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Summary ✓ The Walk A Moment In Time When Two Lives Intersect ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ä It is impossible to estimate the value of the moment when two lives intersect for the first time Michael Card reflectsWhen Card went to Western Kentucky University he majored in wildlife maVer changed his outlook on life The book is both a journal and a study of the real meaning of discipleship Card says Bill's walk was a parable of his life Through him or because of him it would become the parable of my life as well. The life journey between two men one seemingly mentoring the other spiritually through stages in life when in fact they are mentoring each other The lessons learned are worth the read they overcome important mysteries of life while leaning further and further in to Jesus together

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It is impossible to estimate the value of the moment when two lives intersect for the first time Michael Card reflectsWhen Card went to Western Kentucky University he majored in wildlife management because he wanted a job that didn. I struggle with reviewing Michael Card's The Walk It performs two tasks at once it both recounts his relationship with his mentor New Testament professor Bill Lane and also describes the essence of the mentoring discipleship relationship It is filled with beautiful insights and powerful moments However it doesn't exactly hang together as these two tasks never uite integrate with each other and at times it very much seems to have needed an editor to clean up some infelicities Of the two tasks I think that the book is most successful in relating the history of the two men's relationship and I think that Card could have written much about this I wonder if he said less because it was too private or because he wrongly didn't think it would be appreciated The attempt to describe the essence of discipleship however did not come together the same way Combining the two parts together successfully would I think have been possible but would have reuired an enormous investment of time and art to produce a product in which the idea and the narrative were fully contained in the form The main idea is that discipleship has three elements based on the relationship of Jesus with the twelve disciples the call to be with Jesus; the commissioning of the disciples to go out into the world; and the return of the disciples to Jesus to report and rest This schematic however is not probed deeply enough to really bring out the conceptual theological content The need for this conceptual material appears when the reader attempts to draw connections between the books model of a discipleship relationship Jesus' relationship with his disciples and the earthly thing this is a model for mentoring discipleship relationships like Card's relationship with Lane Jesus calls the disciples to follow me but the book emphasizes that Lane always waited for someone else to approach him to establish a mentoring relationship Why is this different The book doesn't say; Lane said of mentoring that Time is of the Lord so perhaps he meant that in both cases it is Jesus who calls; then calling belongs to Jesus only and not to mentors especially That might well be right but the book doesn't explain this The same applies throughout and this is why I think that the attempt to lay the narrative and the conceptual content side by side doesn't uite come off The conceptual aspect needs to be strongly developed so that we can see how the two relationships Jesusdisciple and mentorstudent hang together and inform each other In particular it would be bad if a mentor in a mentoring relationship attempted to act too much like Jesus because Jesus has a perfection and authority that any earthly mentor cannot possess Perhaps the resolution is that an earthly mentoring relationship has to be understood as a relationship between two disciples of Jesus where one has been following him longer than the other and can help the other with the walk However the book does succeed in uniting concept with reality in one important way The whole book is an attempt to illustrate and manifest the specific idea that when God wants to give us a gift he wraps it in a person This important idea which is eually profound as a statement of the incarnation as in a statement regarding friends mentors and students the whole book is a testament to a beautifully poignant presentation of how God blessed Card by giving him Lane as his mentor It is therefore also an extremely powerful statement of why every disciple of Jesus needs relationships with others In that ongoing relationship the power of each man to bless the other continually grew and deepened Communicating this idea is the book's most lasting contribution to the reader

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The Walk A Moment In Time When Two Lives Intersect't involve people Little did he know that he would meet a man who would compel him by the example of his life back into the world of people for Jesus' sakeThe Walk is Michael Card's story of his relationship with Bill Lane who fore. The story of Michael and Bill is a challenging illustration of 1 Thessalonians 28 Because we loved you so much we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well We see what Christian discipleship can look like when it's stripped of the modern need of efficiency We all know life isn't meant to be lived alone but are we willing to obey Jesus' command to go and make disciples in partnership with others who are just as flawed as we are By the way this book is immeasurably better than Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom