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eBook í Claudius the God and His Wife Messalina Paperback ½ Robert Graves ½ Ben Claudius'ta Caligula'nın öldürülmesinin ardından çıkan kargaşada Claudius'u iradesi dışında imparator ilan edilmiş ne yapacağını bilemez bir durumda bırakmıştık Graves Tanrı Claudius'ta hikâyeye kZ eşlikçileri olan komplo ve ihanetleri atlatsa da kaçınılmaz sona doğru giderek ilerleyişini Graves yer yer mizahi bir anlatımla ete kemiğe büründürdüğü Claudius'un kişisel öyküsü aracılığıyla Roma'nın skandallarla ve şiddetle dolu bir dönemini bütün canlılığı ihtişamı ve çöküşüyle gözlerimizin önüne seriy As much as I enjoyed I Claudius this is like The Godfather Part II to the earlier book's Godfather In other words a much ambitious work with a broader canvas and spectacular success Perhaps the best example is the treatment of Claudius's friend Herod Agrippa who is scarcely mentioned in the first novel but who is essentially the co lead for the first two thirds or so of this book This Herod was the grandson of Herod the Great notorious for the Slaughter of the Innocents in Matthew 2 and cousin of Herod Antipas who demands a miracle of Jesus in Luke 23Through Herod Graves tells much of the story of the Jews under Roman domination and in a book published in 1935 the account bears irresistible parallels to the subjugation of a later population of Jews one description of a pogrom in Alexandria in particular seems a stunningly prescient forecast of KristallnachtSpeaking of prescience consider Claudius's rationale for invading Britain I had other reasons for making war too The one element in Northern France that was checking the orderly progress of civilization there was the Druidical cult a magical religion which was still kept alive in spite of all we could do to discourage or suppress it by Druidical training colleges in Britain from where it had originally been imported The Druids therefore though they were not warriors themselves but only priests were always fomenting rebellion against us Change the geography and for training colleges read madrasas and for priests imams and you have much of the US rationale for invading first Afghanistan and then Ira

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Ben Claudius'ta Caligula'nın öldürülmesinin ardından çıkan kargaşada Claudius'u iradesi dışında imparator ilan edilmiş ne yapacağını bilemez bir durumda bırakmıştık Graves Tanrı Claudius'ta hikâyeye kaldığı yerden ve yine Claudius tarafından yazılmış gibi devam ediyor O güne dek hayatta kalmasını zararsız bir geri ze I've given the seuel to I Claudius five stars as well and had a good time reading both of these brilliant novels by one of the greatest authors I've ever read Robert Graves His brilliance was apparent on each page that I eagerly kept turning How in the world did he manage to make the Rome of Augustus so spellbinding I don't know but his sense of time and place had me experiencing the whole story as if I were there in person observing everything as it happenedThis is the sort of Historical Fiction that I yearn for but is so difficult to find Meet Claudius the grandson of the murderous psychopath Livia one of the most evil historical characters I've yet to meet Livia is the second wife of Caesar Augustus who isn't even aware that Livia is the one running the show in ancient Rome Livia doesn't miss a beat when it comes to power Even Cercei in the Game of Thrones series isn't this evil although she runs a close second I admitClaudius doesn't realize when younger that he's so very lucky to have suffered injuries during his premature birth that make him lame a stutterer and prone to drooling whilst his head shakes continuously His own mother Antonia was embarrassed by him and wanted nothing to do with her youngest sonSPOILERS AHEAD But Claudius is indeed lucky to be afflicted in such a manner and he soon learns to take advantage of his afflictions in order to stay alive whilst Grandma Livia is busy killing everybody that stands in the way of her son by her first husband Tiberius from inheriting the throne from his stepfather Augustus It's hard work for Livia when it comes to killing Augustus's only child Julia and all her children but what's a mother to do when they stand in the way of her son TiberiusClaudius is the original Columbo if you remember this great detective series popular during the 70's and 80's Columbo plays dumb to the arrogant killers that he seeks to bring to justice while said killers consider him too worthless to fear Then they get sloppy and Columbo in his wrinkled raincoat is ready to pounceAs we say in the south Columbo and Claudius were playing possumClaudius is rejected and unloved but soon finds kindred spirits as he hangs out at the Roman library indulging his love of history He even writes a couple of history books in his spare time although everyone still considers him an idiot He does manage to make a few loyal friends in his lifetimeTiberius is Claudius's uncle the only brother of Claudius's heroic father who had found military glory Cruel Livia decided to kill her son Germanicus when he wouldn't do what his mama wanted anyOnce he's gone Livia sets to work killing off Claudius's older brother and any other capable male child in the family that stands in her way Claudius just keeps drooling and shaking his head in order to stay alive There was a family tree of the Julian family at the front of the book which was a big help keeping all the characters straight since a lot of them had the same nameI looked at the family tree again after finishing the book and realized that Claudius and his evil niece are the last 2 standing everyone else had been murderedThis was The Wars of the Roses on steroids Claudius continues to act stupid and somehow manages to survive when his Uncle Tiberius takes the throne as Rome's new Caesar Tiberius wisely lets Livia rule Rome while he enjoys life to the fullest and constantly seeks new and disgusting ways to find pleasure After 10 years Tiberius dies and his nephew Caligula the son of Claudius's older brother Germanicus is proclaimed Caesar Caligula doesn't seem to be an evil person at first but uses his charm to gain friends and supporters He even managed to charm and survive his great grandma's killing spree Somewhere along the way Caligula goes absolutely nuts and starts killing everybody left and right due to his cowardly paranoid fear that someone is out to get himAfter a few years everybody is indeed out to get him as he murders the rich Roman citizens that have been coerced into re making their wills proclaiming Caligula their new heir This way they can at least save their family from him better poor than dead I supposeIn order to survive Claudius gives his nightmare nephew all of his money before being asked The newly indigent Claudius has to live at the palace with his psycho nephew and wisely embraces his role as the butt of Caligula's jokes After subjecting his household guards to extremely cruel treatment they depose and murder Caligula while looking kindly upon the cowering Claudius when he is discovered hiding in the palace They then decide to make him their new Caesar with Claudius offering generous gifts of gold to keep them happy Just shows that it pays to be nice to people all people It wasn't a minute too soon either as Claudius discovers Caligula's papers showing that Claudius was the next to be murdered Makes me wonder if the real Claudius was aware of his dire situation and was behind the household guards revoltClaudius has carefully avoided making enemies during his chaotic life and soon brings peace and financial solvency to his realm as it slowly recovers from the demon possessed Caligula's reign of madness The rest of the book details Claudius's private life marriages and his political ability as Caesar Claudius's ability to survive such perilous times made for fascinating reading A true survival story with an unlikely hero I've never been that interested in Roman times but this book is a must read for anyone interested in learning the basics of Roman history

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Claudius the God and His Wife MessalinaKâlı sanılmasına borçlu olan Claudius şaşırtıcı ölçüde başarılı iktidar dönemini; ordunun ve halkın sadakatini kazanarak selefi Caligula'nın yol açtığı hasarı nasıl onardığını çocukluk arkadaşı Yahudi Kralı Herodes Agrippa ile ilişkilerini ve Britanya'yı istila edişini anlatıyor Ve mutlak iktidarın olmazsa olma I loved the chance to hear the actor Derek Jacobi from the TV production of “I Claudius” do the reading of this seuel Unfortunately I didn’t realize the audiobook was an abridged edition of the book until the end That accounts for the disappointing compression in the narratives Still it was a pleasure to experience highlights in the reign of this survivor of all the murders associated with the succession of his uncle Calligula He succeed by pretending to be an idiot This presented a problem establishing credibility and respect after he assumes leadership of the Roman Empire at its peakEarly in his tenure we see him coming to terms with having to fight back hard against his enemies It was hard to take his choices to execute some of these adversaries especially when we learn how gullible Claudius is to manipulation The conuering of a big chunk of tribal England was a fun part of the tale He gets a chance to prove himself as commander in chief by applying his book learning on warfare He calls for a trick of a simulated giant heron to spook sentries in their sneak attack For shock and awe he pushes his generals to do the hard work of transporting elephants to the battle Their ability to trample through otherwise impenetrable brush allows them to flank their enemies and freak them out The book is an emulation of a history so it misses out on some of the engagement of a realistic narrative flow replete with lively dialog Because of foreshadowing the events of his reign selected for focus have framing like a Greek tragedy As a child tutored by a Greek philosopher he bonded with a boy Herrod Agrippa who always admonished him to trust no one That message comes back to haunt him where it comes to his wife Messalina who betrayed him in ways he could never recover from The irony of Herrod himself betraying him by seeking to carve out Egypt and the Far East from his empire was easier to accept All in all this was a satisfying saga of the rare case of lovable and largely just supreme ruler and a meticulous and believable rendering of life at the top in the Roman Empire I can’t speak of the value of all the parts missed in this abridged edition but it was not as pleasurable as “I Claudius”