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Sugar Rush Sugar Bowl #2Doesn't exactly have a lot of control over his emotional state Left with no other choice he must summon all his discipline to maintain JT's trust and pretend that they're still friends But how far will Beck go to prove his loyalty to Sela? He nearly lost her once To keep her Beck might have to kill for her Note Sugar Rush ends on a cliffhanger Sela and Beck's story concludes in Sugar Fr The Sugar Rush put me on a HIGHuntil I crashedYes I went back for Sugar Sugar Daddy took me on a rollercoaster of emotion that left me with a need to physically harm fictional characters This doesn’t happen a lot to me I might dislike a hero or a heroine for making a wrong decision or action but I don’t normally feel a need to physically punch someone This violence didn’t dissipate and when Sugar Rush landed on my kindle I wasn’t sure where I was at I knew things were up in the air I knew that I was hurting and needed answers and solutions I hoped that some sense came to Beck and to some extent Ellabut I just wasn’t sure There’s a lot to deal with Loyalty trust and dedication have been uestioned Who is lying and who is telling the truth? Will I still want to kill?Would you bloody believe it? I had a smile on my face for 84% of this book No it wasn’t all hearts and flowers but it really made me happy Beck and Selaare communicating There you gothat’s my review I don’t want to give you any because that would spoil the journey♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Ok I’ll give you thisAfter 84% all bets were off I had no friggin idea where this story would go next My heart stoppedthen it kind of started galloping I had to put my kindle down close my eyes and take a deep breath I wanted to screamNO Why? Why would you do that?The end cameand I’m back to feeling murderous Butwhowhatwherewhy???To buy Sugar Daddy from for less than a dollar pre order your copy of Sugar Rush from I’m an Aussie chick who loves to read and review romance drink coffee be a Style Setter and stalk David Gandy To see of my reviews fashion food and pervathons

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PDF Þ BOOK Sugar Rush Sugar Bowl #2 FREE Á In the steamy and suspenseful seuel to Sugar Daddy a heartbreaking rift threatens to unravel a dangerous alliance and a fragile new love After posing as an escort for the Sugar Bowl online dating service Sela Halstead is looking for one thing payback She's closing in on the site's heartless founderIn the steamy and suspenseful seuel to Sugar Daddy a heartbreaking rift threatens to unravel a dangerous alliance and a fragile new love After posing as an escort for the Sugar Bowl online dating service Sela Halstead is looking for one thing payback She's closing in on the site's heartless founder Jonathon Townsend and she needs Beckett North Townsend's business partner and her lover b 4 Stars “The complete truth is out and now it’s time to destroy JT” 'Sugar Rush' the second installment in Sawyer Bennett’s 'Sugar Bowl' series was as intriguing steamy suspenseful as its predecessor Since 'Sugar Daddy' the previous installment ended with a cliffhanger I was than eager to read this one and find out how Sela and Beck’s relationship will progress To be honest I find this installment to be intriguing in some way than the previous installment The multitude of twists and turns and the fact that everything that happened with these characters took me on a rollercoaster of emotions kept me glued to the pages from the beginning until the end “When I gave my full trust to you I knew that you were important than my revenge” 'Sugar Rush' starts right where the previous installment ended Beck finally found out what Sela was hiding from him all this time he found out her biggest secret the secret that has the power to destroy their relationship If at first Beck doesn’t really know what to do about Sela and about her secret he realizes in a very short amount of time not only that Sela tells the truth about JT but also that he feels so much for Sela than he initially thought When he finds out the entire truth about what happened with Sela ten years ago Beck starts to open his heart in than one way All he wants now is comfort Sela to care for her and also help her plan her revenge wanting as much as Sela to take down the enemy “He was a new lifeA fresh startA possibility I thought I’d never haveBut right now he’s the man who just broke me” I really enjoyed this second installment I loved the intrigue the suspense and the remarkable way the plot unfolded Once again the plot was well developed enthralling and kept me at the edge of me seat the entire time Needless to say I enjoyed how the story progressed and I loved how the two main characters’ relationship evolved I liked the two characters individually but I have to say I loved them as a couple Sela was vulnerable in a very endearing way but also so strong and determined at times I couldn’t help but admire her As for Beck wellto be honest he really frustrated me at some point into the story but he grew on me since he proved several times s the story unfolded that he’s the perfect man for Sela “Keep your eye on the prize Beck Sela’s the prize” For a good part of the story Sela and Beck were simply great as a couple I adored the way they loved each other It was wonderful and really heartwarming I loved how their connection deepens in this installment and once again the intense chemistry between them was fantastically done This second installment ends with a huge cliffhanger who for me it was even worse than the one from the previous installment I’m dying to read the third and final installment and find out how Sela and Beck’s story will end

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Y her side She'd thought that their intimate nights together had forged an unbreakable bond but after a shocking betrayal Sela begins to doubt the brilliant bad boy When push comes to shove can she trust Beck to do the right thing? Now that he understands the truth Beck will stop at nothing to secure the reckoning Sela deserves But between his desire for her and his disgust for JT Beck 45 Being bold for LOVE stars After the abrupt ending of the first book i was dying to get my hands in this oneAnd thank God everything turned out just great until they weren'tYep Mrs Bennett had built a wonderful story full of vengeance love and suspense but damn me we were having another cliffyAnd now i'm dying to learn what the hell took place between JT and Sela Sela what did you do??? And which will be the conseuences???Well in the second book of Sugar Bowl series the story picked up from the exact point that the previous book had endedSela disappointed and heartbroken left Beck's condo but thank God Beck realized the truth of her words and he immediately made amends with her because she became a big part of him and he couldn't live without herAnd then he found out exactly what happened to her ten years ago and his fury was hard to be containedFrom that moment he was determined to take full charge of the Sugar Bowl and to take revenge from JT in Sela's behalf How they will succeed in this plan??? The road will be long and not at all easy that's the only sure thing We'll work this out whatever needs to be done with JTBut that's a side issue right nowWhat's important is what we have between us and I vow that's where I'm going to put my attention from this moment forward To be honest after the turn out of the events at the end of the first book i was thinking that there will be much drama between Sela and Beck but thank God there wasn't and i loved it that way Except for the matter of the vengeance at the same time they were happening things in the background JT's connection with Beck and what had happened to Beck's sister before some years and all of those things were creating so much suspence One thing I've managed to understand with great clarity is that Beck has now become the most important thing to me While I still need to seek justice for myself I need to balance it with keeping myself safe and ensuring that Beck comes out of this with no damage Beck for once again proved how wonderful man he was He was caring thoughtful and he took personally Sela's matter He could do anything to protect the people that he lovedEvery day he was making something wonderful from the previous day and you couldn't not love this manYep he had some issues with lies and trust and that's why he reacted badly toward Sela but he was feeling awful about his behaviour that dayHe was so understanding with Sela's past and he knew how to comfort her because he had the experience in that matter No i won't tell you Everything I do is with the idea in mind of solidifying my future with her Sela finally let herself loose and she gave her trust completely to Beck after the revelationsWith Beck started to unlock herself and she became truly happy She started to love a man and that show her that she is capable of doing it that those monsters didn't ruined her completely I have never felt coplee and secure as I do now Not because of what we shared but because my core essence as a human being finally recognizes with complete clarity it's other half Beck and Sela became solid than ever since there were no barriers between them anyI liked the way they were together Their love grew up and now they were bound with a common cause Will they succeed to take JT down??? Two souls who have preffered to be alone for holidays past now bonded through circumstance passion and a focused need for revenge As for JT??? I never liked that guy and i feel ashamed to admit it but at some point i felt pity for him but damn me i wanted to kick my ass when i realized for once again that he didn't deserve any good feeling for meHe had to pay for what he did He's not a good man Before i end my review i have to say that i really liked DennisAnd poor Caroline Your own fate wasn't the best And i knew who was behind that action I knew it from the first moment I was so sure about it And now i can't wait for the final chapter in this story ARC generously provided via NetGalley for the exchange of an honest review