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Download Fated by Rebecca Zanetti eBook Ø 299 pages Ò Rebecca Zanetti ✓ Marry Me Cara Paulsen does not give up easily A scientist and a single mother she's used to fighting for what she wants keeping a cool head and doing whatever it takes to protect her daughter Janie But whatever it takes has nevMarry Me Cara Paulsen does not give up easily A scientist and a single mother she's used to fighting for what she wants keeping a cool head and doing whatever it takes to protect her She stood in the steamy shower with golden eyes on her with one of his warm hands covering her heart and the other covering her core She forgot how to think He was big and dark and most definitely dangerous Defined strength showed in the tight muscles and light smattering of dark hair across his chest as well as in the set of his jaw and focus of his gaze The hard planes of his face flushed over deepened hollows stamping him with a predatory look that lived naturally on himOoooo kaaaaay Let's talk about some thingsI went into this book with an open mind I really wanted to enjoy and like this bookWe start off with empath Cara and her little psychic 4 year old daughter Janie Janie runs into Cara's room after having a nightmare and while Cara is comforting her the door busts open and a huge scary dangerous man comes in He's bristling with knives and guns At least six and a half feet of muscle packed male filled the doorwaySo you're saying the book starts off with a home invasionYes that's what I'm saying So of course Cara is terrified for her life and trying to shield her little daughter from whoever this guy is The man Talen easily overpowers them both Cara is fighting hard kicking and screaming trying to get away trying to knee him in the junkSo page 5 Dark eyes met Cara's and she wavered then shot her knee upward to his groin simultaneously punching her fist toward his face with a fierce gruntThen on page 6 His strength was unbelievable Her own vulnerability beat into her as she realized her nightshirt had risen to reveal pale pink panties The cool night air rushed across her bare legs Dark denim scratched the tender skin of her inner thighs and she opened her mouth to screamOne swift movement and his mouth covered hers Hot firm and somehow restrained The effort of his restraint belted into her He fought to control himself Heat slammed through her A roaring filled her ears and her breath hitched Her heart slowed and time stopped For a brief moment HIS heartbeat echoed throughout her body to a spot below her stomachHe growled low and his mouth moved over hers no longer silencing her but tasting Exploring One thick arm swept around her waist and pulled her into him; the other lifted to tangle a hand in her hair He tugged angled her head to the side He went deeper She forgot everythingBOLD is gobsmackedCARMEN is gobsmackedYou kept READING after this shit I can see that you bolded the uestionable sentencesHonestly I should have DNFed right here I mean nothing is of a turn on than kissing the man who just broke into your home dragged your four year old daughter into a car is taking you to God knows where to do God knows what Sexy right So easy to go from trying to knee a guy in the balls to making out with him Am I right or am I right This is sarcasm for you literally minded peopleBut still I had hopeYou still had HOPEYes Perhaps everything would be fine But alas all my hopes were in vainThe book is filled with terrible almost indecipherable writing Sentences like uiet pressed in on the truck with a dangerous beatAnd we have super silly super cheesy stuff like Cara turned curious eyes their way She had only been apart from Talen for less than an hour and yet butterflies fluttered in her stomach His thick black hair was tied back in a band throwing the hard angles of his face into focus while green flecks danced through his golden eyes Danger or maybe even violence percolated just under his skin The gold warmed to gilt as his gaze swept herPercolated What oO What about Jordan piloted for several hours west until the Colorado mountains came into view The wild lands suited her new husband Both were fierce in their beauty and well able to withstand the dangerous forces around themAnd Cara stared at the intimidating warrior only a few feet from her Arousal warmed through her like a fine wine His long dark hair lay in thick wet tendrils around a face carved in stone His eyes sparked as wild as the land around them his body forged from steel He was every dark fantasy she'd ever had she ached in undiscovered placesUndiscovered places What undiscovered places WTF The knife's blade glinted silver in the emerging moonlight its point dripping red life onto the red earth Blood splattered his clothes and covered his hands Savagery was stamped into every line of his face His fangs glistened sharp and deadly in the dusky lightCara's eyes rolled back into her head and with a small groan she collapsed to the wet leavesoO I was laughing hysterically during these partsIt turns out that Talen is a vampire And this book employs the paranormal romance trope of what I like to call slave wives Anyone who reads Christine Feehan will be familiar with this concept What it means is that Talen claims Cara as his mate As a result she is branded with his mark Yes branded On her ass She is forced to wear a cuff which she can't take off which tracks her location at all times Talen is very bossy and possessive demanding that she obey him at all times and often speaking of taming her punishing her teaching her her place etc etc etc Then things get even worse than thisWhat Worse than this How the fuck could they get worseWell It turns out later that he can read her mind So he can easily invade her mind and read her thoughts whenever he wants to And I thought the part where he hacked her e mail was invasive That was nothing apparently Even worseWorseYes we discover during a sex scene that he can actually force her to become sexually aroused against her will Cara gasped as a warmth slammed into her at the base of her neck before flowing unchecked through her breasts teasing tightening them from within Yet he hadn't moved a muscle The unbearable ache hardened her nipples to diamond sharp points She needed something Needed What was he doing to her HowThis is disgusting Then things get worseEven worse oOYes Then we discover that he can completely control her body and all her movements So he forces her to become very aroused with the power of his mind and then renders her completely immobile Why Because he wants her to beg He flashed his teeth Say 'please' You want me you beg for meI just can't with this shit I will admit to you right now that this just isn't my kink Apparently it wasn't enough for Zanetti that Cara is physically much smaller and weaker than vampire Talen And that she's taken prisoner by him oh I mean kept locked away for her own protection And tagged with a tracker and branded No he also must be able to read her mind control her sexual desire and control her body's movements It's not even as if she's his dog or slave it's as if she's his I can't even think of a term What would you call it Puppet maybe Let's put aside how absolutely disgusting this whole I own you I control you body and mind thing is Am I supposed to admire the sexual skills of a man who can't even be bothered to arouse his woman himself By touching her and kissing her He has to rely on insta arousal mind control to do that Really I have no idea what the fun of sex would be with some woman who's basically like your meat puppet What's the point of even having a person in bed with you at all As a female reader this isn't very appealing to me Putting aside the whole she has zero free will thing which obviously makes me vomit but just talking about a man who has to resort to this kind of stuff in order to have sex with someone You're not impressing me It's weak and it shows your total failure as a lover Yeah let's talk about thisHow's the sex CarmenThis guy is shit in bed You'd think after living 350 years he'd understand one or two things but no He seems to find the concept of foreplay foreign Sex goes like this Some kissing then he slams balls deep into her No I mean nope No no no Where is the slow exploration of bodies Where is the foreplay Where is all the fun stuff that SHOULD come between I'm kissing you and I'm fucking you Zanetti plays it off as if Cara is perfectly satisfied and happy with this but I am saying Heck no They have sex A LOT in this book maybe 12 times and in about 10 of them he just skips foreplay entirely I don't get it Is this supposed to be appealing and sexy to a female reader I don't know about you but I need a little bit lot than thisNot to mention he does the HORRIBLE stuff that I hate like forbidding her to come unless he gives her permission Which makes me want to murder him I don't find this sexy at all No the fierceness of the voice in her ear made her pause I control that too You'll come when I sayI HATE THIS Orgasm denial makes me rabid beyond beliefAnd then he expects her to come on command I HATE THAT SHIT I can't believe men attempt this shit in real life Either they order you to come way too early and you're like Nope Not happening Also I'm turned off now Way to go asshole Or they wait until you were going to come anyway and then are like Come for me And you're like I was already coming asshole Also go fuck yourself Any man who tries this shit in bed is just asking for trouble I have zero tolerance for thatSo the sex is horrible Unless you really really are turned on by not only being a slave but a slave who is under complete mind control That could work for some people but not me UghAlso Zanetti's sex descriptions are very strange He lifted her off the counter by her buttocks She ran wet as he easily balanced her against him with one hand her knees clasping the sides of his hipsShe ran wet WTF She moaned as he increased his thrusts and the friction created a wondrous series of electrical explosions deep within her womb she opened her mind her heart as much as she couldElectrical explosions oO In her womb oO WTFLOL How about this one for you men A clamoring took up residence in his balls and he considered a cold showerYou know when a clamoring takes up residence in your balls As it does Carmen dies laughingLet's talk about another problem Talen's insistence on calling Cara mate He doesn't call her by her first name he calls her 'mate' As in 'wife' But this had the unfortunate side effect of rendering everything he said in an Australian accent It's everywhere in the book Everything is going along normally and then Don't distract me mateSuddenly like a tire iron to the face Talen has become an Australian talking to his buddy and I am on the floor in a fit of laughter EVERY TIME You can imagine how it went reading this Ridiculous Zanetti should have thought about her dehumanizing word that I'm going to use to replace my woman's actual name choice for a bit longer This was unfortunate and jarringEROTIC BLOODSUCKINGAnyone who knows me and is familiar with my reviews knows I think erotic bloodsucking is disgusting beyond beliefOh and we have another charming disgusting trope that is popular in romance novels called The hero discovers the heroine reading a BDSM erotic or romance book and unilaterally decides that they have to recreate whatever sex scene in the book in bed Despite the heroine's heartfelt and vocal protests This has seriously become a trope It happens ALL THE TIME in romance books nowadays I blame 50 Shades I want to stress to my readers just because a woman is reading a romance or erotica that showcases a certain type of sex DOES NOT MEAN that she wants you to do those specific acts to herwith her Please do not get confused What if a boyfriend caught me reading this book yesterday Well he wouldn't because I am open and out about reading romances and therefore there would be no catching me reading them as if it were some shameful and secret activity ANYWAY Does that mean he could safely assume that I want him to do stuff like brand me completely skip foreplay and tell me when I can or can't orgasm THAT would be a mistake A huge mistake HUGEJust so we're clear not every woman you see reading 50 Shades of Grey wants you to tie her up and whip her Please be respectful ThanksI could continue talking about this book there are other problems here But I won't You're welcomeTl;dr Does the idea of being a mindless sex slave brood mare with no free will turn you on Great I've got a book for you But don't expect any foreplay For me this was everything I hate about paranormal romance Slave wife dominant controlling possessive alpha who is a vampire and sucks your blood in bed Mind control Ick No This book is very anti Carmen I think I'll stick with sweet Sherrilyn Kenyon instead I will NOT be continuing this seriesONE REAL STAR ONE ROMANCE STARShe's doesn't act the least bit like a four year old I'd have said 6 or 7 The author is completely misrepresenting the age group here

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E's there to protect Cara and Janie He also says that he's a three hundred year old vampire Of course the way he touches her Cara might actually believe he's had that long to practice Who doesn't love being treated like a bloody idiot with the attention span of fleas Because this book here is the dream book of those with heavy memory problems Is there a treaty with another race Don't worry the author will tell you all about it like this is the first time you're seeing the word treaty every five damn pages Sometimes even in the next pageYou'll be regarded like the senseless wittle female you are The hero will go through the dinner with a bullet wound and the moment heroine takes a look at it it'll start healing bam But the sexy bite mark will endure for a couple of days It doesn't make sense you say Hush and leave that stuff to sensible males Because a female's calling is love I kid you not That's what hero says And I belive him because he is tall and dark and sexyAnd that's how we parted ways with this book around 31% markDon't get me wrong my problems with this book was not about the sexism Or not just about it Mostly I am like the black mark upon the feminist movement And I don't look for an awesome story in my smut So naturally I was determined to overlook the flipping the bird at coherence and a nice plot line stuff in the book and keep going till the end but if the smutty parts are zero sexy and very annoying in a smut book it's like reading in circles So long Felicia

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Fated by Rebecca ZanetDaughter Janie But whatever it takes has never before included a shotgun wedding to a dangerous looking stranger with an attitude problem Or Else Sure the mysterious Talen says that h Okay I've heard both sides of this debate Should an author give hisher own book a rating On one handduh Of course we like our books So why put stars down But on the other hand if we don't like our book who will I didn't put any stars on one book and a reader emailed me asking what was wrong with that book She was really nice but I started to wonderwhat should we do Goodreads is a place for everyone's opinionand us authors have opinions too Shouldn't ours be counted as well as everyone elses Or would it be better for only people not associated with the book to give ratings But who isn't associated I have friends who are authors who like my writing so what about them Are they biased My basic answer here is that I have no clue whether or not I should give my books a rating As for FATED I liked the alphaness of the hero and had a ball writing about him and the heroineas well as little Janie Hence my five stars