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EBOOK ☆ EPUB February or Forever Tarrins Bay #2 ä 9780857991195 ↠ JULIET MADISON ↠ In this heartwarming coastal romance Escape bestselling author Juliet Madison asks what if your favourite celebrity fell in love with you?Yoga teacher and single mother Chrissie Burns has a plIn this heartwarming coastal romance Escape bestselling author Juliet Madison asks what if your favourite celebrity fell in love with you?Yoga teacher and single mother Chrissie Burns has a plan move into the rundown beach house left to her by her deceased aunt renovate it sell it and move on The scene of a terrible accident years ago the house needs to get out of Chrissie's hand Moving into her aunt's house in Tarrin's Bay renovating the old place selling it and moving on is all single mom Chrissie has on her agenda oh and making sure to avoid as much drama as possibleShe's had a really tough time with family members dying getting divorced and trying to stay afloat as we all know being a parent is tough and when you're a single parent it' s even worse to get through it allBut Chrissie soon discovers that life in Tarrin's Bay is going to be far from easy and drama free She meets and falls for famous singer and songwriter DrewThe time they spend together the the idea of Tarrin's Bay being home sets in Which of course is not a bad thing the people are friendly and the town a really nice little place to liveBut the idea does not sit all that well with Chrissie yes her son has started to come out of his shell and yes Drew is the icing on top of a new adventure even if their romance is somewhat forbidden but the house holds painful memories that she would rather get away from the sooner the better it can only bring the kind of drama she wants to avoid Only Drew makes her feel and open up about everything she has dealt with alone for so long can she truly let the past interfere with a new dream of hope?I really liked this book It was funny and romantic I adored the character of Chrissie being a single mom myself I could relate to her and immediately established a real connection to all the decisions she needs to make and everything that goes along with having to raise a child alone and how you are never sure that you're doing the right thingI was overjoyed that Drew was the one to be able to get Chrissie to open up and reveal her fears and heartache every single parent knows that sometimes it's needed for you to just talk it over with someone else other than just dealing with it and Drew being that one for Chrissie put a huge smile on my faceThe humor in this book was the icing on a really stunning romance read I giggled out loud like a little girl over some of the lines and when the twists and turns popped up you bet I was sitting up right and turning the pages as fast as I could to see what comes nextNote to readers the book does start off a little slow but before long it becomes so fascinating it will leave you begging for the rest so don't stop just keep going trust me it's worth itI'm taking away a message of the past is definitely always painful to deal with and yes it can be buried but it can never be forgotten and therefore it will fester into a heartache that can never heal One needs to step and deal with it head on before it becomes so deeply set into your being that it can never be escapedI recommend this read for any and all fans of small town romance new dreams found facing the past readsA sweet tender funny and real emotional heartfelt escape to new dreams read45 Star review One month turns into forever Copy provided via Netgalley This review can also be found on Romance Book Haven Reviews

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E month Relationships between instructors and clients are strictly forbidden but Drew draws happiness out of Chrissie with his down to earth nature and sense of humour Days of stretching and bending may bring Chrissie unexpected peace and strength but she knows that this interlude must end and there's no pose or position to aid her when Drew walks away and leaves her broken heart Chrissie is a single mother and she and her son Kai have just moved into the beach house she's inherited from her aunt Being back in Tarrin's Bay brings back a lot of traumatic memories so Chrissie wants to renovate the house as soon as possible and then move on She's found a great job as a yoga instructor at a luxurious retreat so she has to work on the house in her spare time When she finds a great new friend in the town she slowly starts to come out of her shell and tries to enjoy some of the good things the town has to offer When a famous artist is her new client at work she's shocked because she's such a big fan of the man Drew Williams is back in Tarrin's Bay to escape some media issues in America Slowly they get to know each other and there's definitely something between them than just friendship Unfortunately relationships between clients and instructors are strictly forbidden at the retreat so Chrissie has to remain professional Fortunately that doesn't mean they can't spend time together Drew brings back some much needed happiness and fun back into Chrissie's life He likes her a lot but he only has the rest of the month after February he will go back to the States and they don't have a future together because of his career Will he break Chrissie's heart when the month is over?I really liked Tarrin's Bay It sounds like such a wonderful town and the descriptions of it were really vivid Chrissie is damaged because of her past but she's such a strong and admirable woman I liked that a lot The story is great and very romantic Drew is nice to look at and he's famous but down to earth and he's such a kind man Fortunately Chrissie can keep a secret even from her best friend and she treats him like she would treat any other person celebrity or not Chrissie hasn't had an easy past and slowly Drew discovers what happened to her I loved Juliet Madison's way of writing I wanted to keep reading and couldn't stop until I finished the book February or Forever is a great summer read but it's also perfect to brighten up a gray and rainy day I'm really glad I had the chance to read this book and have already bought several of Juliet Madison's other books because I would love to find out about Tarrin's Bay and its inhabitants

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February or Forever Tarrins Bay #2S as soon as possible But Tarrin's Bay where the house stands has to offer than bad memories The town is lovely the people friendly and even Chrissie's young son finds friends and begins coming out of his shell Employed at Serendipity Retreat as a yoga instructor Chrissie is shocked to be given the role of private teacher to Drew Williams Australia’s top singersongwriter for th February or Forever is the second book in Juliet Madison’s Tarrin’s Bay series the first was The January Wish I thought it would be difficult to beat the sweet story of The January Wish but with this book we have an eually charming story in a completely different wayFebruary or Forever opens with Chrissie yoga instructor and single mother to Kai battling it out in Tarrin’s Bay They’ve relocated there after Chrissie inherited her aunt’s house – the plan is to renovate and sell the house for a profit Chrissie also has a job as a yoga instructor at the exclusive Serendipity retreat As a fairly new staff member she wasn’t expecting to instruct a VIP in one on one sessions but fate has a funny way of working out Chrissie has the yoga of teaching yoga to one of her favourite singers Drew Williams Drew is back in his hometown for a month to avoid the fallout from a scandal As Drew and Chrissie work together a friendship with the possibility of something developsI don’t think my above synopsis does this great story justice as there’s so much involved There’s the story of Chrissie’s battles with Kai making new friendships and coming to realise how lovely life can be There’s the importance of trust family and knowing who your real friends are There’s learning to stand back as your children get older to allow them to spread their wings and there’s learning to battle the demons of the past All these and are masterfully entwined in this novel Tarrin’s Bay sounds like a fantastic place to live and learn how to be a better person – what a pity that it’s a fictional town With the Tarrin’s Bay series I think Juliet Madison has grown as a writer in leaps and bounds to the point where her books are a ‘must read’ for me This book is once again sweet and uplifting but takes a much smaller group of characters – namely Chrissie Drew and Kai All of these characters are wonderfully complex – Chrissie and Drew both have demons to work through but it’s done with a realistic sensitivity and doesn’t overshadow their friendship or anything further I loved reading about the multifaceted parts of Chrissie’s life – from mum employee friend lover ex wife down to the individual I’d love to read of Chrissie and Drew’s story especially as the reader got both of their points of view This wasn’t confusing at all; it felt perfectly naturalIf you are looking for the characters from The January Wish you’ll find that they only appear briefly I wonder if Sylvia and Mark’s story was playing out at the same time as Chrissie and Drew’sanyway February or Forever can easily be read as a standalone novel or for of your Tarrin’s Bay fix Beautiful and sweet but with enough substance to keep you thoroughly entertained February or Forever is a wonderful readThank you to Escape Publishing for the eARCFind of my reviews at