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PDF ´ Remember Me  Michelle N. Onuorah By memory loss It explores the hardship both the victim faces as well as those around her robbed of the person they know when she is robbed of the memories she had Will Kristen Mark and their three children be able to rise to the challenge?Please note there is occasional cursing and various references to sexuality and spirituality within this work of fiction Reader discretion is advise POSSIBLE SPOILERSRemember Me ah what a beautiful cover photo of interracial love Remember Me is a wonderfully written story of love loss patience strength endurance trust hope and belief It’s a well paced book that stays true to the subject matter and Christian family values to the end The passages and Bible references I feel are appropriately placed throughout the read and does not take away from the story but enhances the characters identity As in many religious themed books the intimacy between the couple especially interracial couples does not translate in the writing Here I have to say author Michelle N Onuorah did a fantastic job of showcasing the heartfelt intimacy between the interracial couple And so everyone understands when I say intimacy I am not talking about sex I am referring to the connection and rapport the couple has between one another; the attachment and familiarly one feels for another when you know you’re with the right person Remember Me is an inspirational Christian tale that left me in love not only the MCs Kristen and Mark Tyverson but the Tyverson children as well Kristen Tyverson is a career driven woman and has made great strides in her professional career Just in her thirties she has the coveted position of being the first and only African American World News anchor for ABC and is recognized as a celebrity in the community On the personal side she has a wonderful husband and three children who love and adore her Keeping both her career and personal life balanced is her Christian faith During a reporting assignment in Afghanistan the vehicle Kristen was riding in exploded No survivors were named Months later it was discovered she was not only alive but had amnesia which claimed 11 years of her memories An uphill battle of feelings of not belonging and fitting in prove difficult for Kristen and her family upon her return A reoccurring emotion for Kristen is the constant idea of who she thought she was compared to the woman she feels everyone else sees her as Other emotional issues Kristen was working on prior to the accident have since resurfaced making recovery even difficult Mark Tyverson lovingly steps up as a single parent to their three children His silent strength is displayed as he leads his family into everyday chores cooking school work and bedtime rituals while his wife wrestles to figure out her place in her home Mark also shields the children from the harsh reality that Kristen feels no motherly connection to their three children after her return Mark expertly keeps his fragile family together with patience love and faith He is determined to keep his family together and to show Kristen although she does not remember their union they are meant to be together What I love about this story is that it feels realistic I can see any family who has a love one that travels for work in a situation like this There are many great and passionate moments in this book I was teary eyed when Kristen returned home not to recognize her children and the devastated looks on the children faces”Where is my family? Who are these people?”The abovementioned declaration hurt one childview spoilerCaleb hide spoiler

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PDF ↠ BOOK Remember Me FREE ✓ MICHELLE N. ONUORAH é Kristen Tyverson lives the ideal life Happily married with three children she has worked her way to becoming one of the most successful reporters in the country While reporting on conditions in Afghanistan she is severely injured during a bombing For months she i Kristen Tyverson lives the ideal life Happily married with three children she has worked her way to becoming one of the most successful reporters in the country While reporting on conditions in Afghanistan she is severely injured during a bombing For months she is presumed dead and her family mourns her passing unaware that she has survived When she is found alive it is revealed that s At times I despair at the lack of romance and true love in the IR genre Too often the sex in a story dominates and completely buries a potentially interesting story beneath the heaving bosoms bulging muscles and sweaty bodies of lovers caught under the spell of instant attraction Don't get me wrong sex in a book is a good thing But I read romance books to get caught up in a story of love that's sometimes lost sometimes found but that ultimately endures That said I want to express how pleased I was as I read Remember Me by Michelle N Onuorah This folks was a story about love The love a family that lost one of its own only to find her again Unfortunately the woman that comes home is not as she once wasThe Tyverson's are a loving family with a strong foundation of faith Kristen has an award winning career as a journalist and often travels to dangerous locations as a part of reporting the news Mark is a self employed man who supports his wife's career Between the two of them they are raising three children two girls and one son On Kristen's latest assignment a terrorist attack has the world assuming her death When she is discovered alive some weeks after her assumed death she returns home to her family Unfortunately there's a problem Kristen believes that her only family is her mother and she doesn't remember the family that she left behind She only remembers her life as it was earlier before meeting Mark or becoming a journalistic success The story examines the impact that amnesia has on Kristen and the family as a whole It also takes the reader along for their journey toward reestablishing and rediscovering the love that memory has lostThere are so many reasons why I enjoyed this book The struggle the Tyverson's go through to become a family again was very well described Each character was well drawn and easily identifiable I felt for Kristen Imagine waking up certain that you are a young woman at the very start of your career only to discover that you have children a husband and that you've lost a beloved parent years before I felt for her children Their mother promised to come home and although she eventually physically returned it wasn't as the same person who left Most of all I felt for Mark What a beautifully written man I fell in love with this character Yes he has flaws he's human after all but his devotion and love for his wife will touch your heart deeply He's just a man who loves his wife and his children yet he's faced with the real possibility that his wife as he knew her would never come back His emotions heck all of the emotions in this book are so elouently written that you can't help but become invested Remember Me is a wonderful book that will tug on your heart It's not not wildly sexual or filled with over the top angst or manufactured drama It is about love It is about faith It is about the power of both love and faith I suggest this book to readers who want something than overheated lust from their romance Keep writing Ms Onuorah I can't wait to see what you release nextI was given a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest reviewRead of my reviews at Romance Between the Covers

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Remember MeHe has no recollection of the past 10 years of her life Her husband her children her career all a mystery to her Grateful to have his wife back and determined to hold their family together Mark Tyverson makes it his mission to win his wife’s heart again regardless of whether she remembers him or not Remember Me is a story that traces the hard work of piecing back a life torn apart I try as much as possible to stay away from 'memory loss' books I liked this one though It was well done and the dialogues and interactions between Kristen and her family after the reunion were believable The fade to black scenes took away from the chemistry between Mark and KristenAlso Jack was hitting on her right? I wish that was explored further Let's really make a drama