly romantic dystopic nightmare where no matter how harsh and morbid it becomes there seems to be something that makes this novel increasingly addicting I’ll admit right now I am sort of shocked at myself for how engrossed I’ve become with this trilogy It’s definitely not like anything I’ve categorized in the past as romantic beautiful or hopeful yet there’s a deep seeded part of this story that deserves those exact descriptors; and it’s for reasons that hide beneath the layers of DeStefano’s story telling As I read certain scenes I’d find myself both cringing and embracing this author’s ability to enrapture me with her bold skill to push my comfort level yet keep me fully engaged She seamlessly creates a journey that leaves me craving for and turning the pages to its harsh conclusion applauds The writing continues to be a blend of beautifully poetic and increasingly morbid As a reader I had to be careful not to be completely hypnotized by DeStefano’s ability to deliver attractive prose because it never fails that she has a harsh reality waiting to unfold at every corner DeStefano’s writing really shines in this book as she demonstrates her ability to use both symbolism and foreshadowing to its advantageFor example for most of the book I was baffled as to why Rhine continued to wear her wedding band and long for the luxuries of Linden’s mansion until I realized it served a purpose The band symbolizes an invisible cord that tethers her to her nightmare Even after her escape she longs for the luxuries found in Linden’s mansions but Rhine soon discovers that those luxuries come at the hefty price of her freedom In the end she’ll take the hardship because even if the lies and luxuries are beautiful the truth is what she’ll face in the end and that’s a world where she was born to die at a young ageThis second installment provides some additional insight into DeStefano’s world building In Fever we get a better idea of the leader’s role in this nation how organized law enforcement has morphed into a private security system and finally how the Gatherers own the streets in search of girls they can sell into polygamist relationships However we’re still left wondering how the other continents collapsed into nothingness leaving the US as the only surviving nation So I’m both curious and excited to see what DeStefano will unveil as the world beyond this setting in her concluding installmentIn addition I loved everything about the art cover and title of this book because of how appropriate and well tied to the story it proves to be Nothing is insignificant or frivolous The accessories and props you see on the cover relate to some fact about the story that I continually found myself turning back to the cover to relate it to what I was reading Overall I cannot wait to experience the final installment to The Chemical Garden Trilogy to see how the world survives this dystopic nightmare Harsh yet hauntingly beautifulThank you to Simon Schuster Publishing for allowing me to preview this book Definitely a story that I anticipate will cause both turbulent waves amid resounding praise Well done

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Doc Ù Fever Author Lauren DeStefano ☆ 341 pages ó Hannahredhead î Rhine and Gabriel have escaped the mansion but danger is never far behindRunning away brings Rhine and Gabriel right into a trap in the form of a twisted carnival whose ringmistress keeps watch over a menagerie of girls Just as R Rhine and Gabriel have escaped the mansion but danger is never far behindRunning away brings Rhine and Gabriel right into a trap in the form of a twisted carnival whose ringmistress keeps watch over a menagerie of girls Just as Rhine uncovers what plans await her her fortune turns again With Gabriel at her side Rhine travels You know I think after talking to a couple of people about it reading a couple of reviews I can see better why someone would like these books I am not a girl who cares for The Wings of the Dove so I cannot understand this particular preference but I can observe that people have it I guess that there is something about vague wordiness that is attractive to some readers and you know I can see how that is a thing Maybe it is like black licorice Like it is objectively disgusting but some people like it ; I kid I kid mostly Anyway I would not say that I have a particular problem with Ms DeStefano’s vague wordiness actually but it is my impression that for some this characteristic redeems the absence of character development plot and understandable world building in her books So there’s that I will tell you what I do have a problem with though but I feel like I need to move to a new paragraph at this point so you are going to have to be content with no snappy thesis sentence in this review It’s the DeStefano wayAhh yes Much comfortable Soo anywhoo In one of my Intro to Lit classes in college I had this lovely professor who advised us that whenever we read anything we should ask ourselves who wrote it and what his or her agenda is This is how I read books and because I value direct communication I probably base a lot of my opinion about a book on how clearly I can understand who wrote it and what the agenda is I am not using agenda as an insult I think we all have agendas Maybe “message” is a better word but in books I think they would mean the same thing How does the book present the world? What does it normalize? What does it uestion? Sometimes this is a complex issue than others – for example in the Uglies series while Scott Westerfeld seems to try to say superficiality and self mutilation are bad I think he really does to normalize them Lauren DeStefano’s Chemical Garden series is another difficult one on that front First I guess I’ll talk about figuring out who the author is and then I’ll get to talking about the book and its messages in a minute Ms DeStefano is a twenty seven year old woman whom many have mistaken for a teenager Maybe in some ways that is not a bad thing from a marketing perspective because it makes her relatable to her audience Otherwise infantilization bothers me and it bothers me when women play into it because I think it is usually manipulative but I guess I don’t feel too strongly about it compared to the other things that make my head explode about this series What I actually want to talk about are Ms DeStefano’s choices in dealing with her position as an author in the midst of reviewers so you’ll have to forgive me for the digression or report me to the authorities if you wish I guess I’ll put that digression at the end so you can choose to read it or not It’s kind of loooong and probably nobody cares at this point anyway My main thought is that when authors and Ms DeStefano is certainly not alone in this publicly react to reviews from an instinctive emotional place and make reviews about their feelings or even when they privately contact reviewers in this way it really comes off as a show of strength to reviewers even if the author intends to be benevolent So anyway about this book It makes The Lord of the Rings look like a fast paced action packed breathtaking ride at blinding speed through a roller coaster of plot Meaning nothing happens in this book the entire time Gabriel is still a cardboard cutout of UR boifriend with blu Is Rhine swoons I don’t even know how many times The damn candies view spoiler are the key to the disease just as you expected hide spoiler

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Fever Author Lauren DeStefaThrough an environment as grim as the one she left a year ago surroundings that mirror her own feelings of fear and hopelessnessThe two are determined to get to Manhattan to relative safety with Rhine’s twin brother Rowan But the road there is long and perilous and in a world where young women only live to age twenty and 2012? Seriously? I can't wait that long I want to get my hands on that book NOW This is total agony cries