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characters Enticed By You by You #1 107 ✓ From the moment Peyton Emerson discovered she was pregnant at 18 although scared she couldn't wait to share the exciting news with the baby's father and her childhood sweetheart Keller James who was serving at war in Afghanistan Then a letter came from Keller shattering Peyton's world saying he wanted nothinNg he wanted nothing to do with her or her unborn child Or so she thought Fast forward five years and Peyton now 23 is living in New York City with her daughter Ivy and her crazy British best friend Lottie Carter working part time as a stripper to provide for them As Peyton and Keller are. ☆ I received an ARC from Enticing Journey Book PR in exchange for an honest review Thank you SO MUCH ☆ Enticed By You was a cute steamy read about second chances at love and a nix of lies deceit and misunderstandingsPeyton “Pie” Emerson has been in love with Keller James ever since she can remember and he vice versa When Keller gets deployed to Afghanistan and Peyton later learns that she is pregnant with his child this should be a joyous occasion right WrongNot only does Peyton get her heart broken by her childhood sweetheart she also experiences the pains of going through her pregnancy and raising her child aloneNow fast forward five years With college put on hold Peyton a now struggling mother works two jobs to make ends meet a waitress during the day and a stripper at nightThat is until fate steps in one very night and she is reunited with the man who crushed her hopes and dreams and abandoned her and their childWhat will become of these two Is everything really as it seems Or are there an exterior forces trying to keep them apartHow will everything turn out Who are the sources responsible for their distressing breakup Will Peyton and Keller be able to forgive each other for all those years and find a way back to each other Not to mention when danger leers it its head and targets Peyton for their own will Keller and Peyton ever find the culprits in time before it's too late Read and you will find out#A lovely read that thank god has no cheating or love triangles ladies Albeit some of the dialogue was a bit cheesy and the drama was a tad over the top it still managed to pull off an adorable yet steamy feel that made me overlook the tiny antics that would normally turn me off I mean how could you not love Peyton Keller Lottie or little Ivy Come on now Peyton was a survivor; Keller was unbelievably sweet and understanding; Lottie was a hoot; and Ivy was just delightful and charming I was definitely “enticed” throughout my stay in the mind of Ms Muscat’s and am crossing my fingers for a Lottie Peyton's British bestie and Blake one of Keller's military buddies known to be a player book Pretty please

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Reunited they discover the truths and the lies that left them both heartbroken ButWill she take him backCan she forgive him for everythingWill a chance meeting with the man that left her heartbroken and pregnant take her back to the dark place he left her inOr will they find their love aga. JOSIE'S 4 STAR REVIEW Enticed by You by Amy Muscat is one emotional read Hold on to your seats and buckle up The Prologue grabbed my interest and the story never fell short The story starts off in the present but the author takes readers back to the past 5 years before hand and rips readers apart Peyton Emerson is a single mother of a beautiful little girl Ivy In order to provide for her daughter and give her the best life she works two jobs in a diner and as a stripper Peyton lives with her best friend Lottie who has been her rock for the past 5 years She helps Ivy raise her daughter while she works and her parents take Ivy on the weekends so Peyton can have free timeThe author really does a really good job in detailing the relationship Peyton has with Lottie and her parents It was funny and inspiring The way the author shows readers the love and unconditional support Peyton has was nicely written “Do you and dad have plans this weekend Lottie wanted to have a girls night out Friday and shopping Saturday afternoon”“Yeah that’s fine Peyton you know me and your dad would take her anytime”“His back Lotts I saw him tonight Keller was at the club oh God”“That f arsehole Who the f does the prick think he is F stupid wanker”“Oh God I think I just came What I may not like him but f me he’s one f sexy man”“Shut up Lotts he might hear you”“That’s one tight sexy arse he’s got there”“Yeah it is” All is well in Peyton’s life expect for times when she longs for her lost love Keller James The author has a sense of humor because just when Peyton thinks things are good Keller ends up at the strip club she works Peyton is shocked angry and her body is a traitor because she reacts to seeing Keller in the worse way she is WET Peyton”“Keller What the f are you doing here”“Don’t you think a better uestion is what the f are you doing here“Can you just leave please; I don’t want to see you Can you make him leave John”“I’m not leaving for s Not until you talk to me Peyton I don’t understand what has you upset”“You don’t understand what has me upset Are you kidding me You left me eighteen and pregnant you fuking asshole For all I knew you were dead So how dare you come in here and ask me why I do what I do and ask why I’m so upset”“I didn’t leave you I got a letter one day and I was all happy thinking about what you wrote and then bam You say that you can’t be with me ‘cause of some bullsht about being far away and us being apart for so long That what you wrote and told me Pey”“So you’re telling me that you didn’t know about me being pregnant with Ivy”“I have a child If I had known I would never have left you or my baby you have to know that Peyton I honestly thought you didn’t want to be with me any and it broke my heart I loved you all my life Can I meet her”“You want to meet her”“yeah baby I would love to meet her” Peyton and Keller put the piece together and come to the conclusion that someone has kept them apart for the past 5 years Keller wants to find out who it was but his first priority is his girls He wants to be a parent in his daughter’s life and he is going to keep also Peyton Peyton has a lot of turmoil Where she understands that someone has kept them apart she feels she can’t trust Keller and is not willing to jump into a relationship with him again The author writes this story in a way that you feel Peyton’s confused emotions and Keller’s need to want to keep Peyton as his You could also really feel his anger that someone has purposely kept him from his daughter and the only woman he has loved He’s willing to take things slow with Peyton but he is doing it on his terms and that is by being all in “Planning on staying long”“Yeah cause I don’t plan on leaving my girls anytime soon”“You mean girl Ivy’s your girl Keller not me”“No Peyton you and Ivy” Let me say the author can write some sex scenes HOLY H – Keller has a dirty mouth “Just feel this Pie Let me make you feel amazing baby”“Holy s Touch me”“Where baby”“I want no I need you to touch my p Keller please”“Hush I’m going to suck your clit so hard baby I’ll make you come in seconds And then I’m gonna f you even harder Eyes I want to see your eyes Peyton Watch what I’m doing to you baby What a ride The author throws danger twists and turns into the story which made it so much interesting I enjoyed that this book wasn’t all just about sex It was so much than that Peyton and Keller love each but it has been 5 years they have a lot to work out and it took time Keller was an intense character He was determined to find out who kept them apart Keller Is head of his father’s security company so he uses all his contacts and eventually finds out what happened and who was behind it all Here is where things take a turn Peyton’s life is at risk when truths come out Can Keller protect Peyton and Ivy Will Keller lose Peyton again after everything is revealed Pick this book and read it and be prepared You are not going to believe the WTF moment

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Enticed By You by You #1From the moment Peyton Emerson discovered she was pregnant at 18 although scared she couldn't wait to share the exciting news with the baby's father and her childhood sweetheart Keller James who was serving at war in Afghanistan Then a letter came from Keller shattering Peyton's world sayi. The BookEnticed by You By Amy Muscat 319 pages Pub 2014The Genre RomanceThe Rating 2 starsThe PlotFrom the moment Peyton Emerson discovered she was pregnant at 18 although scared she couldn’t wait to share the exciting news with the baby’s father and her childhood sweetheart Keller James who was serving at war in AfghanistanThen a letter came from Keller shattering Peyton’s world saying he wanted nothing to do with her or her unborn childOr so she thoughtFast forward five years and Peyton now 23 is living in New York City with her daughter Ivy and her crazy British best friend Lottie Carter working part time as a stripper to provide for themAs Peyton and Keller are reunited they discover the truths and the lies that left them both heartbrokenButWill she take him backCan she forgive him for everythingWill a chance meeting with the man who left her heartbroken and pregnant take her back to the dark place he left her inOr will they find their love againContains graphic sexual content and harsh language It is only appropriate for adult readers age 18The ReviewAs you can tell by the rating I did not love this book I didn’t hate it either but it was just blasé to me The story revolves around Peyton and Keller who were high school sweethearts and had planned a life together up until the moment that Keller leaves for Afghanistan That is when everything changes Peyton comes to find out that she is pregnant and sends a letter to Keller to let him know; however she receives a letter in return that says he wants nothing to do with her Peyton is crushed and realizes that she is going to have to do all of this on her ownFive year pass without a word from Keller Peyton is now living with her best friend Lottie and her daughter Ivy in an apartment in New York City She works as a stripper several nights a week in a club named Enticed while also working two days a week at a coffee shop Peyton hates the stripping that she is doing but does it to support herself and her daughterOne night out of the blue Peyton finds herself face to face with her childhood sweetheart Unbeknownst to Keller he had shown up at a bachelor party at the club Peyton worked at You can only imagine what a shock that is to both of them Keller and Peyton are both angry with each other believing that the other had done them wrong While Peyton had received a letter from Keller he had received a letter claiming that she could not wait for him while he was at warPeyton ignored Keller but he wasn’t about to have that Like any person searching for the truth Keller sought Peyton out to know why she broke up with him It is during one of the night’s that he is staking out her club waiting for her to get off work that Peyton is attacked by a customer Keller intercedes and comes to her rescue which causes Peyton to finally give in and talk to him Keller and Peyton talk finally coming to the conclusion that someone had so heinously messed with their lives by sending fake letters to one another At this point Keller finally meets his little girl uickly establishing a presence in Ivy and Peyton’s lifeThe road to forgiveness and moving on comes with struggles along the way Lottie Peyton’s British roommate and best friend is leery of Keller initially wanting to ensure that Peyton doesn’t get hurt againPeyton claims that she is no longer in love with Keller and that she is going to take things slow while getting to know him again but it is no time at all before the clothes are flying off Keller and Peyton decide to come out in the open with their relationship and share the joyful news that Keller’s parents have a grandchild All does not go well as Keller’s step mom has always disliked Peyton for seemingly no good reasonAfter Keller reentered her life Peyton managed to cut back on her shifts at the club Keller didn’t like that she worked at a strip club but conceded to the fact that Peyton did her best to provide for their daughter in his absence He worked at a security firm so he was able to help provide financial support for his daughter and Peyton He felt the need to make up for all the time that he had missedKeller’s job along with his military background provided him with the means necessary to track down the person who messed with their lives Both are shocked when they find out who the culprit is having no idea how deep this person’s secrets and hatred ranTowards the end of the book the story takes a dark turn Peyton is attacked again and it is a race against time for Keller to find her before he loses her forever All is revealed in this final showdown with her attacker and proves to ensures that some people’s lives are forever changedOkay now that the general story is revealed it is time to get down to the good the bad and the ugly Since I know how much bad reviews can hurt an aspiring novelist I will start with the good I liked Peyton and Keller’s daughter Ivy She was cute and provided a little bit of comic relief during the story It was great to see that Keller wasted no time trying to get to know his daughter and to be the best father that he could be It was also clear that Peyton loved her daughter than anything Lottie the British best friend also provided some humor and possibly some confusion with her British sayings She proved to be a very loyal friend to Peyton That is something we all need in lifeThe bad unfortunately outweighed the good I had many problems with this story My biggest being Peyton’s line of work and her reasoning behind it The idea of a woman taking a job as a stripper to take care of her children is nothing new The reasoning is always that they can’t find any other work the money is too good to pass up so even though they hate the job they stay In Peyton’s case there are so many things wrong with this rationale I hardly know where to start but here goes Peyton lives in an apartment with her rich best friend and she does not have to pay any rent Really That is pretty awesome Sign me up for that living situation Peyton claims that she took the job as a stripper because she couldn’t find any other work and had no skills Okay I might be able to let that slide because it can be hard to find a good paying job but there are certainly other means of getting a paycheck Not only does Peyton have Lottie constantly willing to watch her daughter she also has two loving parents who help take care of her Two parents that she gets along with and help take care of her daughter Am I missing something here How does that mean that she can’t find any other means of living Another reason why Peyton decided that she had to strip was because she didn’t want to have to move back in with her parents and she wanted to do it on her own I totally get that need for independence and needing to know that you are responsible for your own wellbeing and happiness; however when it comes to supporting a child and you have people who are willing and able to help you why would you turn that down Especially to do something you claim to hate so much She could have easily stayed with her parents got government assistance possibly even gone to college when her life became stableI also find the idea that someone who owns a strip club or any business is so flexible and willing to put their needs and wants aside for an employee Now I have never worked at a strip club before but I have been in management positions and I can say that is a ridiculous notion Even if you are best friends with one of your employees there are some situations that you can’t work around in order to run a successful business Sure if something came up occasionally that is reasonable but when it is happening on an almost daily basisno I get that this book is a work of fiction but if you are going to write about real life scenarios it is important to make them believable Maybe I am the only one to get hung up on that issue I don’t knowI knew almost immediately who had sent the fake letters to Peyton and Keller so I was absolutely not surprised by that reveal I also wasn’t surprised by Peyton’s attacker or that situation occurring when it did I did think that the author did a good job of tying those two things together in a uniue way Great plot twistUnfortunately that wasn’t enough to save the book for me Besides the fact that the plot is similar to a few other books that I have read in various aspects the editing was completely HORRIBLE I mean ATROCIOUS The writing was really simplistic the characters flat and not well developed but the hardest thing for me to get over was the fact that the story switched from past to present tense everywhere you looked Sometimes even in the same paragraph This is a huge problem because while most books might have and error or two even some of Nora Roberts books and she has been writing forever when it is that obvious it can ruin a story It makes it incredibly difficult to follow the story and does not provide the reader with a desire to read another book by the author This was a debut novel but if I was putting a book out for publishing even self publishing I would make sure that it was edited by several different people Several different ualified people because I would want to make sure that my best effort was out there Or at least as close to my best as possible I have read books where the grammar and spelling was pretty bad but the author didn’t realize it or they did and submitted an updated version I highly suggest that this author do that if she wants to get better reviews and increase sales While I only paid about a buck for this story to me it wasn’t even worth a buck Maybe if it was free I would think differently because you often gain readers that way and I find that there are less expectations