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Download The Jewel That Was Ours ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free  Superbly clue ladenA complex and satisfying puzzleTHE BOSTON SUNDAY GLOBEThe case seems so simple Inspector Morse deemed it beneath his notice A wealthy elderly American tourist has a heart attack in her room at Oxford's luxurious Randolph Hotel MisSuperbly clue ladenA complex and satisfying puzzleTHE BOSTON SUNDAY GLOBEThe case seems so simple Inspector Morse deemed it beneath his notice A wealthy elderly American tourist has a heart attack in her room at Oxford's luxurious Randolph H. When a group of wealthy Americans appears in Oxford on a guided tour one of the women in the tour is on a special mission A rare and historically valuable jewel had come into the possession of her late husband It was his wish that that the jewel be donated to a museum in Oxford and in the company of her new husband the woman has carried the jewel to Great Britain to deliver it herself However the night before she is to donate the gift she dies of an apparent heart attack and her purse containing the jewel is stolenThis would hardly seem to merit the attention of Chief Inspector Morse; after all there is no homicide involved and he's not about to waste his time investigating a simple theft But after determining that the lady did indeed die of natural causes Morse can't help but think that something very odd is going on hereWhen another person associated with the tour is found dead it clearly is a homicide and Morse and his faithful sergeant Lewis are on the job As is always the case when Morse confronts a killing the puzzle is very complex and it's going to take a very keen mind to sort this one out But of course as readers of this series know full well Morse has exactly that sort of mind and as always it's fun to watch him sort through the issues and the characters involved until he's satisfied that things have properly fallen into placeThis is another of those intricate English mysteries that could never occur in real life But it's entertaining to suspend disbelief and watch Morse work his magic once again This is a book that will appeal to lots of those who love traditional British mysteries

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G and drinking in the hotel's bar certain the solution is close at hand until conflicting stories suspicious doings and a real murder convince him otherwiseIt is a delight to watch this brilliant uirky man Morse deduceMINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUN. This entry in the Inspector Morse series was very good with some misdirection but otherwise a fairly straightforward plot and solution unlike some of the earlier books in the series This mystery was also focused on the plot with considerably less diversions into Morse's interests in the opposite sex or in drink My biggest complaint the solution wasn't possible for the reader to figure out completely although it was possible in broad outline

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The Jewel That Was OursOtel Missing from the scene is the lady's handbag which contained the Wolvercote Tongue a priceless jewel that her late husband had beueathed to the Ashmolean Museum just across the street Morse proceeds to spend a great deal of time thinkin. Clues hypotheses even establishing just which crime has been committed overwhelm the hapless reader in this Inspector Morse mystery The structure is reminiscent of an Agatha Christie whodunit but with infinitely complications and of course the atmospheric tone of the historic university town of Oxford Dexter's detective is the curmudgeonly Inspector Morse whose pockets are somehow always empty when the bar tab comes around to be paid by his long suffering assistant Sgt Lewis Morris' idiosyncrasies include a far too keen appetite for Glenfiddich single malt scotch a passionate appreciation of classical music and an apparently flawless command of the Classics an oddly reassuring uirk that endears this character to the author's followersAt the heart of this particular mystery is one of the Ashmolean Museum's most revered treasures the Alfred Jewel It is a masterpiece of Anglo Saxon craftsmanship and bears the inscription AELFRED MEC HEHT GEWYRCAN 'Alfred ordered me to be made' A fictional counterpart the Wolvercote Tongue is to be reunited with the Alfred piece in a highly publicized ceremony Laura Stratton widow of an American collector will make the presentation Laura and her husband Eddie are part of a well heeled exclusive group of Americans shepherded by John Ashenden on the “Historic Cities of England” tour which will pass through Oxford No sooner than their arrival however Laura is found dead in her hotel suite and the Tongue which she kept at all times in her purse is missing Murder That hypothesis is dashed by the medical examiner — two of them in fact Laura died of a massive heart attack Was the heart attack connected to the theft But why would anyone steal the Tongue It is so recognizable it would be impossible to fence Did a theft even occur But surely Dr Theodore Kemp whose professional future was linked to this important new Ashmolean acuisition would have seen and inspected the item multiple times during the course of his research And really why is everyone even those with verifiable alibis lying to Inspector MorseWith a notebook at my side and a re reading of the first two sections of the book I was still stumped My advice Just sit back and enjoy the tour Dexter provides a convenient map of Oxford's streets and colleges Tracing the numerous excursions of the characters over the two day period of their stay will heighten the sense of being there Cedric Downes one of the academic docents and a colleague of Dr Kemp's will point out that Magdalen St is pronounced “Maudlin Street” while Magdalen Road is pronounced just as it is written As for the famous “English Breakfast” one of the high points of my bed and breakfast stays when I was young “Few English families living in England have much direct contact with the English Breakfast It is therefore fortunate that such an endangered institution is perpetuated by the kitchen staff in guest houses B Bs transport cafés and other no starred and variously starred hotels This breakfast comprises at its best a milkily opaued fried egg; two rashers of non brittle rindless bacon; a tomato grilled to a point where the core is no longer a hard white nodule to be operated upon by the knife; a sturdy sausage deeply and evenly browned; and a slice of fried bread golden brown and only just crisp with sufficient fat not excessively to dismay any meddlesome dietician” p67 Of course the characters whittled down to about a dozen significant players are described with a similar ironic reserve Dexter lavishes particular ire on Kemp A lisp heightens his impression of affectation The man is self preening lazy and a serial womanizer with regard for his rain soaked shoes than the damage he may have caused to the woman he has just visitedThis was a satisfying mystery with a connecting trail of crimes It's the third Inspector Morse book I have readNOTESInterview with Colin Dexter