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FREE READ ✓ HANNAHREDHEAD.CO.UK ò Nikolai Grozni ?ня Константин тържествува над режима чрез своите малки бунтове като пушене пиене подигравки с властта и противопоставяне на учителите си при всяка възможност Въпреки всичко той се упражнява в свиренето с истинска отдаденост вдъхновен от произведенията на Шопен Дебюси и Бах Вундеркинд е хипнотична и затрогваща книга със съзерцателния портрет на юношеската обърканост която ни дава изящен и трагикомичен поглед за случващото се зад Желязната завеса в самия край на Студената война Животоспасяваща се оказва благодатта на добрата музик. The author uses a perfectly balanced combination of memories colors and sounds to make you feel truly connected to every moment the characters experience As the story goes on there are unending tragedies that feed into the memories that are inspired by some of the best works of classical composers such as Chopin and Rachmaninov The unspoken power of the passion these children hide in their bones hidden away from even themselves and only brought to light when their spirits have nothing left to offer This story goes to show that talent is truly about dedication and hard work alongside valuable sacrifices Behind the face of war hatred and abuse is where these simple minded children find it easiest to invest in a future they have no hope of reaching Blind trust stems from the most hidden part of their mind and sprouts through their fingertips

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REVIEW ç Wunderkind ¸ Рядко се намира роман който да е толкова музикален Николай Грозни пренася своя читател в един водовъртеж от звуци Всяка отделна глава подобно на действие от една симфония носи името на п Рядко се намира роман който да е толкова музикален Николай Грозни пренася своя читател в един водовъртеж от звуци Всяка отделна глава подобно на действие от една симфония носи името на пиано шедьовър от романтизма В това необятно стихотворение в проза с брилянтни описания пиесите на Шопен придобиват особена монументалност И тъй като тук истинският смисъл на живота е да свириш прелюдиите на Шопен за себе си страниците са наводнени от лиричност която служи като антидот срещу идиотския и жесток свят Със своя антураж от персонажи карика?. I lent this book to Petr SThe best thing to do would be to listen to the music of each chapter while you're reading it I knew the feeling of becoming suddenly self aware while playing in front of a large audience; the panic that seizes your mind and body when you realize that you've been playing a Chopin ballad for what seems like ages and you've yet to go through the coda To forget oneself again once you've woken up in the middle that's the hardest thing to do onstage and perhaps in lifeonly some of the music I've listened toLiszt's Les Jeux d'eau a la Villa d'EsteRachmaninov's VocaliseChopin's HeroiueAnd I'd like to listen to every piece that each chapter is titled and to every piece mentioned in this book Are you mocking me To mock a colonel awarded twice for exceptional bravery and once for other things is like mocking a lame duck A lame duck isn't what one thinks it is Moreover I'm not a lame duck This is a plain observation Is that clear number elevenNumber fourteen sir Each small victory over mediocrity counts What to do with a talent a singular gift in a society that suppresses individualitySofia Bulgaria My playing now carried the smell of the old apartment buildings on Serdika Street of damp basements of deformed Bakelite light switches in the staircases of moldy wooden racks of mailboxes of bitter dust blowing through the cracks of the unwashed windows of freshly hung laundry in the courtyards And then there was the light the claustrophobic November light trapped between buildings the profound almost tangible bodies of gray that the clouds produced as they moved over the cobblestones and crept up balconies and roof tiles the muddied orange sun reflected in the windows of the Soviet cars parked halfway over the sidewalks and then later the neon red night sky that flooded the street the buildings and the minds of the living with the thick substance of ErebusAside from being about an angry rebellious piano prodigy in a communist music school it's kind of a love hate letter to Sofia Bulgaria The descriptions are sensual; you smell the city you see its light and colors in all the seasons you hear its sounds not only the music As for the music you than just hear it too; you smell it and see its light and colors This is an amazing probably autobiographical novel that I as a non musician got a lot from and I can only imagine a musician might love

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Wunderkind?ури на безумието извращението и лъжите циркът на живота действа като една непоколебима сатирична машина чиято цел е да осмива обществения строй Петнайсетгодишният Константин е бунтарски настроен много талантлив пианист с необикновена чувствителност в безперспективната и контролирана среда на София през 80 те години Опитва се да се справи с възрастното поколение в общество в което за изразяването на откровеността често се заплаща висока цена Прикован от милитаризма на музикалното училище за даровити деца през по голямата част от д?. The Holden Caulfield of post 1980s Sofia Bulgaria is a gifted pianist rebelling against a system that both supports and suffocates him The strong memoir aspect of the writing makes the story intense but it is the writing about piano music that makes it the best I've ever read It may be difficult to write about music but he does it in such a way that I instantly identified with his descriptions I have a modest piano background Art vs Life; Art may be greater but it is still subject to the laws of physics and politics