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Madelaine Hillyard is a world famous heart surgeon at the top of her game Her personal life is far less successful A loving but overworked single mom she is constantly at odds with her teenage daughter At sixteen Lina is confused angry and fast becoming a stranger to her mother a rebel desperate to find the father who walked About 13 of the way into this book I predicted it I stuck with it because it's not a terrible story I've read waaaay worse but it's so fluffy and cheesy that it's almost painful to read And I was right the author didn't surprise me with some snappy twist ala Jodi Picoult She just finished her merry little story I'm glad I don't cry easilyAngel Demarco is this world famous actor nominated for an Oscar but he keeps saying he's not that great of an actor He causes mass riots and press stampedes everywhere he goes He's a drug user an alcoholic and a womanizer and he sees no reason to change his waysFrancis Demarco Angel's older brother is a priest and for the last 16 years he has stepped in to fill a father or uncle role the best he can for Lina Hillyard the 16 year old love child of Angel and Dr Madeleine Hillyard OnlyAngel doesn't know his daughter ever existed and the author gives hints that Lina is Angel's daughter only it isn't confirmed until halfway through the bookMadeleine Hillyard has become a cardiologist raised her daughter with a priest who is her ex lover's brother from their teenage yearsugh and is the best of the best of heart transplant surgeons in the Seattle area Lina is troubled bratty and has spent 16 years with a mother who wants to be a friend and a father role filled by a priest A very young handsome priest of course but he is also HER best friend and her mother's best friend Are we weirded out yet?Angel Demarco at 34 years of age has had enough heart attacks to finally land him in a Seattle hospital awaiting a heart transplant He's spoiled angry and bitter but somehow Madeleine thinks he deserves a new heart Oh and of COURSE his ex lover is the head surgeon for his transplant He hasn't seen her for 16 years has no idea he has a daughter and thinks his brother has married her He doesn't even know his brother is a priest Since he's SO famous the hospital is under strict security Lina doesn't even meet her father until about halfway through the book If she had shut up and stopped storming out of every scene the first half of the book she may have let her mother or Francis the Priest talk to her and she could've met her father sooner than thatI won't spoil it with my prediction I'll say none of the characters are believable I refuse to believe this handsome young priest who has stepped in at 18 to take care of his little brother's brokenhearted teenage thrill has spent 16 years being her best friend and she is clueless and he is pining over her Please I'm also not buying that Angel will change his ways as uickly as he does after his transplant I'm also not buying that he has such a recovery from his cocaine and alcohol days I'm also not buying that Madeleine the cardiologist suddenly resurrects her feelings for Angel after 16 years never saw his movies or his face anywhere and he's soooo famous?Skip it This review was of a rant a vent I think Kristen Hannah has wrote better things than this one A good heart transplant book? Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult or even Charade by Sandra Brown

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Home AgainAway before she was born Complicating matters for Madelaine are the vastly different DeMarco brothers While priest Francis DeMarco is always ready to lend a helping hand his brother Angel long ago took on the role of bad boy Years earlier Angel abandoned Madelaine and fatherhood to go in search of fame and fortune His departu This book was exactly what I needed to read Little did I know when I started it that I would devour it in under 24 hours and at times my face would be damp from tears that unwittingly fell onto the screen of my ebook By page 20 I knew what was going to happen but the foreshadowing didn’t lessen the impact of what came next The characters were so rich that I felt genuine warmth for them all and loved their character development The one upset for me and it’s very minor is that I didn’t really like the character as Angel but I suspect we weren’t meant to – it was all about the extreme of emotions in the female characters and the different forms of love that exist in the world It warmed my heart warmed my soul Every Hannah book that I have read has turned out to be a delight She’s rapidly becoming one of my ‘go to’ authors right up there with Picoult and Chamberlain For much the same reason I guess but yes highly recommended If you’re stuck in a reading hole read one of these books It will put you back on your road to recovery

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Download mobi ☆ Home Again 448 pages ↠ Madelaine Hillyard is a world famous heart surgeon at the top of her game Her personal life is far less successful A loving but overworked single mom she is constantly at odds with her teenage daughter At sixteen Lina is confused angry and fast becoming a stranger to her mother—a rebel desperate to Re left Madelaine devastated but now he reappears and seeks help from the very people he betrayed as a patient in dire need With Home Again New York Times bestselling author Kristin Hannah has written a moving powerful novel about the fragile threads that bind together our lives and the astonishing possibility of second chanc Once again I was irrevocably sucked into the world the Kristin Hannah constructed in Home Again as the characters learn the key issues of life that crop up in any one of her novels; redemption faith forgiveness family andor love In Home Again Kristin shows all these elements and does it so beautifully that you can't help but feel and encompass every single emotion that the characters traipse across Each character is distinct in their own way with their own challenges and fears to face that ultimately lead them to a bittersweet happy ending Halfway through the book a tragedy strikes leading to a painful decision that must be made at the death of a character the life of another is given a second chance to live and redeem himself then leads to Angel's changing his life around in order to show Madeline that he wants to be a part of her and their daughter's life that he does not want to run any The two find themselves falling in love with each other all over again while he's first waiting for a heart and finally as he recovers after the surgery and changes his life around If you love books that make you feel everything and cry your eyes out then this is definitely the book for you because it will really open your eyes It also as a spiritual element to it that will take your breath as you read each of those short perspective sectionsIf you like authors like Jodi Picoult and John Green then you'll love Kristin Hannah's books