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Nathaniel Hawthorne's THE SCARLET LETTER reaches to our nation's historical and moral roots for the material of great tragedy Set in an early New England colony the novel shows the terrible impa The story not bad The style unreadable Here is who I would recommend this book to people who like sentences with 4 or 5 thoughts and that are paragraph length so that they are nearly impossible to understand because by the time the end of the sentence has been reached the beginning and whatever meaning it contained has been forgotten and the point is lost

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The Scarlet LetterCARLET LETTER Hawthorne became the first American novelist to forge from our Puritan heritage a universal classic a masterful exploration of humanity's unending struggle with sin guilt and pride Maybe 25 stars if I were just rating this on how much I actually enjoyed reading it The 40 page Custom House introduction was pure pain to plow through no lie and there are a lot of slow spots where Hawthorne gets hung up in the details But 5 stars for the richness of Hawthorne's language the intriguing symbolism and the way he delves into the human heart So I'll compromise at 4 starsThe Custom House part which is just a framing device; seriously I'll skip it if I ever read this again tells of a man who finds the fateful scrap of red cloth a scarlet A beautifully embroidered with gold thread along with a 200 year old manuscript telling the story of Hester Prynne This man then retells her story In the mid 1600s Boston is a Puritan settlement so adultery was a huge scandal Hester Prynne is led out of jail in front of a crowd her baby daughter Pearl in her arms and with the scarlet A on her dress standing for Adultress She's put in a scaffold and publicly shamed Her elderly husband has been missing for years so it's clear he's not the father of Pearl But Hester resolutely refuses to name the actual father What she doesn't realize at first is that her long lost husband is in the crowd hiding his identity from everyone Going by the name of Roger Chillingworth shivers he settles in and patiently waits for his chance for revengeBoston officials try to take Pearl away from Hester but a young minister Arthur Dimmesdale pleads her case The popular Dimmesdale has his own problems a mysterious wasting disease and heart trouble Maybe just maybe his problems are mostly psychological? And then the secretly suspicious Chillingworth decides to befriend Dimmesdale The use of a scarlet letter on clothing to publicly brand adulterers is a historic fact but Hawthorne turns it into a potent symbol I loved this take on it from an excellent critical review and analysis in The AtlanticWe may realize its value in the present case by imagining the book with the scarlet letter omitted It is not practically essential to the plot But the scarlet letter uplifts the theme from the material to the spiritual level It is the concentration and type of the whole argument It transmutes the prose into poetry It serves as a formula for the conveyance of ideas otherwise too subtle for words as well as to enhance the gloomy picturesueness of the moral scenery It burns upon its wearer's breast it casts a lurid glow along her pathway it isolates her among mankind and is at the same time the mystic talisman to reveal to her the guilt hidden in other heartsThe entire story each character each event people's appearances even objects is filled with symbolism Light and darkness sin and secrecy suffering and redemption all have a role It can be a little or a lot hard to wade through the old fashioned language and viewpoint of The Scarlet Letter but it really rewards the reader who's willing to look deeper

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Doc ☆ The Scarlet Letter ´ 279 pages Download ↠ Hannahredhead Ù Nathaniel Hawthorne's THE SCARLET LETTER reaches to our nation's historical and moral roots for the material of great tragedy Set in an early New England colony the novel shows the terrible impact a single passionate act has on theCt a single passionate act has on the lives of three members of the community the defiant Hester Prynne; the fiery tortured Reverend Dimmesdale; and the obsessed vengeful ChillingworthWith THE S oh god hawthorne is that perpetually needy manchild of a writer you know the one who peers over your shoulder while youre trying to read and keeps pointing out the parts of his own writing that he finds particularly good andor moving yeah see? do you see? see how i talked about how the rose is red and then i talk about how hesters 'a' is red too? do you see what im trying to do here with the symbolism?and its like that all the way through the book edit 12 september 2008 im tutoring with this for of my students as her AP english teacher is teaching it as part of his curriculum and yes it still sucks as badly as i remember actually even so because now i have to teach it