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The Invention of Hugo CabretMorir ¿Realmente ocultará un mensaje secreto Lo ue Hugo Cabret no imagina es ue ha abierto las puertas de una fascinante aventura ue le cambiará la vida Deja ue Hugo cambie también la tuya y sumérget. 35I admit that for a while I thought this book might be one of those children's picture books whose ratings reflect the artwork and not the story And yeah the artwork is pretty niftyBut as the story began to unfold and became entwined with historical events I gradually turned my attention from the drawings to Hugo Cabret and co The book is set in Paris in the 1930s and Hugo is an orphan who only manages to survive each day by clinging to the hope that he will one day fix the automaton his father had been working on and that it will reveal a hidden message left to himI had also originally thought that this book was tagged historical fiction because it happens to be set in the 1930s but no there is a real story in here that I found both interesting and educational Parts of the book managed to achieve that which we all really want from a children's book magical flair But other parts fell short of it I found the ending to be somewhat anticlimatic as well but on the whole it was a nice story and I really enjoyed the history lesson behind it Rounded up to four stars because I'm feeling nice

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Vive en la estación de trenes de París Es sigiloso como un gato y más escurridizo ue un ratón Sólo necesita un poco más de tiempo para reparar ese misterioso autómata ue descubrió su padre antes de. Knowing I had to return this to the library tomorrow I had a browse and noticed it is majority pictures and not a whole of lot text So this evening I managed to read the entire thing out loud to my mother and sister 💖Boom Now I can return it having read this masterpiece You know machines never have any extra parts They have the exact number and type of parts they need So I believe that if the entire world is a big machine I have to be here for some reason And that means you have to be here for some reason too I absolutely adore the film Hugo so when I found out it was originally a book I felt I had to pick it up This story follows a young boy Hugo who lives in the train station in Paris He lives alone taking care of the many clocks around the station and making sure they are all running smoothly He has with him a machine his father told him about An automaton that he is determined to fix up The story itself is very simple about Hugo's survival in the train station and how his life changes forever when he has a run in with the old man who runs the toy booth Everything in this tale joins together; Hugo's automaton the old man and his toys his father's love of movies it all combines to create a wonderful story It is a magical tale filled with wonder and joy in the simple things What tipped it to the five star mark for me were the wonderful illustrations in this novel Pages of drawings that serve to tell parts of the story where we don't read any text at all and we just see the story unfold before our very eyesBreathtaking

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The Invention of Hugo Cabret Free read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Vive en la estación de trenes de París Es sigiloso como un gato y más escurridizo ue un ratón Sólo necesita un poco más de tiempo para reparar ese misterioso autómata ue descubrió su padre antes de morir ¿RE con él en una de las obras más sugerentes hasta ahora vistas en la literatura infantil un insólito homenaje a los sueños la magia y el cine ue se está convirtiendo en un auténtico fenómeno mundial. I enjoyed this book so much even than Wonderstruck which I loved The illustrations are wonderful and the way the story is told in text and then for several pages in drawing is so uniue This book also has some vintage photography of the era which really helps set the sceneHugo is an orphan with a talent for machinery he lives in a railway station in Paris and tends to the clocks and steals food to get by He has a secret that he focusses all his energy into trying to complete in his father's memory When he meets another orphan their stories come together and end in a very satisfying conclusionThe characters were wonderful I want to spend time with them I loved the inclusion of the stills from films and the information on these factual elements included in the back pagesThe pictures make you race through what would otherwise seem like a huge book it's an ideal read for children who find a longer book a struggle9th September 2018 My daughter is reading this now we just looked up the Harold Lloyd clock scene which is pictured as a still in this book It is from the film 'Safety First' 1923 watched the film on YouTube well worth a look