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Return of the Moralis WifeA virgin to sweeten the dealInfamous playboy Orion Moralis believes in lust not marriage until with one innocent sigh the daughter of a business rival turns his world on its head Selina Taylor is aching. This was not bad not at all Starts the same way as most revenge dramas tend to do Sleep with me or else Such irresistible charm So our H the Greek with a vendetta finds that the h his ex wife needs his cooperation to get her hands on her inheritance as per her dead grandfather’s will Of course she doesn’t need the money for herself ye of little faith but for the long serving housekeeper charity etc So he gets to kill two birds with one stone or rather one bird with two stones Revenge and that delectable body again evil grin his not mine How predictable is that and how we love to fall for it again and againSo off to a two weeks cruise of the Mediterranean on his yacht The H is his same old same old smug selfish self but at same time is surprisingly nice and good company too They have sex eat relax have sex scuba dive have sexI think you get the general picture One time the h summarizes things well on behalf of all those hs who accidently get pregnant and then face the shock and awe tactics from the scumbag Hs “I did not use any protection Selina I need to know Are you on the Pill’ he demanded‘You woke me up to ask that’ The warmth seeped away and sitting up she ‘Yes it is vital I have no intention of being trapped into becoming a father and paying for it the rest of my life”Selina had heard some insults in her twenty four years but Rion’s took the cake How like a man He didn’t want to be trapped—no thought for the woman who would have to carry the child for nine months and look after it for the rest of her life All Rion was worried about was the money it might cost him What a charmer But then why was she surprised I just wish she had said all that out aloudJB has always done strong career minded hs even if they lose whatever sense they have along the way especially when in the sexual thrall of a db H So no surprises on that score What was a bit unpalatable was that this h really seemed to have achieved a personal professional and emotional growth in the past 5 6 years and to believe she could fall under his spell again was stretching it a bit thin Just the previous HP I read Purchased for Revenge had the H rescuing girls who were victims of human trafficking from eastern European countries And to follow it up with a h this one who helps rescue kids pushed into child sex trade in Cambodia was stirring and thought provoking And then she is also a reputable translator of Mandarin and Arabic for the movers and shakers of international business Mighty impressive All this while the H seemed to have stagnated if not regressed as a human being in the intervening yearsBut in spite of these niggles I enjoyed it

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review Return of the Moralis Wife Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB ô A virgin to sweeten the dealInfamous playboy Orion Moralis believes in lust not marriage until with one innocent sigh the daughter of a business rival turns his world on its head Selina Taylor is achingly pure and as he captures her lips Orion knows he must possess hLy pure and as he captures her lips Orion knows he must possess her But their marriage is short livedSix years since Selina was discarded like a used plaything she's older and definitely wiser when it c. This was ok I didn't hate it I just didn't feel it I love the falsely accused heroinevengeful hero plot It's a time honored HP tradition but some work and some don'tI think my problem with this was that the h had somehow crossed dimensions from our world into HPLandia She stood up to the H which was great I'm for that You don't have to be a screeching harpy but don't just sit there and take insults and ask for I like a heroine to have some pride But problem was she really did think he was pretty much a useless arrogant excuse for a man She really did and he really never did anything notable to disabuse her of this notion IMHO It wasn't just her knowing she should feel that way despite her denied feelings of love She wasn't still reeling in anger and hurt She'd moved on and saw things with a sense of distance and detachment It was almost like she was breaking the 4th wall and sayingthinking those things that we readers think about some of these H's That's all well and good but it doesn't make for good HP romance becauseI could never buy her love for him Lust yes Love no She had no respect for him By the epilogue she did but that all seemed tacked onThe H looked even douchier than usual because of the heroine's real world view of him I don't think he really was much worse than your typical HP Greek tycoon but the fact that she saw him for what he was made it seem worseI know HPs are short format and formulaic and we have to be willing to swallow a uick wrap up but this one seemed even jarring than usual He has ZERO respect for women He's never thought himself to be in love with the h until her charity work comes to light along with the truth behind her supposed betrayal Then all of a sudden literally within the span of a second he's 360 degree turnaround wanting to marry her and realizing he's loved her for years Really All those years of mistrust cleared up that uickly All the disdain for women cured by realizing one does charity work She's not the only woman doing charity work this isn't ground breaking news Her work was important granted but it was like he never realized a woman any woman could care about such thingsThe ending I cannot say how tired I am of the H taking a few weeksmonths to starve himself into ' starkly chiseled features' and 'haunted eyes' substituting for real redemption in romance Yeah maybe a part of it a suffering H is always fun But I want to see some real action too See some real sacrifice Plus not everyone who's depressed starves themselves it can go the other way I'd love it if just once the H would show up 50lbs heavier and looking like a downright couch potato slob with Cheetos stains on his t shirt rather than 'sexily disheveled in his rumpled Armani suit' At least it would be good for a laughThe sexual deep freeze heroine Again a time honored HP trope and I'm not knocking it I just didn't buy it here and while it's HIGHLY unlikely in many HPs I can suspend disbelief They'd been apart 6 years during which time she went to college and really moved on with her life She wasn't a miserable half person sitting around pining for the H She was done So why is it that she didn't meet at least one guy she was attracted to and have sex with It just didn't ring true because she wasn't the typical HP heroine but then this gets tacked on and it seems very incongruous Again I think she was in the wrong dimension

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Omes to sexy powerful men But trapped on Orion's luxury yacht she finds memories of the past return to haunt her With the bad comes the oh so good and soon she can't resist the sensual pull between them. 45 starsAnother HP I really enjoyed Baird is hitting all my sweet spots