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Just a glitch and that Silas should ignore Perish Sky wouldn’t lie to him rightAnd miles away from the greywastes Reaver has found himself inside of a mysterious tower surrounded by an abandoned city The owner of this skyscraper is an old man named Bastian who claims to be the person who’d created born immortals Naturally Reaver doesn’t care but Bastian has a secret that will have Reaver and Killian stopping at nothing to return to Skyfall – along with two nightcrawlers just as desperate to find the city The thing about multi volume books is that to a certain extent it's hard to review them individually Essentially you're reviewing part of the story You can't talk about the themes or the story as a whole when you've only got part of the book to work with Volume two picks up exactly where volume one finished Elish Jade and Reno are trapped in Candyland; Reaver and Killian find themselves in an unfamiliar place at the mercy of unfamiliar people; Silas and Sky's honeymoon period is coming to an end; and Skyfall is battling a new proxy worm crisisWhat I can say is this the stakes have never been higher As the book progresses and the various players manoeuvre their pieces as they battle for control the tension ramps up to the point where it exceeds even the climax of The Suicide KingAnother thing the character development in this series has always been great but this book so far has given us so much to enjoy than ever before The characters in this series have never been static and just when you feel like a character's already been past the breaking point uil pulls the rug from under your feet and shows you that it can always get worse and the dynamics between the characters can always been interesting

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A God Among Insects Volume 2 Fallocaust #7There is no denying it now something is happening to Elish Jade doesn’t know what is going on with his husband he only knows Elish is hiding something from him – and that the new king’s mind is slippingToo bad there’s nothing Jade can do about it considering they’re both prisoners of an insane clone named Malachy Not only prisoners but the two of them along with Reno Caligula and Ceph are now forced to play the insane man’s game It is a game that could leave the mortals dead and the immortals trapped This book is mind fuckery to the nth degree I am emotionally drained It probably doesn’t help the fact I finished the book in 5 days for future reference take 10 days at least Mr Carter has the amazing ability to pull at the heartstrings he pulled me into a world unlike any other Ok so onto the reviewThis book is huge which I love so I will just focus on the MC Reaver I love Reaver he is one of the strongest characters not only physically but emotionally His “I don’t care” “fuck you” attitude is uniue to him the inner monologue made me laugh out loud even in serious situation Eg when Ellis was snuffed he made a Lion King referenceThe last thing I expected was for Reaver to drift away from Killian and develop feelings for Silas of all people Lets seeSilas loves Reno Reaver Elish and Sky Elish loves Jade but may like Killian because he used to love Silasand Nero just loves everyone ; I don’t know how I feel about Leo and Greyson being immortal allegedly they were killed in book 1 It was a pivotal moment which shaped a lot of things I have a theory it could be wrongit’s that Mad Malachi’s fathers are Greyson and Leo maybeKillian What have you done to Killian Too far I say I am referring to the scene which shall not be mentioned ever again Killian was the only pure one left now we have no one it’s sad Reno you say No he is a rapist that’s one thing I’ve never understood it does not fit with his character and background you’ve been raped so you rapeI digress; Killian has gone through one of the biggest transformation I like it mostly but WHAT ABOUT REVEAR I hate what’s happening fix it uil fix it fast Reno Reno is an idiot I liked him in the beginning but now I just want someone to put him out of his miseryI think it was halfway through GAI 1 when I began uestioning him Silas kills your best friend friend fucks up everything and somehow you fall in love with the biggest enemy I was with Reaver on this one it was a complete betrayalReno is the most likely character to get kidnapped This must be the fifth time I’ve lost count he has replaced Killians role of ‘damsel in distress’ Let’s not forget the part where he saves Mad Malachy from getting killed in my head I was thinking shoot Reno nowWas Reno dissolved in acidWas Reno emotionally tortured for a year Held captiveKilled in cruel and unusual ways No You need justice this is the Fallocaust after all Everything can’t be swept away by saying “he had a fucked up childhood” this excuse has been used waaaaayyyyy to many times for my likingElish Jade I don’t like Jade ever since reading Breaking Jade The reason is simple Jade is a doormat he is like an animal that has been abused by his master but remains obedient Elish and Jade’s relationship is toxic I’m referring to the wedding scene in VOL 1 Elish treats him better when they are not together when he thinks he died or is missing resurrecting The idea of using intelligent proxy worms was always going to backfire hahaha but I’m interested to see where this goes The enemiesBastian and his crew came out of nowhere as if Sky fall doesn’t have enough problems right now I don’t understand Sky or rather Diet Sky lol his actions are contradictoryI’m intrigued Last but not least in the end when Reaver is going after Gage he has a looooonnnng conversation with Silas Gabriel Sterling Sanguine Jack etc Gage has enough time to get on a plane and be halfway to the plague lands by nowSide note There is very little female representation why is there no female born immortal night crawler lycan The only notable character is Ellis and she got snuffed A uote from Sky “They’re so predisposed to insanity it’s uite insane” I couldn’t have summed it up better

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PDF ´ BOOK A God Among Insects Volume 2 Fallocaust #7 FREE É HANNAHREDHEAD ¿ There is no denying it now something is happening to Elish Jade doesn’t know what is going on with his husband he only knows Elish is hiding something from him – and that the new king’s mind is slippingToo bad thereFor god knows how longWhich would be just fine with Jack Kessler and Nero who have their own plans back in SkyfallMeanwhile unaware of the chaos his family is in King Silas is still running around the greywastes and the plaguelands with Sky He is loving spending time with the man he’d obsessed over for so long but the OLS isn’t perfect – far from it actually Sky is showing weird behaviour and every once in a while none other than Perish appears warning Silas that Sky is up to somethingBut Sky says it’s Rapid changes of Characters Lets first start with Reaver he has no loyalties to Killian like at all At first it may seem that way but as soon as Killian does something he don't like he's ready to cut him out But when Silas comes into play a man that hurt them both he's ready to forgive him Not only forgive him but take his side and protect him against people he had said were his family and friends Also the whole situation with Elish Reaver didn't even think twice before abandoning someone we were meant to believe he was close with before taking the side of a man that did all the fuck shit Silas did to him It was not only out of character but it seemed like the story was building towards this epic showdown where Killian and Revear would face off against Silas Not only did that not happen but Reaver had once again abandoned Killian a very tired troupe and instantly stuck to Silas as if replacing Killian with the mad KingConsidering the fact that Killian would do anything for Reaver its just getting stagnantNext onto Reno it seems like when we get Renos POV its so vastly different from how the world reacts with him in it that Its actually off kilter The characters don't act the same or their entire character changes when interacting with other characters Its not consistent at allNext is Kessler I just want him to die already Its stupid that he's still alive considering all he's done to mess up the family and yet time and time again Elish is blamed Elish deserves a lot but seeing as Kessler fessed up to his scheming ways and went without punishment from either Silas or Revear was just a disbelievingly hard pill to swallow Like for real Hardly any action against him after all he's doneNext is Elish There's a lot wrong with his character but I'm hoping the next book will explain his vastly different character and the than sudden change Like why he hid things from Jade and even explainations To me it seemed like Jade and Elish were punished for the smallest stupidest things something I had noticed to be a reoccurring theme with these books For instance Jack Kessler and whoever else was at fault for doing those things to break Elish after he supposedly already had his punishment Then when Elish broke they then acted as if he had been doing the most when he was in fact not and it was their damn fault everything went to shit but no one else is commenting on thatLast but not least is Silas I just fucking hate him He's stale stagnant He hardly has anything worth commenting on and every time it seems like he's getting some character growth Its just back to the same old shitIn essence Reaver who's supposedly loyal AF is actually the least loyal of all Reno seems to be fucking delusional Elish is a nutcase and Kessler needs to die like over a book ago For good I swear the only one I'm begining to like is Killian he's shown some growth that unfortunately always gets suashed by Reavers tiny dick complexAnd it sucks since I liked this series it was a fresh idea that sucked me in Unfortunately it seems like its starting to grow repetitive and than a little stale with only slight variations to make it appear excitingHopefully the next book won't just be the same where the family is stupidly divided and Reaver tries to make Killian fit into a mold that would never hold the growing man Killian is becoming Also it would be great to see Reaver actually act like he gave a damn about Killian instead of acting like a spoiled little brat all the time sulking because he couldn't have his way Its old I want to see Killian and Reaver back together kicking ass the family with Elish and Jade and Luca actually working together without the meaningless shitstorm It would be nice though I doubt it'll happenGuess we'll see in the next installment but honestly this fell than a little flat which sucks since this author is normally fucking unreal and I enjoyed his other works uite wellWell here's to hoping right