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REVIEW é Breathe By Sarah Crossan ✓ The world has no air If you want to survive you pay to breathe But what if you can't And what if you think everything could be different Three teens will leave everything they know behind in Sarah Crossan's gripping and original dystopian teen novel of danger longing and glimmering hope Ever since the Switch wDanger longing and glimmering hope Ever since the Switch when the oxygen levels plummeted and most of humanity died the survivors have been protected in glass domes full of manufactured air Protected or trapped Or controlled Alina's a revolutionary wh. Review and athttpsedwardsghostenginewordpressI’ve got to admit I admired the ideas behind this book and looking at our modern day world I can definitely see where the author is coming from with her ideas But despite all the action reveals and all I still found this story rather flatFirstly the plot and conspiracy regarding the trees was surprising when I first started reading but towards the end it became obvious where the author was taking things I think whether or not you agree with what I said or not depends really on how many YA dystopian novels you’ve read I’ve read a lot and nowadays it takes either a really original idea or a very skillful author to surprise me with a book I also found the whole plot and style of writing uite weird and sometimes far fetched but I guess this is a fiction book after all though I did hope it would meld with the real world The world building I found was typical for this plot and it was exactly what I expected But hey at least the author actually bothered to put it in unlike many other YA authors todayRegarding the characters I had a sort of love hate relationship with them as at some times they were completely boring and bland and at other times they were mature and real I could definitely see the author had tried her best with them With the pacing there were once again times where the pacing ran very fast and other times the pacing ran really slow and boring The action scenes were well made if not a bit far fetched sometimesI must admit another thing I liked was the ending and how it really sets up an exciting beginning for the next book It was somewhat a cliffhanger and while I will read the next book I’m not really in a hurry to due to my overall enjoyment of this book


The world has no air If you want to survive you pay to breathe But what if you can't And what if you think everything could be different Three teens will leave everything they know behind in Sarah Crossan's gripping and original dystopian teen novel of. I'm normally a HUGE fan of just about any dystopian and I was really looking forward to this one but it ended up really disappointing me because 1 the plot did not stand out 2 I could not stand the characters and 3 too many inconsistenciesFirst of all this book followed your typical dystopian plot oppressive government rebels who know the truth duped citizens who finds out the truth and decide to do something about it all hell breaks loose etc And I can't put my finger on it but I feel like I've read this concept before living in a bubble and having masks to breathe Mitch mentioned Masue of the Red Death but I also think a little bit of Under the Never Sky and maybe something else tooSo for me the big uestion was did I like the characters And the answer was no Alina is USUALLY my type of girl feisty determined and kickass BUT even though I KNEW she was that type of character she didn't really show me so Her feelings for Abel were really surface deep and I know that she suffers from the lost of her parents but I didn't really see that from her She's rude to people and later even though she begins to start feeling for them she's still kind of stony So she didn't make an impression for meI didn't care for Bea because she was the whiny side girl I totally understand the disheartening feeling that comes from unreuited love but she was such a pushover And I know Crossan TRIED to do something with her character because Alina and Maude and others started to like and respect her but I think her character did fall short despite Crossan's attemptAnd your hero uinn I'm sorry but I could not stand him First of all he's stupid for not being able to see what what was standing right in front of him But to rub it in her face although unknowingly just made me mad But okay he's a guy right They're clueless right I could forgive him BUT he goes after Alina like some lovesick puppy It would be one thing if he went after her but the way that he was of the get away from me why can't you see I'm not interested type of nuisance I had also expected character development from others like Silas and Petra NopeAnd there were too many inconsistencies little things that left me thinking HUH Like with Abel view spoilerWhat happened to Abel They said he died but someone mentioned he might have been with the Ministry But that was it It wasn't explored again hide spoiler

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Breathe By Sarah CrossO believes we can save the environment uinn's a Premium who's never had to worry about having enough air His best friend Bea is an Auxiliary who's never worried about anything but having enough air When the three cross paths they will change everything. 35 starsGritty dystopians have really been hitting the spot as of late Breathe I’m happy to say is a book which managed to tick a lot of my boxes in providing a masterfully woven novel which kept me on the edge of my seat when several books have failed There are only a distinct number of dystopians which I would categorise as utterly mind blowing and I’m pleased to say Breathe is one of those booksWith the number of dystopians coming through these days I’ve become increasingly picky over what I choose to read Unfortunately the majority of the ones I’ve decided to pick up have failed to live up to expectations But when I first came across Breathe for once I didn’t have any feelings of dread in deciding to pick it up The premise of a society dependant on the rules and regulations they’re governed by that they don’t have their own say is uite over done in books but despite Breathe focusing on a similar theme touched on by many others it also had a uniueness about it which shone throughuinn and Bea are brought up in a society where oxygen is a privilege If you’re a premium like uinn then you have access to oxygen tanks and thus generally you get to live the better life Whereas Bea is an auxiliary her parents are barely scraping by the fact that uinn is her friend makes her life a lot easier but Bea doesn’t want to be dependent on uinn for everything she knows her best shot is to win a place in the pod through the Breathe leadership programI know that I would utterly fail at having my oxygen intake monitored by the ministry so it was tough reading about the two distinct groups; premiums and auxiliaries; how different their lives could be how everything about society was thoroughly drilled into them that they weren’t aware of what was within their grasp until they met Alina a member of the resistance I admit I didn’t like Alina at first I thought she was sort of butting in Bea and uinn’s friendship But the multiple povs in this book allowed me to get a proper understanding of her character and as the book progressed the character changes that emerged in her I admiredBea was my favourite character; there was so much heartache she had to go through that I really felt for her at times But through the tough situations she faced she demonstrated she could be a fierce fire cracker when necessary I’m still a little conflicted over how I felt about the romance in this book I’m happy about the direction it went in but felt it happened all of a sudden as we were always led to believe it was one sidedThe secondary characters certainly livened up this book; so many times I was uick to make judgements about them but was surprised by how wrong I could be Jazz and Maude uickly became favouritesOverall Breathe is a fresh book that I’m sure many will devour the insightful multiple povs fast pace and action packed scenes will sure to keep readers captivated Book two which is scheduled for release in October 2013 I’m sure will be one of my highly anticipated reads of the year This review and can be found on The Readers Den