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CHARACTERS ↠ Blackmoore ¶ Kate Worthington knows her heart and she knows she will never marry Her plan is to travel to India instead—if only to find peace for her restless spirit and to escape the family she abhors But Kate’s meddlesome mother has other plans She makes a bargain with Kate India yes but only after Kate has secured—and rejected—threR heart captive Will the proposal she is determined to reject actually be the one thing that will set her heart freeSet in Northern England in 1820 Blackmoore is a Regency romance that tells the story of a young woman struggling to learn how to follow her heart It is Wuthering Heights meets Little Women with a delicious must read twist. I really liked Edenbrooke and while I enjoyed the overall storyline of Blackmoore I found a few things irritating Unlike some of the other reviewers I was not moved to tears by the main character's many tears I think I felt impatient with her presumed ignorance of Henry's super obvious feelings And there were some phrases used so repeatedly that they began to grate I found myself saying If Henry 'rakes his hand through his hair' one time I'm going to have to stop reading He did Many times But the story and some of the characters were interesting enough that I did want to find out what happened so I kept reading I appreciated the author's gradual unfolding of the details of Kate's past because that did leave me guessing along the way at some elements of what was an otherwise very predictable story Overall an enjoyable easy read that was entertaining and clean which is a plus that just didn't uite live up to the author's first book


RoposalsKate journeys to the stately manor of Blackmoore determined to fulfill her end of the bargain and enlists the help of her dearest childhood friend Henry Delafield But when it comes to matters of love bargains are meaningless and plans are changeable There on the wild lands of Blackmoore Kate must face the truth that has kept he. 35 stars of mixed feelings as you’ve rarely seenAh Julianne Donaldson She has such a power for weaving stories that throw you in a complete whirlwind of emotions whether good or bad; her writing is so elating vivid and beautiful it makes the simplest characters and plot points really stand out and come alive She is really talented and so far all the books I've read by her made me feel stronglyUnfortunately in the case of Blackmoore I found myself eual parts enraptured and annoyed for most of the story If it weren't for the sigh worthy Henry Delafield and the beautifully enthralling romance which completely saved the face of this book I would rate this 1 star without preamble I suspect my reasons for disliking certain aspects of the book are purely personal; ultimately Blackmoore is an excellent novel It only happens to feature one too many of my literary pet peeves First of all although a lover of the Gothic atmosphere in Regency romances I was never one for serious over the top dramatic theatricals à la Wuthering Heights and this book was a little too much on the wildly angsty side to suit me I loved the old mansion against the sea setting and the secret passages the moors and the overall darker atmosphere than in Edenbrooke but the tendency of certain characters to act like they were cast in a Shakespearean tragedy and breaking into emotional fits over nothing grated on my nerves a lot I like emotional books I don’t mind a certain turmoil I can even tolerate crazy depending on the book but all things in moderation I beg of you Intense theatricals and endless wailings did not suit this book which is supposed to be an engrossing Regency romance and not Emily Brontë’s second novel But really the major thing that didn't work for me in Blackmoore was the heroine At seventeen Kate Worthington is a lost young woman seeking liberty and self realization who feels misunderstood by her entourage because her goals and dreams are different than other young women's She has vowed never to marry for reasons and instead wishes to travel to India for other reasons I hadn't met her for than five pages than I was already feeling an irresistible urge to slap some sense into her Kate is moody immature and completely irritating When things don't go according to her plans she throws a hissy fit When someone acts in a different way than she would herself she complains When her childhood friends invite other people to stay in their house with them she automatically hates them When she is told to remain in her room she whines I thought Marianne Daventry was annoying in Edenbrookebut forget it Marianne is bloody awesome She may have been silly twirling and dazzlingly blind but boy I'll take a dozen Mariannes over Kate any day The fact that Miss Worthington is the narrator made everything worse because there was no getting rid of her No break here and there to read just about Henry Nope you're stuck with her the whole time And man is her life ever difficult She has a family a house servants to tend to her every need good looks and wonderful friends So what's the difference between her and any other seventeen year old Regency miss of her position Kate is trapped Oh no how awful she's never allowed out of the house or something She's been grounded for something terrible She has an evil step mother who is keeping her locked upNo no She only feels trapped Caged you know Like a bird There was such an overuse of the words “bird” “trapped” and “cage” that Kate did not just feel like a bird she dashed well near became a bird She’s trapped she’s caged she can’t fly she needs to find her wings she finds a bird people call her “little bird” she loves birds she has a bird room she reminds people of a bird she knows bird songs she loves listening to birds she goes outside early every morning to listen to birds she thinks Blackmoore looks like a big bird EVEN HER EYEBROWS LOOK LIKE THE SLANTED WINGS OF A BIRDBIRD BIRD BIRD ‘TIL YOU’RE UTTERLY SICK OF THE WORDNow look here I understand the imagery and feeling trapped disoriented and unsure of life I understand the fear of the unknown and the fear of not realizing your dreams And ultimately I can even understand feeling like a bird in a cage But despite the abusive imagery it’s not the fact the we have a caged heroine as the main character that bothered me it was the total lack of reason she had to feel caged What was there to feel caged about Her father was indolent and unconcerned and did not govern her with an iron hand She was not married to a tyrannical husband or even engaged to some decrepit old man twice her age Um hello this book is set in 1820 if you’ve checked “none of the above” to all three statements YOU ARE PRETTY DARN LUCKY AND SHOULD BE HAPPY TO BE SO FREE Yes her mother is a slut her sisters are stupid her friend Sylvia is a little vapid and yes every single female character in this book was unbearable but girl Seriously You’re seventeen free to roam about unmarried and unengaged and you complain about feeling trapped Trapped from whatOh that’s right India How could I forget when we were beat up over the head continuously with that name Because Miss Kate has put it into her head that India is the only means to get out of her cage she will go to any lengths to achieve her goal even if it means playing with men’s affections to receive and reject three proposals per her mother’s bargaining conditions to let her go on her God forsaken trip See what I mean by having problems with the plot Why would a trapped heroine try to get un trapped by positioning herself in the most awkward position of having to flirt with and encourage men to propose only to reject them after Can she not foresee the disastrous conseuences her actions could have No she doesn’t Because all Miss Kate can think about is India India is salvation India is liberty India is freedom India is the key INDIA IS EVERYTHING But why I kept asking myself Why India Why do you think you’ll be free if you go to India Why do want to go to India for anyways Missionary work Helping the poor Building a school Teaching less fortunate children Nurse infants Well guess what y’all Kate just wants to go to India PERIOD Besides the fact that she wants adventure and wants to travel there is no legitimate reason for her to want to get there No reason why she’d pick India in particular No reason why she’d be any freer in India than she is in England And above all no plan at all no goal to even accomplish something even remotely useful in IndiaSo I repeat WHY THE HECK DO YOU WANT TO GO TO INDIAIf it had been just a passing fancy you know a faraway dream something she’d hoped to get to one day it would have been perfectly fine But it wasn’t that at all Oh no It was a serious all consuming obsession And the fact that it had no fundamental reason to have become such an obsession drove me completely up the wall So we’re off to a really bad start with a birdie heroine in a cage who wants to go to India and whines and complains about everything and anything I don’t mind telling you that I was ready to DNF this many times but something here has to be said about Ms Donaldson’s undeniable talent because I forged on and the I went the I was able to oversee the birds and the cages and Kate and her India Don’t get me wrong they were still there and still annoying but as the romance unfolded and Henry uite literally started to make me swoon I was able to forget them momentarily or convince myself that it didn’t matter any Guys I have to be honest as annoying as this book could be sometimes it’s one of the best romances I’ve ever read I still melt a little bit inside when I think about it It was just so romantic and beautiful and vivid and heart wrenching sighI admit it I’m a sucker for perfect moonlight fantasy romance full of impossibly fairy tale like scenes of impeccable kisses and sublime love declarations We all need the stuff of dreams sometimes And I don’t know how Julianne Donaldson does it but she is definitely an expert at creating that sort of romance She wrote those parts so skilfully and beautifully that I often found myself uite loving the book Her writing is just gorgeous and her choices of romantic scenes are incredibly well thought And I don’t know how she does it either but she seems to have a knack for creating annoying heroines but absolutely perfect sublime heroes that are sure to make you dream Henry Delafield is no exception and I’d do anything to marry him tomorrow Even study a bird manual or take a trip to India ;I loved this book I was annoyed beyond measure with this book I hugged this book I also threw it violently on my bed I swooned over this book and I swore over this book It was wonderful exhausting and settling on a rating has never been so difficult

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BlackmooreKate Worthington knows her heart and she knows she will never marry Her plan is to travel to India instead if only to find peace for her restless spirit and to escape the family she abhors But Kate’s meddlesome mother has other plans She makes a bargain with Kate India yes but only after Kate has secured and rejected three marriage p. Word count of Bird within this book 167Cage 71Trapped I give upInsipid Silly Sappy Predictable The main character is so insufferably uptight you'd think she had a stick permanently up her ass on which a bird has perched There is not a single instance of true female friendship in this book All the other women in this book are stupid slutty or bitches Even the heroine's own mother and sisterHow DARE this book fucking compare itself to Little Women It is a fucking travesty This book is like Little Women in the way that Fifty Shades of Gray is similar to Harry Potter There are characters of intelligence in Little Women There is sisterly love in Little Women There is a beloved mother willing to work hard for the children she loves in Little Women There is no hatred of other women just because you don't fucking like themThis book bills itself as a proper romance and it is that It is pure unadulterated moonlit fantasy romance It is the sort over which that a young lady in the 19th century would swoon while reading Wuthering Heights only there is no Heathcliff There is no wounded tortured lover In his stead is a man whose balls have been solidly relegated into his lover's hand since the day they met as children It is a dreamlike fairy tale complete with a gothic castle on a moor and a lover willing to go the distance to win his beloved's hand never mind that he has long been promised to someone else; apparently almost cheating is acceptable when it is done in the name of true love There is not a bit of depth in this book's charactersMeet KatherineShe's Like a Bird She'll Only Fly AwayDo not let yourself be fooled by Katherine's very human appearance Katherine thinks she is a clucking bird I felt like a bird who had wandered into some strange flock surrounded by a different species And again Instead he said in a careful voice “So you are this bird In this cage”I nodded“And you see only one option for yourself to beat yourself against the bars until you are exhausted and give up all your dreams” Katherine is a bird She is trapped She is in a cage There is using an imagery to reach an effect and then there is taking that imagery and beating the reader to death with it This book does the latter There is such an abuse of imagery “I feel caged Always I feel like I am this bird trapped and stifled and caged and I keep looking for a way to escape but I am barred at every turn” Katherine also loves birds She loves their beauty She loves their birdsong The result of this bird fetish is the criminal overuse of bird related imagery in this book 167 instances of the word bird a fair share of which referred to herself I counted I may be off by a few I mean I did count the number by handEven her fucking eyebrows are foul I mean fowl “Your eyebrows” His voice dropped to almost a whisper “Perhaps it is their curve They look like the wing of a bird in flight” Her lovers can't even look at a fucking bird without thinking of her God help them How the fuck do they focus living so close to nature in the wild moors of England “I can never look at a bird without thinking of you” he said “I wonder what you will do with your wings once you have found them She feels a connection with them the bird made no noise I held my breath as I watched it and felt a connection with this dark wild bird that I could not explain Everything is birdlike Even a fucking house looks like a bloody bird the house looked to me like a hulking bird of prey with wings unfolded ready to drop from the precipice into the empty sky Katherine wants to be called Kate “Mama Kitty is being unkind again”“Kate” I reminded her Please don't forget it “Kate” I whispered “My name is Kate” She is dead fucking serious “Kate” I said my own anger flaring “My name is Kate Seriously it is KATE Not KITTY Do NOT call her that “My name” I said in a low voice “is not Kitty It is Kate” I marched past her Don't you dare forget itBirdbrained As you can see I did not care for Kate one bit She gets overwrought with histrionics and overdramatic gestures over nothing She throws hissy fits whenever she is in a panic She is the opposite of level headed At all points she whines and complains that she is caged Caged CAGED At every possibility I faced another cage I could be caged by my own betrayal of my feelings or I could be caged by an unwanted marriage or I could be caged by going nowhere and realizing none of my dreams Understandable yes since there are so few options open to her But there's the thing I'm supposed to sympathize with her I don'tKatherine A Waste of Air Katherine has no serious goals in life The book paints her mother out to be a slag a bitch a whore but for once I sympathize with her mother and her despair towards Katherine The stupid girl simply has no goals in life other than to spend it blithely playing Mozart and visiting her childhood friend's home Blackmoore I stood my music gripped to my chest my face hot “I do not think my goals although they may be different from yours can ualify as a waste—”“Your goals Oh my that is rich” She paced in front of me her shoes clicking hard with every step as if she would stamp out my will and my voice too if she could “What exactly are your goals”“You know my goals” I mutteredShe stopped in front of me her hands on her hips “What goals To disappoint To waste precious resources Is this why I have invested in you To gain nothing in return but a silly girl who cares only for Blackmoore and Mozart” Her mother is right Katherine does not have a single fucking plan for life except to spend it doing whatever she pleases She shirks responsibility she has no true goal in life except to avoid love and marriage And her reasons for avoiding love and marriage is utterly stupid and simple juvenile Her terrifyingly dramatic hatred of love is completely ludicrous A childish revolt Love is like a disease It ravages It maims It destroys everything in its wake I am wise to shun the idea of it just as wise as if I were to avoid a plague It is a weakness of the human heart to imagine that something that starts with passion can last Passion is a fire that burns and leaves nothing standing in its wake It is illogical and unreasonable Love is the downfall of men and the entrapment of women It is a cage that once one enters one can never escape AGAIN WITH THE MOTHERFUCKING CAGECluck Female Friendship This book hates women Katherine's own mother is a slut who makes a fool of herself who aims to flirt with anything with a dick Her own sister is much the same Maria is presented as an empty headed slattern who will follow her mother's slatternly waysKatherine's one childhood female friend Sylvia similarly grew up to be a brainless twit who has changed into something so commonplace and empty as to be no longer worthy of her friendship And even if she was it is Sylvia's brother Henry who is the important friend anywayAnd then there is the lovely Juliet The really really nice Juliet The unblemished Juliet who is so sincerely nice that Kate not Kitty hates her anyway Because of her name I mean Juliet What a stupid name “It sounds presumptuous”“Hmm” Henry nodded “Presumptuous”“Yes As if she has something classical about her As if she could be the star in a Shakespearean tragedy It is entirely too presumptuous Did her parents not think how they were setting her up for disappointment For that is what I felt as soon as I met her—disappointment that she was so very bland” And Juliet's kindness Her charity her suitability to be a good wife Why that fucking COW She would be proper and lovely and thoughtful and generous and absolutely predictable in every way For all of these reasons I heartily disliked her Kate hates other women so much that I found myself hating herPossession is 910ths of the Law STOP CLAIMING THAT BLACKMOORE IS YOURS It is NOT yours Kate seems to think she is ENTITLED to Blackmoore and that she owns it since it has been her dream to visit it She is possessive of it to an obsessive extent She calls a fellow visitor an interloper never mind the fact that she herself is an uninvited unexpected guest She holds claim to it only in her memory and yet feels possessive of Blackmoore than its true owner I wanted Miss StClaire to know that she might have visited here first but my heart had belonged here longer than hers I was ten when Henry and she had met for the first time I knew him long before she did and better too I had loved Blackmoore long before she had even heard of it Right It's yours because you know it firstThe main character in this book is intolerably stupid This book has a beautiful Gothic feel to it but that is it My enjoyment was severely decreased because of the idiotic narrator