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FREE PDF ½ BOOK Afterwards å HANNAHREDHEAD å Sunday Times Top Ten Bestseller There is a fire and they are in there They are in there Black smoke stains a summer blue sky A school is on fire And one mother Grace sees the smoke and runs She knows her teenage daughter Jenny is inside She runs into the burning building to rescue herOver the limitlessness of lovePraise for Afterwards'Loved The Time Traveler's Wife? This is even better' Company 'Lupton pushes the boundaries of our imagination with the manner in which the mystery is solved creating a stunningly good read that's impossible to second guess A literary crime novel that's as clever in its premise as it is well written' Glamour 'Chillingly good' Red Magazine 'A bold impossible to categorise and riveting blend of psychological suspense literary thriller This book was a good story on the face of it as long as you don't look too closely Lupton is really good at getting across emotions especially love and the book is really touching as a resultBut as I said you can't look too closely Too many characters are under developed and when you find out who the arsonist is you are supposed to just accept that she is a totally different person to the one originally portrayed without any convincing explanation This made me feel cheatedI could deal with the out of body experience in itself but there was no detail explaining why or how it was happening Like Why can't they see other spirits of comatose people? Why don't they even wonder about this? It is a hospital after all How do they get inside cars? No one's holding the door open so do they pass through objects? If so why do they need to wait for lifts? Why does it hurt so much when they go outside?On top of these things was the totally obvious lack of research which really infuriated me So many things were just plain wrong in this novel which would be apparent to anyone who can use GoogleFor example1 The age of criminal responsibility is 10 Therefore an eight year old can't be cautioned for arson The police talking about deciding not to press charges because Adam had suffered enough is just a nonsense The school also decides not to press charges which makes no sense2 A local newspaper hints than Mr Hyman pushed a kid out a window and the same newspaper implies he started the fire at the school He had nothing to do with either event and a local paper simply would not imply such things without getting sued for libel they are incredibly cautious because they can't afford not to be National tabloids may be risue but not to this extent it's total nonsense3 Tara is apparently a local reporter but she also decides where things go in the newspaper what the headlines are and deals with a police officer who comes to the office to ask uestions She is therefore also the paper's editor sub editor and news editorThere are so many things that continued to rile me throughout that just showed Lupton could not be bothered to look into what she was writing about She decided instead to work off stereotypes of police officers journalists teenagers etcShe has obvious talent as a writer but these factual errors kept punching me in the face throughout and it just wound me up that she didn't put a bit of effort into making the story at least seem authentic

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Sunday Times Top Ten Bestseller There is a fire and they are in there They are in there Black smoke stains a summer blue sky A school is on fire And one mother Grace sees the smoke and runs She knows her teenage daughter Jenny is inside She runs into the burning building to rescue herAfterwards Grace must find the identity of the arsonist and protect her family from the person who's still intent on destroying them Afterwards she must fight the limits of her physical strength and disc As abysmal as Sister was readable For a start the protagonists are bloody angels or spirits or something telling the story too dull to precis here but it's about who was responsible for burning a public school down good riddance to it I say whilst their corporeal selves lie comatose in hospital having been injured in the blaze I thought this madness would resolve itself in something satisfyingly realistic but no it appears Ms Lupton is happy for her 'spirits' to communicate with each other follow the police around go home make the tea do anything really without apologising for her feeble conceitAnd then there's the teeth grinding middle class smugness of it all The protagonist's family are all incredible clever wonderful generous perfect; their saccharine sweet love for each other deeper than the the deepest ocean higher than the highest mountain Yuck And for a professional scriptwriter Ms Lupton's dialogue is unforgivably dismal It gets worse For reasons I have yet to fathom Ms Lupton sees fit to italicise words phrases even whole sentences lest we her stupid readers can't work out where to place the emphasis ourselves More infuriatingly most of the italicised words don't merit emphasisingSister good Afterwards appalling Second book blues She's blown it with me

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AfterwardsAnd the paranormal Afterwards proves that Lupton isn't just good she's wickedly good' Seattle Times 'In Afterwards we see a master's touch on every page Uncompromising emotional impact a poet's sonorous style and a gripping story all come together to make this a transcendent literary experience I guarantee this novel will touch everyone' Jeffery Deaver'I became insanely gripped The word compelling is used lightly of mystery and crime novels this one will define it for you' Daily Mail Warning I shouldn't have read this It's not my kind of novel and this is by no means an unpartial reviewI hugely disliked the central character and she is pretty much what this book is all about What I found so objectionable was her outlook on life It's summed up neatly in this extract in which she talks about how she felt when she first met her husband 'In that prim little tea shop you told me that you were desperate to be away from the confines of university and out there doing 'stuff' I didn't know anyone who used the word 'stuff' I'd done a year of Art History and then a term of an English degree and had never once used the word My friends were black clothed earnest arts students with a thesaurus for a vocabulary'I liked the word 'stuff' And I liked it that you weren't pale with cheekbones studying Kant but were muscular and robust and wanted to be mountaineering and canoeing and white water rafting and abseiling and bivouacking the world rather than reading and philosophising about it'End of uoteSo she's clever and she's arty but she likes her men hunky and not too bright Isn't that a bit odd? Perhaps that really is how lots of women are I hope not All I know is that she would hate me for my bookishness not to mention my lack of enthusiasm for mountaineering and that knowledge entirely alienates me from her character Yet the whole drive of the book is about empathising with this character and the suffering she endures I can't empathise because nothing she says rings true to me Take those 'black clothed earnest arts students with thesauruses for vocabularies' for example what planet do they come from? I certainly never encountered anyone like them at universityI also suspect that the author deliberately positioned this book as the story of a middle class wife who is overtaken by tragedy a tragedy she doesn't deserve But the character is so very smug that I didn't feel any sense of unfairness I should admit that I didn't finish reading this book Maybe the central character learns a lot and becomes a nicer person I just wasn't able to get through enough of the story to find out Conseuently this review is absolutely worthless except perhaps as an object lesson in how to irritate a certain kind of male reader