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Summary Bad Pharma How Drug Companies Mislead Doctors and Harm Patients 107 ↠ We all feel uncomfortable about the role of profit in healthcare we all have a vague notion that the global 600bn pharmaceutical industry is somehow evil and untrustworthy but that sense rarely goes beyond a flaky undifferentiated new ageWe all feel uncomfortable about the role of profit in healthcare we all have a vague notion that the global 600bn pharmaceutical industry is somehow evil and untrustworthy but that sense rarely goes beyond a flaky undifferentiated new age worldview. Stop Press this should be compulsory reading for anyonewith a pulse really I can’t think of a single person who should be excused from the reading rota here This is the MOST appalling horrific mind numbing expose on the current state of medicine I had never hoped to see or know or be a part of EverYou ever go to the doctor You a doctor No Maybe you expect the doctor as the specialist to be able to diagnose and treat you accordingly I know I do I go in with my ailments and I like to come out with prescriptions even better prescriptions that work But what exactly is going on behind the scenes And how do I even begin Your doctor has no accurate knowledge AT ALL of any drugs coming into the market especially any that come on after he’s left medical school You might as well prescribe your own medicines you might even have a better success rate based on probability theoryThe reasons he has no real accurate knowledge are many but here are the best drug companies when applying for a patent or submitting articles to a medical journal have to perform medical trials in order to ascertain the efficacy of the drugs However they are not reuired to submit the results of ALL the trials they undertake Basically a pharma company can submit ANY result it chooses So if 7 out of 10 trials show adverse effects one shows neutral and two show a slight positive effect how these anomalies happen is another matter but by manipulating the type of trial patients you get anomalies in readings the drug company then submits only the two ‘rigged’ positives and hey presto we’re in business What are the regulators doing in all of this Nothing they are on the side of the pharmacological industry More on that later A new product is licensed So how good is it Well no one knows because you see drugs are not tested against best in breed but against placebo or in other words the litmus test is is this drug better than nothing at all So fine it might be better than nothing at all but how does it compare against other drugs on the market for the same condition No one knows It might actually be worse than every other drug on the market but no one not even the doctors know It might not even be better than nothing at all even be killing people literally but no one knows because trial data is withheld legitimately Remember the seven adverse trials that were swept under the carpethas this happened before Sure Goldacre gives several examples Paroxetine prescribed off label for children and antiarithmic drugs amongst others So what exactly does the doctor know Whatever the pharma company reps decide to tell him Its as simple as that How accurate are the reps Well I feel physically sick just thinking about it The chapter is very explicit Not veryWhere are the regulators in all of this Secretive and collusive Various reasons are proffered for this the regulators themselves uote the MMR debacle and how the public can’t be trusted with the information unfortunately this seems to include doctors as well Goldacre speaks of ‘regulation capture’ or the ‘Stockholm’ syndrome as the rest of us may know it Honestly I can go on forever but the bottom line is this I’m just surprised we’re not all dead really I might have to re write this review later I’m jibbering just now but first I may want to join an action group Or something

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Erpriced less effective and have side effects There are five cheap easy things we can do to fix the problem Bad Pharma takes a big dirty secret out into the open and will provide a single focus for concerns people have both inside and outside medici. Okay somehow Goodreads didn't save the last review I tried to write So I'll try again If I only had read this book a day earlier I could have flagged it as the most depressing read of 2012 It made me cry out loud and swear a lot just ask my girlfriend who had to listen to it for the most time Bad Pharma gives a great overview on how medicine is failing patients aka each of us all the time Publication bias missing access to raw data and all the other nuisances which might be familiar to you from other fields of science also apply to medicine The only catch being In medicine this lack of knowledge often facilitated by lacking access to data is killing people virtually every day We don't know how drugs compare to each other serious side effects are not as well known as they should be organisations which approve drugs feel it's their job to protect pharmaceutical companies and MDs get most if not all of their post graduation training delivered from drug companies Are you already feeling depressed Goldacre does a great job of describing all those broken parts even if you're not too familiar with the health system in the UK or the EU And he makes clear It's not that our medicine is controlled by mind bending lizard alien conspiracies but that it's simply an effect of a system full of idiosyncrasies and normal people with all their failures His british humour often saves you from serious depressions and he helpfully gives lots of ideas how the system could be fixed

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Bad Pharma How Drug Companies Mislead Doctors and Harm PatientsBad Pharma puts real flesh on those bones revealing the rigged evidence used by drug companies Bad information means bad treatment decisions which means patients suffer and die there is no climactic moment of villainy but drugs are used which are ov. This Affects You I'm glad I stopped and read the short no less impactful essay The Corporation by Joel Bakan midway through this book it definitely helped in coping with the subject I feel like Ben Goldacre has simply stumbled across a specific problem in a larger mess our world faces today What the reader will have introduced to themselves during the 400 pages of Bad Pharma is a consistently horrifying expose of the corruption and bad practices that have taken place in a deregulated environment fostered by corporations within the pharmaceutical industry over the last few decades Goldacre writes in laymen terms which I appreciated as someone who knows next to nothing about the industry and provides plenty of background information to keep you in 'the know' So there really is NO excuse not to read this especially if you're from the USA and the UK as it directly affects you and your loved ones The bottom line really is the issue that Bakan raises in the above mentioned Corporation; in that there are certain areas of public life the simply SHOULN'T be monetarily driven It's a big problem and anyone with half a brain cell should know how corporations are practically infesting the political public landscape of the USA especially since Trumps Kleptocracy has come to power so it's no surprise what's been seen here in Bad Pharma People are seen as consumers and commodities and therefore are in service to profitMy only criticism is how Goldcare seems to still believe in the system and despite making such a heroic book makes no mention of how certain governments utterly support these companies in getting away with it He even goes as far as to mention at time how he doesn't want to get too political' Perhaps I'm an old nihilist I'm really in my mid twenties I swear but I don't believe corporations who's incentive is profit will change unless they're reigned in by government Despite this he's brought real change with the book and the final section regarding what came after it was released this is a fourth edition copy I read brings some glimmer of hopeMaybe you'll decide for yourself Either way read this