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Angels of DestructionHá dez anos ue Margaret não tem contacto com a sua filha Erica Esta fugiu com um jovem anaruista e vive à margem da lei no Novo México onde terá tido uma filha Por isso uando numa noite fria de Janeiro encontra uma criança abandonada à porta de sua casa Mar Keith Donohue’s first novel The Stolen Child was a national bestseller hailed as “captivating” USA Today “luminous and thrilling” Washington Post and “wonderfulSo spare and unsentimental that it’s impossible not to be moved Newsweek His new novel Angels of Destruction opens on a winter’s night when a young girl appears at the home of Mrs Margaret uinn a widow who lives alone A decade earlier she had lost her only child Erica who fled with her high school sweetheart to join a radical student group known as the Angels of Destruction Before Margaret answers the knock in the dark hours she whispers a prayer and then makes her visitor welcome at the door The girl who claims to be nine years old and an orphan with no place to go beguiles Margaret offering some solace some compensation for the woman’s loss Together they hatch a plan to pass her off as her newly found granddaughter Norah uinn and enlist Sean Fallon a classmate and heartbroken boy to guide her into the school and town Their conspiracy is vulnerable not only to those children and neighbors intrigued by Norah’s mysterious and magical ualities but by a lone figure shadowing the girl who threatens to reveal the child’s true identity and her purpose in Margaret’s life Who are these strangers really And what is their connection to the past the Angels and the long missing daughter Angels of Destruction is an unforgettable story of hope and fear heartache and redemption The saga of the uinn family unfolds against an America wracked by change As it delicately dances on the linebetween the real and the imagined this mesmerizing new novel confirms Keith Donohue’s standing as one of our most inspiring and inventive novelistsRate this book a 55 It held my interest from the very first sentence I enjoyed this immensely I will also read his other book The Stolen Child and have ordered it from my library I love the combination of excellent story telling combined with fantasy and magic

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Angels of Destruction Book Þ 371 pages Ý Keith donohue Ý Há dez anos ue Margaret não tem contacto com a sua filha Erica Esta fugiu com um jovem anaruista e vive à margem da lei no Novo México onde terá tido uma filha Por isso uando numa noite fria de Janeiro encontra uma criança abandonada à porta de sua casGaret acredita tratar se da sua neta A peuena Norah destaca se pela sua inteligência bondade e cedo demonstra ter habilidades extraordinárias ue encantam a comunidade Afirma ser um anjo e consegue fazer duvidar os ue a rodeiam Mas uando uma carta de Erica chega I had high hopes for this book since I adore Donohue's first novel The Stolen Child At first I found the book interesting and mysterious Then as the chapters moved along Donahue's writing became fragmented This book is all over the place It skips around in time periods settings point of view of characters Several times I found myself confused and starting to loose interest The characters in the book are so flawed that they are unlikeable I could care less about any of the characters because there is nothing redeeming about them except for maybe Erica uinn They are boring The uestions that are brought up in the book addressing celestial beings is unanswered There is an undercurrent of the dismal and loneliness plus loss Some characters get a happy ending while other characters fade into emptiness and dissatisfaction Another aspect of this book that I didn't like is that Donahue introduces a mysterious male character but he doesn't followthrough with this character As a reader I didn't really know who he is and his relationship with the other characters He just disappears toward the end of the book Perhaps he is deathit's unclear This novel seems messy and depressing left me feeling empty One aspect that bothered me about this novel is the language wasn't just poetic it was over the top melodramatic and extremely flowery If actors can over act to the point where he or she seems ridiculous then Donahue has overwritten this novel to the point of absurdity

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às mãos de Margaret toda a realidade ue esta criara para explicar o sucedido ameaça desmoronar se Pois se Erica nunca teve uma filha uem será realmente Norah «Uma história cheia de amor e redenção maravilhosamente escrita e cativante»Pittsburgh Post Gazet What I loved about Keith Donohue's debut novel The Stolen Child was the magic that seemed to drip from every page It was a welcome change from a lot of the other things I had been reading so I expected much the same with Angels of DestructionSome things are similar Donohue has an interesting way with words; very similar in a lot of ways to a personal favorite Stewart O'Nan Some passages may be very bleak but written beautifully enough that it's hard to be anything but entranced while reading Both books also deal heavily with slightly off kilter situations in the first a changeling of sorts and in Angels an well angel who suddenly appears on a widow's doorstepThe widow is Margaret uinn whose teenage daughter Erica disappeared in the mid Seventies Now it's the mid Eighties and Margaret is alone having lost her husband four years after Erica's disappearance On her doorstep appears nine year old Norah who Margaret takes in and embraces deciding in her desperation and depression to pass Norah off as her granddaughter Norah befriends a neighbor boy Sean whose eyes are opened by Norah's actions in the short time they know each otherThe story jumps between Norah's first appearance in Margaret's life to Erica's perspective years earlier when she left home We're taking from western Pennsylvania to New Mexico the characters changing with the scenery and passing of timeIt's a sweet story overall but at times felt entirely too overwritten for my tastes Instead of magic dripping from these sentences a lot of time the only drippage that occurred was pure saccharine Still the chapters are short and often interesting enough to keep me hooked The western PA descriptions are familiar to me which also helped keep me interested references to the Steelers Duuesne steel mills and the houses mill workers lived in Friendship Elementary School etc Nice to see some of those things in print and it would probably be neat to see in a movie if one ever gets madeIn the meantime for a little hometown images there's always local rap star Wiz Khalifa to represent Pittsburgh You know what it is