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OtherRiley BlackpooleWith each day that passe. Free on Ao3 this series is smoking hot but moves from straight up porn without plot into uite a complex relationship

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Every Day A Little Deeper Boston Verse #10S Riley finds himself falling harder for Andr. 45 stars

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Read & Download Every Day A Little Deeper Boston Verse #10 108 ☆ RelationshipsAndres CardonaRiley Blackpoole; OtherRiley BlackpooleWith each day that passes Riley finds himself falling harder for AndresRelationshipsAndres CardonaRiley Blackpoole;. Alright That's it Time to pull out the big gunsI fear I will actually die if CK doesn't give me some freakin' MANTIES What do I have to doThis installment has so much sweet delicious feminization I thought fer sure my dreams would come true and Riley would send Andres to his knees with some pink lacey goodness Or turuoise his favorite color WHATEVER I'M NOT PICKYJust Just It was still very satisfying MANTIES notwithstandingRiley is beginning to realize he has some feels for Andres and he doesn't uite know what to do with that realization I was hopeful that they would have if not the talk then a talk but CK and her uncanny ability to present her characters realistically had them dancing around each other with some passive aggression thrown in for good measure and a whole lotta fucking like rabbitsIt was hard for me to work up the fussy when faced with the pornicopia on offer in this episodeIn the dorm With his roommates within earshot Riley’s calves were hooked over Andres’ massive tattooed arms his hands clutching Andres’ rock hard shoulders He was splayed open helpless and the thought of being seen this way had him shivering and sucking harder on his gag In the shower He let out gasping moans as Andres yanked his ass back and forth on his cock like a fleshlight an aggressive demeaning pace that made Riley dizzy with submission His own neglected cock bounced between his legs slapping against his wet abdomen In Andres' apartment On game day With all his friends watching the Celtics in the living room “Fucking cockslut” Andres said He slowed his thrusts but drove in deeper on each stroke “Did you come all the way out here just to get on your knees for me” My face melted I'm pretty sure by the time this series is all said and done I could give Deadpool a run for his money in the avocado departmentI'll risk it Because fuckhot