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A Fable author William FaulknE for Faulkner Recently it has come to be recognized as one of his major works and an essential part of the Faulkner oeuvr This book was terrible and I have no idea why it won the Pulitzer short of that it was written by Willy Faulkner I did not know how you could take the adventure romance and tragedy all out of war in a single novel until I read this but Faulkner manages to do all of it It was painstaking to finish this one but I was hoping that there would be that Faulkner pay off where you just love the end of the book where he brings everything together in a way that blows your mind but this did not happen in the novel Save yourself the trouble stick to Faulkner's gems and leave this one way on the back of the library shelf for Faulkner academics

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Trenches in France and dealing ostensibly with a mutiny in a French regiment it was originally considered a sharp departur What can I say? It's Faulkner Even when he's not at his best which I think applies to 'A Fable' he's still a magnificent writer and a literary genius I started this one a long time ago and then got sidetracked by other things at about one third of the way in Because of the time lapse since when I put it down and because it's Faulkner I just started all over again And it's a hard slog in the beginning The farther along you muddle through though the clearer everything gets That's the beauty of Faulkner you might not think you are absorbing what he is writing but trust the process it's in the brain and its meaning will reveal itself as you go along I could clearly see the religious parallels creatively imbued in this story of the unknown soldier who in this case paused the Great War WWI Don't want to comment much on that aspect of the story as it's well trodden ground I'll just say that this novel constitutes an indictment on the horror of war the dangers of nationalism and militaristic patriotism and the inevitable nature of humanity's embrace of violent conflict to resolve disputes I'm still absorbing a lot of the meandering that Faulkner did in the beginning sections of the novel and I think to be honest that some of that meandering was as much a bit of Faulkner being careless and resting on his reputation for this kind of writing as it was some profound plumbing of the psychological and philosophical depths Some of the meandering was I think not as intentionally meaningful as one might impute to it In fact I do think some of it is just intellectual psychobabble But also probably not as much as some who tire of Faulkner's style might also think I love Faulkner and I think all of his novels should have won Pulitzers This one is deserving though I know that others of his novels that didn't win are better and deserving There are very few writers in the same league as Faulkner And I am kinda glad that I have now this moment completed my goal of reading every single Pulitzer fiction winner with a Faulkner novel

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read kindle ✓ A Fable author William Faulkner Paperback Ü william faulkner ↠ This novel won both the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award in 1955 An allegorical story of World War I set in the trenches in France and dealing ostensibly with a mutiny in a French regiment it was originalThis novel won both the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award in 1955 An allegorical story of World War I set in the William Faulkner virgins about to break the seal with a copy of A Fable should be forced to reconsider — at gunpoint if necessary Yes A Fable is a cantankerous beast a Pulitzer Prize winner often reviled as impenetrable and as Faulkner at his most difficult Reading it for the first time my 11th Faulkner novel I find it both a little hard to figure out how it won the award and hard to understand why readers don't seem to see its merits Faulkner's worst most frustrating habits are on display in this tale of World War I whose plot often mirrors the Passion of Christ The worst offenders are two lengthy backstory scenes that shed light on the later main story that takes place during a week at and near the front In these scenes there appear with gusto Faulkner's tendency to be willfully cryptic and hard on his readers and his jones for compound page long or sentences that crawl sideways like crabs and confound the brain And yet the story is a good one and there's than enough of Faulkner's brilliant wordplay to justify a solid recommendation for the hardy In A Fable in the fourth year of a grinding World War I a French regiment ordered to attack refuses to do so Likewise the Germans opposing them have called a halt to the violence A mysterious corporal and his 12 followers it turns out are the instigators of this outrageous peace The story chronicles the elaborate efforts of the French British and American powers that be to investigate and cover up this absurdity and to punish those responsible for daring to stop a war The division commander wants all 3000 soldiers in his regiment executed The overall commanding general has his own remedy for the corporal who turns out to have very close ties to the generalThe two aforementioned scenes from the past do help the story a bit but the cost might be some people's sanity Still Faulkner is in top form during the final uarter of this his second longest novel bringing home the tale with panache and a minimum of wordy foolishness The conclusion and the run up to it are very good if readers can stick with itThe story of the corporal whose story mirrors Christ but who is not really Christlike falls a little short I must say I wanted to learn of his motivation and get to know him and frankly I wanted a immediate sense of the refusal to fight; I think Faulkner could have done wonders getting inside a few characters' heads in the action that is the basis for the whole novelAs for Faulkner making a rare venture outside Mississippi for the novel which seems to irk some I didn't mind it at all Much as I love all those Southern tales this is a nice departure that adds a little versatility to Faulkner's resume A Fable often is uite good When it is difficult it's as difficult as Faulkner gets which pretty goddamned difficult I was able to shrug off the slow spots and enjoy the novel uite a lot No don't make it your first Faulkner for heaven's sake But its impenetrability is a bit overstated Read this in a short span of days a lot at a time turn off the TV keep your focus